Wednesday, October 25, 2017

An American Oligarchy vs. We the People - By Shari Goodman

For the last few decades, regardless of the political party in control of American governance, mainstream America remained frustrated by a lack of representation.  The more things changed, the more they remained the same.  A year after the election of President Trump, we have yet to see a Republican Congress make good on its promise to repeal Obamacare and institute tax reform.  The election of Donald Trump held hope for millions of Americans who believed they now had a voice in our halls of governance, but that voice is continuously trampled on as the puppet-masters behind the scenes succeed at stifling the will of the American people.
The greatness of America was a government for the people and by the people, but that ideal has been eroded in favor of a new American oligarchy led by billionaires such as George Soros, Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg, to name a few.  They are men of the left and unlike prior rich men in American history, they can now control our election process, both halls of Congress, our courts, our schools, the press, and media outlets.  Yes, there are conservative billionaires, but they are not nearly as influential as today's globalists.  It has been reported that 39% of the wealthiest donors back Democrats and that number will only increase with the new young card-carrying liberal titans from the Silicon Valley.  After all, Google, Facebook and most Internet titans are fueled by government projects; thus, their interest lies with big government favored by Democrats.
Frustrated by the presidential election of Donald Trump, George Soros has doubled down and recently pledged to contribute $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations for an overall total of $32 billion.  Contrary to its mission claim, "to built vibrant and tolerant democracies," Soros seeks to subvert and suppress the will of the people by using his billions to control America's agenda towards a One World Government without borders, and with him at the helm.
Beginning in 1994 with the defeat of Hillary Clinton's nationalized health care bill, Soros' groups and a few other leftist organizations began to bankroll front groups whose aim was to persuade Congress that Americans were clamoring for "campaign finance reform."  In a ten year period, they spent $140 million dollars to promote it, and the result was the McCain-Feingold Act signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2002.  The new law placed restrictions on political donations.  It prevented citizen-activist groups and corporations from advertising on T.V. for 60 days prior to elections and 30 days prior to primaries while exempting media networks; thus, giving Democrats an automatic advantage since they enjoy the near universal support of America's leading media outlets.  
As a result, a network of "527 Committees," named after code 527 of the IRS code, were set up, and unlike PACS, were not required to register with the FEC; nor were they bound by any legal limits to raise soft money.  While steering clear of "express advocacy" as prohibited under the McCain-Feingold bill, they were permitted to steer their funds to issue-oriented ads, voter education initiatives, and get-out-the-vote drives to favor one party or candidate over another.  By giving directly to independent groups rather than to the party itself, big ticket donors could influence campaign strategy and tactics more directly than they had previously.   Thus, Soros gained control of an alternative network of soft money supply and power.....all absent prior to the passage of McCain-Feingold .  In 2010, the Supreme Court overturned much of the McCain-Feingold Act, but kept in place the ban on soft money donations to political parties.  This ban has permitted Soros to continue to use his billions to influence our election process and thwart the will of the people.
Another billionaire with a globalist agenda is Bill Gates who has used his millions to fund Planned Parenthood and U.N. agencies. He is responsible for the creation, implementation, and promotion of Common Core state standards, and he was pivotal in advancing Barack Obama's educational agenda.  Aside from rewriting history with a biased curriculum in disfavor of Western Civilization, Common Core eliminated local school governance and placed it under the control of an ever-growing federal bureaucracy.  As Karl Marx noted in his Communist Manifesto, "government-controlled schooling is essential to achieving the goals of Socialism."  In that effort, texts and analysis are used to guide students thinking towards a predetermined outcome.  
A free press is essential to a free society, but with the development of the Internet and the handful of leftist billionaires who now control it, conservatives are finding it difficult to get their message out without being threatened with sanctions and exclusion under the guise of "hate speech."  Google and Apple control 98% of the market share in mobile phone operating systems; thus, they are erasing the First Amendment rights of conservatives on the information highway.  Although they are private companies, the information highway is a public utility and as such all are entitled to equal access.  Facebook is an important distributor of news and Mark Zuckerberg, its founder and a globalist, is notorious for muting conservatives while amplifying progressives.  Along with Saudi Arabia, a state known for silencing free press and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who has invested $300 million in Twitter, conservative Americans are at a loss as we watch our First Amendment rights guaranteed by our Constitution being eroded by American and foreign billionaires.
While the oligarchs have used their billions to influence both sides of the aisle within our halls of Congress, George Soros in particular has financed a $45 million scheme to reshape state supreme courts.  His mission with the aid of state trial lawyers associations is to replace conservative rule of law judges with leftist men in black robes who will apply foreign law (Sharia) and theories into their decision making process.  In effect, Soros is creating a judicial oligarchy as well as a judicial supremacy.  The left now controls more than half the district courts and more then half the circuits.  By placing nationwide injunctions against President Trump's executive orders, a handful of district lower court judges are illegally dictating our immigration policies reserved for Congress and the Executive Branch.
Then there is Tom Steyer, an environmentalist hedge fund billionaire from California who has spent $90 million to back Democratic candidates.  Currently he has spent $10 million on a campaign to impeach our current president by running fraudulent television informercials calling for President Trump's impeachment.   With an utter disregard and disrespect for the 64 million Americans who voted to elect President Trump, Steyer, the self-righteous globalist, knows better then working class Americans what is in their best interest; thus, he too uses his millions to erase our voice and right to self-governance.
Many Americans are waking up to the reality that American politics is no longer about Republicans and Democrats.  Now more than ever, it is a war between the elite established American oligarchy and the American people.  If Americans seek to regain control of self- governance, then the oligarchy whose allegiance is not to America, but to a global community governed by globalist billionaires, must have their power removed.  We have fought for our self- preservation for over 200 years, and we are not about to quietly yield it over to a handful of globalists without a fight.  It will take Americans from all walks of life to come together to oppose this un-American oligarchy and nothing will facilitate that more than the removal of a duly elected president.
 Shari Goodman is an educator, activist, public speaker, and journalist.