Friday, September 16, 2022

American Bolshevik Nightmare: Mike Lindell Waylaid by Feds, Phones Stolen, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review

Unfortunately for everyone, all of that stuff I said was going to happen is now happening. You’ll remember that I said all the way back in 2020 that:

  • The Democrats were going to steal the election if mass mail-in balloting was allowed
  • The Democrats would prosecute Donald Trump
  • The Democrats would abolish law and order
  • The Democrats would start a war with Russia
  • The Democrats would go full-Bolshevik and start intimidating, raiding, and ultimately just arresting the opposition

I said it, point by point, because it was completely obvious to me how this would all unfold. I don’t know why it wasn’t obvious to everyone if it was obvious to me.

It’s unclear why I am so on the ball. I don’t really feel like I’m special. But here we are – it’s all coming down.

After the FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home, a Congressman was waylaid by the FBI while on vacation with his family. Then, Joe Biden gave a speech declaring that he was a dictator, and would crush Trump supporters who he claims are trying to overthrow our democracy (our values).

Shortly thereafter, between 35 and 50 high profile Trump supporters were raided and/or subpoenaed.

This week, we found out that Trump’s PAC is under investigation for – you know, for whatever – they’re not really even trying to explain it. The media is just acting like this is all normal. It’s possible that the Trump supporters who were raided were raided in relation to the Trump PAC investigation, but Trump was raided for some confounding thing about secret documents, and the Congressman was raided over January 6.

Furthermore, Tucker Carlson revealed on Monday that he’d obtained a subpoena sent to some Trump allies that says the FBI is investigating people saying that the Justice Department is investigating people for saying that the President or Vice President can “overturn the results of an election.”

(To be clear, what the above tweeter wrote implies Tucker was subpoenaed, which is not what happened. He received a copy of a subpoena sent to other people. He worded it in an awkward way, and I’ve seen a lot of people saying Tucker was subpoenaed, but that’s not what he’s saying in that segment.)

Tucker quotes the document as saying they are investigating “any claim that the Vice President and/or the President of the Senate had the authority to reject or choose not to count presidential electors.”

So we’re already at the level of “investigated for making a claim.”

And that’s what Joe Biden said in his speech – he said that any speech questioning the sanctity of elections is a threat to democracy. Democracy is the god we worship.

Frankly, it’s not even worth it to try to keep any of these explanations for the criminalization of the opposition straight. Someone might think that they are using various excuses because they are trying to exploit legal loopholes, but they don’t care about that. Biden already said he’s dictator and will do whatever he wants to stop the Republican threat to democracy values and who we are. That brutal Jew that runs the DOJ is not concerned about law-breaking. There is no law. That’s all gone now. The reason they are giving all of these different explanations for why they are doing these raids is just to dazzle the public.

It’s total Bolshevism. They will do anything they want to their enemies or perceived enemies, and then give any explanation for it. The details of their claims against you are of zero relevance.

To recap:

  • January 6
  • Secret documents
  • Fundraising practices
  • Making a claim about elections

These are all now reasons that the FBI can raid you if you are a Trump supporter. That list is just getting started. They will start raiding people for being pro-Russia.

After all this, we’re now finding out that Mike Lindell, the MyPillow Guy, was ambushed by feds at a fast food restaurant – also while on vacation. Note that this method of raiding people when they are on vacation is purposeful – it sends a message that they are tracking you everywhere you go.

During a stream on Tuesday night, Lindell said that while in the parking lot of a Hardy’s in Mankato, Minnesota, “cars pulled up in front of us, to the side of us, and behind us, and I said, ‘Those are either bad guys or the FBI.’ It turns out they were the FBI.”

He explained that they had a warrant for the arrest of his cellphone. His lawyer told him to give up the phone. He said they told him not to tell anybody.

What did he do?

No one knows.

That Democrat spam account that is always at the top of Twitter searches is saying that Lindell deserves to be investigated for saying the election was fake.

That’s the narrative, and it’s on its way to being fully normalized. That is the real narrative they are pushing. They are going to say that no one is allowed to question elections, because it undermines democracy. Remember, in Biden’s Red Sermon, he said that questioning elections is a form of violent terrorism.

On Monday, Tucker Carlson had on some woman who was raided by the feds – who were claiming to have gotten an anonymous tip claiming she was in the Capitol on January 6.

It’s at 19:55 in this video.

 Video Link

There was no anonymous tip. They are just doing this now – they are raiding people who post on Facebook that Trump won. No one knows how many people this is already happening to. Most people bend to the fear that the FBI creates. A lot of people talk a lot of shit on the internet, but when the FBI shows up at their door, their priorities suddenly shift.

There are layers to this.

Several different things are happening:

  • Most obviously, the Democrats can’t win elections, so they have to arrest people for questioning elections.
  • Furthermore, the economy is collapsing, so they have to implement a police state to keep people from protesting when they don’t have enough money for food.
  • The world war is going to lead to various forms of instability.
  • Everything needs to be totally locked down, and everyone who would be inclined to resist needs to be prevented from doing so.
  • They are going to start raiding people to grab their guns.

It’s all happening.

There are no brakes on this Train to Hell.

The coronavirus lockdowns were a test, and the goyim failed with flying colors. The masses of Americans will do literally anything the government tells them to do on the dumbest possible pretexts. They now know they can do anything to you, so they’re going to do just that.

It’s happening now. The raids have begun. This isn’t going to slow down until it crashes.

No one knows how bad it will get or how long it will last, but eventually, things will turn around. You can’t base an entire society on ridiculous lies and have it be indefinitely sustainable. Eventually, it will fall apart.

The first thing that you need to do, dear reader, is understand that this is happening. We’ve passed “going to happen,” and are now inside of “already happening.”