Friday, March 18, 2022

Yes, I Too Stand With Abp. ViganĂ² and His Analysis of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict - By Dr. Paul Alexander

There are nuggets in there and I like Vig, I stood with his positions on COVID and now he is even more informed...think, turn off FOX and CNN and think...and dont believe him, but think at least

Here, in perhaps a grossly overly simplified way, is what he said:

  1. The entire conflict is a trap designed by the global Deep State to purposefully provoke a war.
  2. The West knows expanding NATO upsets Russia but is doing it anyway, despite previously saying it wouldn’t.
  3. NATO and various other countries are illegally pouring ammunitions into Ukraine, thereby violating international law. This is making Ukraine a tinderbox ready to explode.
  4. There are many economic factors at play in Ukraine — gas pipelines, biolabs, technologies, etc. — that make it attractive to outside parties.
  5. President Zelensky is a corrupt individual acting as a puppet of Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset. He is selling out Ukraine to the West and not preventing neo-Nazi forces trained by the US from wreaking havoc on Russian-speaking Ukrainians.
  6. Joe Biden has been tied to Ukraine since his time as Barack Obama’s Vice President. His son Hunter is connected to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.
  7. There was a Color Revolution in Ukraine backed by George Soros and other Western groups. This has caused great social unrest since taking place in 2013/2014.
  8. Rhetoric has been ratcheted up in the last several months by Zelensky (and the West) about nuclear and atomic weapons, thereby heightening Putin’s mistrust and prompting him to dissolve the Minsk agreement.
  9. The media cannot be relied on to report about what’s going on in Ukraine. Their COVID track record is proof they can’t do anything but lie. They are purposefully trying to entice Westerners to support an escalation.
  10. The US, EU, and NATO promise the Ukrainian people prosperity if they side with them but in reality, they seek to enslave Ukrainian citizens to the same freedom-robbing and culturally depressing policies that have destroyed the now godless West.
  11. The West needs to return to Christ and seek peaceful relations with Russia so all people can live in harmony. Rome has fallen silent about the true crimes being committed across the world. Perhaps God is going to use Russia as His bulwark against the secular West.

This originally appeared on Alexandar Covid News.