Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Covid-19: The Warning By Andrew Durant (A remarkably insightful and well written synopsis of the state of our society. - CL)

(The only question I would have for the author involves his conclusion - and I offer my comment at the end of his essay. - CL)

The sacred is that which ineluctably holds us in its grip, a reality it is forbidden to eschew or doubt. The sacred is ineluctable and inevitable, for it is the divine ground of reality, and to treat it as a mere option, as modernity teaches us to do, is deadly to both the soul and the community of souls. The contemporary worship of “options”—from what brand of high-fructose poison to consume to what gender to adopt—is nothing but defiance of the sacred order of logos antecedent to and authoritative over any of our subjective preferences: “Am I really a creature of this God standing before me, or is He perhaps a creature like me? After all, I did not witness my own creation!” And with that proto-modern gesture of defiance, the Miltonian Lucifer inaugurated his eternal rejection of Reality. But what is sometimes taken to be sacred, of course, might not actually be so, for counterfeits abound, and we must defy idols at all costs. Indeed, any sacred in opposition to the One, True, Sacred of Jesus Christ and His Church is a lying counterfeit deserving to be smashed to smithereens.

Contemporary society is replete with idols, for it is not in conformity with the Gospel. Indeed, its leaders and reigning ideologies celebrate the four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance: over a billion legally authorized murdered babies since abortion was first legalized in Soviet Russia; the ubiquitous public endorsement of sterilized fornication and sodomy; oligarchic theft through usury, taxes and wage slavery; and the physical, psychological, and spiritual oppression of the poor though the same, along with mass-media propaganda, formalized and systematic de-education, and ritualistic, trauma-based, state-sponsored mind-control events. Thus, everyone, and especially Christians, have a moral obligation to doubt the counterfeit sacreds that are offered to us for acceptance and worship by the puppeteers. From 2001 until March of 2020, the regnant counterfeit was the false-flag attacks of IXXI (as S.K. Bain has shown, a satanic, human-sacrifice ritual), and the genocidal war of terror it unleashed, resulting in millions of murders, a traumatized, brainwashed, and anemic populous, and an incipient globalist totalitarianism. Now we have been given the “Covid-19 pandemic,” and in both the scope and depth of its horrors, IXXI now looks neither satanic nor sacred—it looks more like Disneyland.

Now, lest the reader misunderstand, by “the Covid-19 pandemic” I do not mean any disease by that name, nor any virus purportedly causing it. For, as every bit of common-sense and scientific evidence, as well as the in-between-the-lines admissions of today’s principalities and powers (WHO and CDC), make abundantly clear, there is and has been no “Covid-19 pandemic.” As just a little research will tell you, if you can still think the true and will the good in this milieu of incessant propaganda and psychological torture, the global death rates have not significantly increased for this year, and the fatality rate for what is called Covid-19 is much less than 1% of those showing symptoms. What I mean, then, by “the Covid-19 pandemic” is the installation, under the cloud of a hoax pandemic and engineered “virus” (in truth, as Dr. Judy Mikovitz has proven, a pandemic of retro-virus diseases caused by decades of poisonous, animal-DNA infected vaccinations, now being deliberately triggered through the unleashing of a bio-engineered pathogen under the name Sars 2-Covid) of a global religion of Satan-worship commanding our obedience to the Great Lie and the fear and hatred of all that is true, good, and beautiful, including psychotically fearful, masked zombies celebrating their forced isolation and torture (see Amazing Polly, who makes it clear that the Covid “regulations” fit perfectly the Amnesty International definition of torture and Biderman’s “Chart of Coercion”), the destruction of their livelihood, the shutdown of the food supply chain, and the New Normal of the Hunger Games.

But isn’t the sacred an extinct relic of our benighted, superstitious, medieval past?  In truth, the hell-on-earth that is emerging—and we are descending to lower levels each day—is precisely what we must have when the true Sacred is replaced with a false one, under the cover of the godless and nihilistic denial of the objective existence of any sacred at all—other than “my choice.” Reality Himself, Whom we should fear with holy reverence, the omnipotent, omnipresent, and invisible True and Only Sacred, namely, The Eternal Father, His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit who is their Eternal Love, has been rejected and replaced by Unreality, a fake omnipotent, omnipresent, and invisible “virus” (literally, an existing nothing with no substance of its own) that we are commanded to fear with unholy terror or suffer perpetual mockery, ostracization, and even death (for those who dare speak out against it). And now, we must all be anointed, else be cast into the outer darkness, with a sacramental “vaccine” that is nothing other than a disease-delivery system inserted right into our DNA.

How can we account for this emerging hell-on-earth, overseen by psychopathic technocrats and their willing slaves, and orchestrated by demons and their occultist worshipers on earth? This is something literally unimaginable only a few months ago. I have been racking my brain for months trying to answer this question, and this morning it dawned on me. God is mercifully revealing to the world the naked and brutal reality of our collective choice, both personally and corporately, to live in unreality. This unreality is now being administered to the world by globalist elites using the latest propaganda technology and a panopticon-like surveillance and censorship apparatus. The effectiveness of their creation of unreality can be gauged by the success of their two-fold Big Lie, namely, that there is a deadly pandemic, and that asymptomatic transmission is a thing, a lie that has given these psychopaths total control of the world economy as well as all the major institutions of governance and culture.

Due especially to those in positions of responsibility and leadership embracing this lie, or at least not opposing it, but also to the masses who have irresponsibly deferred to these, we find ourselves in a seemingly inescapable matrix of inverted reality, with meaninglessness masking itself as conviction, fear as love, isolation as solidarity, destitution as generosity, poison as medicine, ideology as science, propaganda as fact, abuse as justice. But why have so many accepted a lie over the truth? I don’t think the answer is just the ubiquity and sophistication of the propaganda. Common sense and personal experience make it patently obvious that there is no pandemic, not to mention that the Elites have admitted it quite plainly (you just have to listen to what they are saying in between the lies—they have admitted that the Covid-19 fatality rate, for example, is comparable to a bad seasonal flu, and this even with so many deaths from other causes attributed to Covid). There is a widespread and mysterious yearning for these self-destructive lies.

Insofar as the West embraced Liberalism, i.e., the privatization of Truth and Goodness—practical atheism—we have already been living in unreality for centuries. The hard physical and legal totalitarianism we are now experiencing is but the flip side of the soft psychological and spiritual totalitarianism that has made us ready and willing to accept and even embrace the former. The empty shrine of the American idol of “the freedom of religion” was never actually empty, though the diabolical entities inhabiting it and manipulating our souls were then well disguised. Now, not so much. The same siren voices of authority that pre-Covid were instructing the left-minded to “question authority” and “keep religion out of the bedroom,” and the right-souled to “kill the terrorists over there before they kill us over here,” and “support our troops” is now commanding us to slowly suffocate ourselves and allow our livelihoods, communities, and families to be destroyed—and we listen and obey like the good Americans we are. After all, we’re free! We don’t have an “established religion” like those ragheads over there and those papists way back when. We’re enlightened! And that’s why we are lining up to be injected with a poisonous and fatal DNA-changing technology at the behest of senile pedophiles like Joe Biden, frauds like Anthony Fauci, and genocidal maniacs like Bill Gates. Individual liberty, the rule of law, and the separation of Church and state have quickly become individual self-enslavement, the rule of psychopathic will, and Church-approved state apotheosis (the American Bishops as a whole seem almost gleeful to give over their shephard staffs to moronic and brutal bureaucrats—wear your mask!). It was never freedom and autonomy and self-government was it? It was always obedience to the Sacred State and the demonic voice speaking through it. When that voice was seductive and libertine and mammon-friendly, then it seemed like freedom and bliss to obey it, but now that it is showing its true face, the face of pure hatred, control, and murder, we must still obey, even though we know that it is leading us to hell.

As I say, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how we can get out of this seemingly inexorable spiral to complete enslavement and unimaginable horror. My conclusion is that we cannot. We are in a collective state of perfect possession. There are saints among us, of course, who have remained immune to the leprous spiritual disease, and these are suffering tremendously and heroically for us as victim souls; and there are many who are doing their best to resist the evil and insanity, though I am afraid many are doing it in the name of the very demons they think to be fighting -“bodily autonomy,” “individual liberty,” “religious freedom,” etc. The only solution is for the whole world to be given a clear vision of reality, for satan to be blinded if only for a moment, for everyone everywhere to see themselves as God sees them. Such an event is coming, very soon if the consensus of Catholic mystics and visionaries are right, and it is called the Miracle of the Illumination of all Consciences, or The Warning. Perhaps the only thing we can do right now, along with burning our facemasks, giving the finger to every Covid Karen we meet, and trying to find some land to buy off the grid, is to prepare our souls for it.

Andrew Durant is a philosophy teacher living in Northern California.

Copyright © Andrew Durant


Comment by Crush: Ever notice the correlation? As Christians abandoned the culture well over 100 years ago, the disciples of OldScratch infested every institution we can name - EVERY FREAKING ONE - and that includes most churches.

Yes, every cause has an effect - even if we don't see it immediately - and we are now simply reaping what has been sowed over decades upon past generations and that includes us OldFarts.
"But, but it's those Leftists........!" - we keep blaming.

Termites are termites - whose house was infested? Comprende, my friend?