Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Vox Popoli: The Detroit whistleblower

This is the account of the woman who Hannity's producer canceled at the last moment last night, courtesy of ʍʊֆǟֆɦɨ @BookOfFiveRings

She is naming names. This took place in Detroit. Here is the synopsis.

-This lady is an IT tech for Dominion Voting Systems, sent to the polls to make sure the machines operate correctly and assist the workers.

-While there observes anomalies in the counter on one of the tabulating machines, resulting in hundreds of votes being counted numerous times

-When reported to her boss Nick Ikonomakis (VP and co-owner) he took her aside and said "the last thing we need is a problem, we are only here to assist with IT, not help them run elections"

-There were 40 such machines running, she estimates thousands and thousands of anomalies like this, just in that one location

-If a reject ballot would not go thru the machine, the employee would get a blank ballot and fill it out, unsupervised, and then forge the voters signature. She witnessed this all day and all night in a 24 hour shift, not a single ballot filled-in this way was for Trump. There was a table that they called "duplicate ballots" for these, which numbered in the thousands

-Two young guys in their 20s were responsible for inputting ALL the information from that location into the computer. There was no oversight of them. The two of them worked doubles, all day and all night, and were friendly with Nick.

-of all the workers there, this whistleblower lady was the ONLY republican, which she kept a secret. Every other worker was disparaging of Trump the entire time, and were wearing BLM stuff, 'I can't breathe', etc.

-Also implicated in the mis-handling was City of Detroit employees and supervisors, including Daniel Baxter, doing forbidden things such as going outside to smoke. It is supposed to be a contained building. They were in and out all through the shift, with boxes of ballots just sitting on tables.

-City was supposed to provide food for the workers, but didn't have enough. Vans were brought in supposedly to bring food, but no food ever came out of the vans. They were completely unmarked vehicles. Whatever was being unloaded from the vans went out their back doors and up the stairs.

As she was leaving her shift, turned on the car radio, then heard the announcement about all the new ballots found in Detroit. So her assumption is that what was in the vans.

-One of the workers happened to be an old acquaintance who would disappear for hours at a time. He confided to her that they were not even trained, they thought they were coming in to clean, but were then told to run machines.

-There is an adjudication process for questionable ballots, which are viewed by a Republican and a Democrat. But the whistleblower watched the process happen with only two Democrats and no Republican. They had a huge stack that they were able to finish very quickly, not a surprise.

-At one point Samuel showed Nick they had a big loss of data. They both got on their phones and 'figured it out'. She assumes they just hid the fact and moved on.

-Batches of 50 votes were bundled and then put in a steel locked box. These boxes were then stacked in a way to keep poll observers from seeing what was happening.

-Next day she made a report to the FBI, who cut her off on the first call. After a second call she was able to give the info, and they never called her back.

-After a few days her supervisor called asked for her resume and time sheets for the past week, and said he wanted her to work on some software upgrades. This was immediately after accusations of software glitches emerged.

-No one from the government has yet asked for her statement. Hannity producer cancelled her interview with no warning.