Monday, November 13, 2017

Trump is the Next Target after Roy Moore - By Cliff Kincaid

Trump is the real target of this campaign. If Russia-gate fails to evict him, a new version of Sex-gate is next. You can count on it
There’s a reason why President Trump says that the fate of Senate candidate Roy Moore will depend on whether the charges against him are proven to be true. Trump knows that if they get rid of Moore, using charges that obviously cannot be proven, he’s their next target. Sex-gate will follow Russia-gate.
In this atmosphere, women charging sexual harassment are easy to find, even if their charges cannot be proven. The men are assumed to be guilty as charged.
One can argue that everything but the kitchen sink has already been thrown at Trump and he has survived nonetheless. But since the election we have seen that the allegations of sexual harassment have been cast as a major blight on American society, making it more likely that “new” accusers against Trump will be found and that a new variation of the “scandal” will be used to cast a pall over the presidency. The same members of the GOP establishment lined up against Moore will be called upon to dump Trump.
If Moore is forced out of the Senate race, therefore, Trump is the inevitable next target. The same forces in the GOP trying to force Moore out will then be enlisted in a campaign to get Trump to vacate the presidency.
The media playbook consists of reporting damaging charges against a conservative figure and then getting members of the conservative and GOP establishments to pile on. If it works against Moore this time, you have to know they will be used once again, with brand new accusers, against Trump.
The Washington Post, the source of the charges, is not only dishonest but downright weird. Perhaps you haven’t heard about longtime Post “journalist” Sally Quinn, a true Washington insider, admitting her belief in the occult, including casting spells on her enemies, reading Tarot cards, and using Ouija Boards, in her new book Finding Magic. All of this came out after she posed as an objective writer about religion for the paper. Quinn was married to longtime Post executive editor Ben Bradlee and did a lot of entertaining for members of the Washington establishment elite, even writing a book on how to throw parties. Perhaps they conducted “channeling” sessions with occult forces and consulted astrological charts. This, at least, might help to explain the corruption in the nation’s capital

I don’t need any “channel” to the spirit world to figure out what the Post is doing. Moore is a Christian who won’t fit in to the Washington milieu. He has to be demonized and destroyed.
What’s more, the Roy Moore case is a trial run for the campaign that will arise against Trump, using whatever sex charges make sense for the “accusers” at the time. It doesn’t matter, of course, if the charges are true. All that will matter is that they will follow Moore’s forced resignation from the Senate race, creating momentum for Trump to be shown the door out of the oval office. This is the playbook they are following and that too many “conservatives” are going along with. 
I have seen enough in my nearly 40 years in Washington to understand the mindset of those running the Post. Its “reputation” was made by the Watergate coverage, using what they claimed was an FBI “Deep Throat” source, which forced the resignation of Republican President Nixon. But it’s also the paper that failed to report, let alone investigate, former President Obama’s deep personal relationship with Soviet agent and Communist pedophile Frank Marshall Davis before Obama was elected to his first term. The paper, in other words, has a partisan agenda that has been apparent for decades.
What’s more, this is the paper whose editorial writers recently called billionaire money-bags George Soros, a financier of Marxist, pro-drug, and liberal-left groups, a “superpower for democracy.”
The Post is one of many liberal papers which reported the case of racist graffiti at the Air Force Academy. Racist messages were written with a black marker on the message boards of five black cadet candidates. The paper noted that the superintendent turned that into a “teaching moment” with a speech about diversity and tolerance that found more than a million viewers on the internet. But it turns out the racist graffiti was written by one of the alleged victims. It was a hoax, much like Russia-gate.
To papers like this, which report and accept lies, a former judge like Roy Moore who opposes the Washington establishment is a major threat. That’s why Moore’s candidacy has to be derailed with charges having to do with alleged incidents from decades ago. The charges cannot be proven, and it must be truly odd to anyone with common sense that they have surfaced at this time, after several runs for office by the former judge. This fact alone casts doubt on their veracity.
If you want a real Sex-gate scandal, consider that Moore’s opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, says, “We’ve got to protect them,” when asked about the “rights” of transgender people in schools and bathrooms. This means that men claiming to be women can go into bathrooms and lockers with girls. Yet the Post favors “transgender” ideology and rights for these mentally-ill people. 
The “fundamental transformation” of America under Barack Hussein Obama, financed in part by George Soros and facilitated by media like the Washington Post, can also be seen in the spectacle of transvestite Xochi Mochi dressed as a horned drag queen and reading to little children for “Drag Queen Story” Hour at a library in Long Beach, California. Significantly, this occurred at a library named in honor of former First Lady Michelle Obama.
Roy Moore speaks for millions of people in Alabama and across the United States opposed to this kind of child abuse.
The extreme liberal, establishment, and occult forces in Washington, D.C. opposing Moore are using the conservative Alabama Senate candidate as a model for what they intend to do against Trump. 
These forces could truly care less about who Moore dated when he was 30 years old. They could care less about Donald’ Trump’s dating habits, either. “In Donald Trump,” says the left-wing Brookings Institution, “America has a rogue president who has a 30-year track record of opposing key elements of the global order.”
This is the real issue. Trump’s America First approach threatens their notions of a post-Christian New World Order. This is what is really at stake. Trump is the real target of this campaign. If Russia-gate fails to evict him, a new version of Sex-gate is next. You can count on it.