Friday, December 2, 2022

No – It Is NOT a Coincidence!

Ever since 2015 when I started this venture in Government Religion Politics Culture – my biggest realization now is….There are NO Coincidences with God!

After reading What to do. Some modest proposals – The Occidental Observer - and archiving it, I dug into DaLimbraw Library for related materiel……….and discovered that the author effectively covered what God gave to Ancient Israel  through Moses as outlined in the Old Testament.

Time Is Short….For DaFather Of LIES…And His Children! – his children? Who dey? His followers – the sons of disobedience, real human beings living among us – cannot stop, they cannot go backwards, they cannot slow down.  Their time is short.

Let us now really dig into the depths…..

In essence…it always was…and still is…a War on Christ!

The Hierarchy of CORRUPTION INC (Explaining what the blind can't see - even if you 'splain it!. - CL) - (If you think everything you see looks to be choreographed……….you’re right!

A few weeks ago, Vox Day characterized America as not corrupt, but that American corruption IS the SYSTEM! I decided to call it CORRUPTION INC and detail some of it. – CL)

The man who destroyed America - by Vox Day – just a list of headnotes on Immigration Act of 1965

Vox Popoli: Mailvox: inventing sin (of racism) This is really not that difficult for any educated believer. By EVERY single definition of racism utilized by the anti-racists, both Jesus Christ and God are revealed to be sinners by their overtly racist words and actions. Therefore, the perverted theology of anti-racism is obviously and necessarily false, and quite possibly blasphemous as well. And in that vein, notice how many female names are among the letter's signatories.

Every so-called pastor who preaches against racism should be expelled from the pulpit. And if he refuses to repent, from the Church. They are among the wolves in sheep's clothing of whom we were warned.

Racism is Pro-Human Diversity - Vox Popoli

It’s not the racists who are evil. It’s not the racists who serve the cause of the Adversary. It is those who are anti-racist, who believe in equality, and who wish to unite all the diverse peoples of the world under a single satanic government.

And keep in mind this historic FACT: That Ancient Israel which received the law of God was itself destroyed by God in 70 AD…for disobeying His law. They rejected His Son Jesus because they did NOT believe Moses in the Old Testament……Jesus said so….more than once!

And we are only scratching the surface.

It all fits! No coincidences!

UPDATE: I'm presently going through "Commentaries on the Laws of the Ancient Hebrews" - written by E. C. Wines in the mid-18 hundreds. His book shows how Moses in the Torah gave explicit instructions to the nation to maintain their family properties - there were periodic forgiveness of debts and the 50 year of Jubilee where all indebted properties were returned to their original families. 

Gary North in his Victim's Rights and other books explained the social theories promulgated by God in the Old Testament which no one practices any more - and we wonder why we have the super rich ruling over all of us.....and of course the disastrous consequences of our inattention to Godly wisdom. 

And we wonder why we have seemingly regularly scheduled disasters of all types, often including wars and their resultant starvation, diseases and civic predations too countless to list.

And where are DaPulpits? Dispensing pabulum as usual!

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