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Who Are theElection Night Gatekeepers? - (This will blow your mind! - CL)

Immediate Crisis for Trump Team: Sue all the major cities in the contested states and demand that the Boards of Elections prove that the mail-in ballots they've been opening since Election Night at midnight are from the voters, and not from the DNC or somewhere else. They won't be able to prove it. — Three mega-vendors: ES&S, Hart and Dominion illegally count over 95% of America’s ballots on easily-rigged secret computer programs. Three Supreme Court Decisions have ruled clearly and emphatically that your right to vote consists of TWO parts: 1) the Right to cast a ballot, i.e., put a paper ballot into a ballot box, and; 2) the Right to KNOW that your vote was counted accurately. SOLUTION: Paper Ballots, Counted in Public, BEFORE they leave the public's sight! — ACTION FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP: You need to state, in a public press conference, that: “We are going to investigate the three mega-election vendors that count 95%+ of America’s ballots on their privately-owned, secret computer programs. These election vendors are HART, DOMINION and ES&S. The fake news media has hidden the existence of these companies from the American people for many years. 3,000 of our USA counties disgracefully hire these election vendors. If I were Sherlock Holmes or Columbo, the first thing I would want to know is… WHO ARE THESE THREE COMPANIES? And we’re gonna find out.”

Election Night Gatekeepers – Intro


1. The absurd spectacle we all see of big city Boards of Elections opening envelopes after the 2020 election day with mail-in ballots in them from unknown sources is the logical result of 45 years of ruthless election fraud planned by what President Trump has called “the deep state”, or, better said, “The Shadow Government”. (For those new to this subject of a “deep state”, see “The Secret of Oz” video by Bill Still (90 minutes), or, the book “The Creature from Jekyl Island” by G. Edward Griffin.

2. Follow the money: these top financiers erected in the 1970s four computer-fraud election vendors, which are now three mega-election-vendors. These are ES&S (Election Systems & Software, Hart Intercivic, and Dominion (used to be Diebold and Sequoia). These mega-election-vendors count over 95% of American’s ballots on easily-rigged secret computer programs.

3. Three Supreme Court Decisions have ruled clearly and emphatically that your right to vote consists of TWO parts:

a) the Right to cast a ballot, i.e., put a paper ballot into a ballot box, and;

b) the Right to KNOW that your vote was counted accurately.

We are still allowed to cast a ballot, but we HAVE NO IDEA if our ballot is being counted accurately or not on these mysterious, secret computerized programs.

In fact, you will see that these Supreme Court decisions make secret computer counts illegal, precisely because no one can see what’s happening inside the election computer.



1. There is only one solution. We need to demand the use of paper ballots, counted in public, BEFORE the ballots leave the public view.

All voting must take place at the neighborhood precinct (polling place) as it used to be for the first 190 years of our country. The ballots are kept in public sight all day. The ballots are dumped out at closing time and are counted by hand by randomly selected people from that neighborhood, who are paid for a few hours of counting. A detailed explanation is at in the report to President Trump’s short lived Election Commission.

2. Immediate Crisis for Trump Team: Sue all the major cities in the contested states and demand that the Boards of Elections prove that the mail-in ballots they’ve been opening since Election Night at midnight are from the voters, and not from the DNC or somewhere else. They won’t be able to prove it.

— Info from 2016 below (still relevant) —

To any member of President Trump’s inner circle who may visit this page:

Please read this entire home page and then read the article, “Election Night Gatekeepers – The Evidence”, linked at the bottom of this home page (also on the tab on the menu entitled, “Election Night Gatekeepers”). This IS like brain surgery, and one must understand the incredible state of the vulnerability of our election system exactly – to fix it.

President Trump did NOT lose the popular vote. Yes, the approved underground of the Democratic Party could have provoked 3 million plus illegal alien votes in California alone by encouraging illegals (telling them it’s OK) to use the drivers license loophole – where illegal immigrants can easily get a drivers license, and then can vote by showing that drivers license, even though they are not citizens.

And the DMV in California made a decision not to make their database search-able by citizenship. Therefore, there is apparently no way to easily and effectively check if such voters are citizens, or not. (!!!) Then in Democratic controlled counties, or in any county in California, the voter sign-in books could be altered to reflect fraudulent signatures for citizens who did not show up to vote on election day or before, instead of the illegal aliens who actually cast the votes under the criminal guidance of the Democratic party’s underground. (This is why the Democratic Party from top to bottom incredibly opposes picture ID for voters – so their approved underground can get away with such criminal activity.)

These fraudulent signatures of actual voters who didn’t vote would be substituted (for the illegal immigrants who did vote) while the voter-sign-in books are out of sight for overnights or days after election day or before the recount.  (In “Votescam: The Stealing of America” published in 1992, the authors, the Collier Brothers, exposed this exact technique being used in Miami, Florida in the early 1970s.)

President Trump commented on and rightly ridiculed the idea that ballots were safe while locked away at night in Boards o Election Buildings for days or weeks before election day. (This is why the absurd and new practice of early voting must be done away with, as in the old days. Early voting, like the whole current system that has been pulled over on us, is made BY CROOKS for CROOKS.  

It gets worse. According to former Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston on CNN circa January 28, 2017 – only four states have a cross-check between voters and citizenship. This is the type of thing that the VOTEFRAUD (NOT voterfraud) investigation ordered by President Trump must focus on.

However, this is not the most important concern. The most important concern is Election VENDOR Fraud. This is what the Election Night Gatekeepers website is all about. Only three Election Vendors “count” 96% of the USA vote. These three mega-election vendors (ES & S, Hart, & Dominion) have been hired by about 3000 of our nation’s 3141 counties – to “count” our votes on their privately owned, secret, easily-rigged (by them) computer programs. (For instance, in Ohio, ES &S, Hart & Dominion count 86 of the state’s 88 counties, the the other two counties processed by Unisys, which the excellent reporter Lynn Landes of The Landes Report says is a front for ES &S. This is the type of thing the coming Vote Fraud Investigation should deal with.)

AND, shamefully, all 50 Secretaries of State have green-lighted, and all 3000 counties have signed contracts with one of these three mega-vendors that they (the local and state election officials) will not look at the private software (of these three mega-vendors) that tells the election computers what to do on election night, and that they will not sue over any of the computer results. (!!!) We have the Ohio Secretary of State John Husted on tape at a public Tea Party meeting held at the Farm Wedding Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 17, 2012 – confirming that this is the case in Ohio.

Furthermore, who has heard of the unholy concentration of power vested in these three mega-election vendors?? Almost nobody. Why? Because these three mega-election vendors have been protected from public view by the 5 Big TV Networks since at least as far back as 1988, and that’s why the Big TV Networks were so nervous about exposure that they had their anchors (Lester Holt of NBC and Chris Wallace of FOX) ask candidate Trump at the end of BOTH the second and third debates: “Will you accept the election results?” When Mr. Trump answered to Chris Wallace in the third debate that he “would wait to see the evidence” and that he “would keep them in suspense”, that was a BIG factor on why those who own the three mega-election vendors had to let the Trump victory stand.

Another factor was candidate Trump stating from August 1st onward that the election may be rigged against him, and that the system was rigged. And also the fact that on the night of October 26, 2016 candidate Trump tweeted and facebooked out to his 21 million followers that people were voting for Trump on computers in Texas, Maryland, and Colorado — and the computers were switching the Trump votes to Hillary votes. THIS IS THE REAL ISSUE. This is what those behind the three mega-election vendors could have easily done in Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania IF they thought it would be believable, – if they thought they could get away with it. One lawsuit against one Secretary of State, however, could have blown wide open what we hope the coming votefraud investigation will blow open, that is, how utterly absurd and illegal (by three standing US Supreme Court decisions) our current election system is in the General Election – everywhere by 5 counties in New Hamsphire, and perhaps a very few other small location in Montana, west Texas, or Vermont — which we have been unable to verify thus far.

These and other factors,  such as the mega-huge Trump crowds for 14 months compared to the pathetic and paltry size of Hillary crowds for 14 months, — such as Hillary’s health collapse, figuratively and literally on the 4th of July, — and perhaps behind-the-scenes maneuvering of which we are unaware — caused those behind the 3 mega-Election Vendors to let the Trump victory stand, for fear a Hillary “victory” would not be believed by over 50% of the real American people.  

But, in order to de-legitimize the Trump victory, the Big Media in concert with their counterparts in the 3 big election vendors — immediately they started absurdly pumping up Hillary’s “win” in the popular vote from allegedly 500,00 on election night to over 3 million now.

How could this possibly happen? Did Hillary get ALL the votes after election night? And WHY were there so many votes after election night when we supposedly have the computers because they deliver the results so FAST? Preposterous. Trump won by 10 million votes nationwide by all the data anyone could verify or see, and he even won California, if we could get the real results — but too late now as the ballots have disappeared for months, and we will never know if the ballots brought out at any time (after they have disappeared out of public sight on election night, or before) are the real ballots, or are altered, or switched, ballots.

The crooks. whether today or 150 years ago, always want to take the ballots out of public sight in order to cheat in the back room in case their candidate loses. (Stalin: Those who CAST the votes decide nothing; those who COUNT the votes decide everything.”)

Today we face hi-tech crooks have taken the ballots “into the backroom” under the guise of computer sophistication, where citizens and candidates and local media are not allowed to go, unless it be to watch a computer run, which tells the onlooker nothing.

Please read the rest of this page and the “Election Night Gatekeepers – the Evidence” article — for shocking documentation for what we have said here.

The answer is, and the only answer is: neighbors preselected at each neighborhood precinct must count paper ballots at closing time BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight. — This means all computers and machines are outlawed because they violate 3 standing US Supreme Court decisions forbidding a secret vote count.

(See the article “Hand Counted Paper Ballots” by Sheila Parks, found under the “More” menu tab on this website.)

This means all early voting must be outlawed because that forces the ballots to be out of public sight for days or weeks before the election. This means each local county must have an absentee ballot policing committee to make sure only those who are really sick or house-bound can vote absentee, and those faking sickness would be subject to jail time. Absentee ballots are a prime way of cheating in today’s system.

If the above honest system of paper ballots counted by hand BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight is implemented as mandatory guidelines by the US Congress for all counties, then Trump will win in a landslide, perhaps in all 50 states, in 2020 – and hundreds of leftwing democrats and rhino congressman would be voyed out of Congress and the Senate in 2018 and 2020. If a real and verifiable vote count is not implemented, President Trump will be very vulnerable to being computer-frauded out of office in 2020, and the same sorry Congress will be “re-elected” forever. Plus it would fix the election system forever in the USA.

In this hi-tech age, cameras must be used to film all polling places horizontally, and the ballot counting must be filmed from the ceiling as each ballot is laid on the table to be counted. This would make a permanent video record of what the ballots actually said, and could be thrown up on the wall inside the polling places where members of the public could observe the count in real time, and streamed over the internet in real time.

Just as cameras are good to prevent shoplifting, cameras are also good and necessary to prevent vote lifting. As Dr. Ben Carson said recently, “. . . we could count votes honestly — if we wanted to.”

Our friend, Doug Bersaw, oversaw just such a hand count BEFORE the ballots left the public sight in Richmond, New Hampshire as Election Supervisor there from about 2005 to 2010. It was a small town, but with proper manpower allocated even the largest precincts could be handled easily, as is routinely done in Canada, India, Switzerland, Great Britain, and other places in Europe at least until recently in all of these places — and as was done in the USA from 1789 or so until the 1960s. So much more to be covered – please read the rest of this home page, watch the video “40 Seconds to Victory for Trump – full version” below, and read the Election Night Gatekeeper – the Evidence” linked at the bottom of this home page, also found at the menu tab, “Election Night Gatekeepers” above.

President Trump’s new website,, asked for ideas. Now is the time to fund a real investigation to expose the current illegal, easily-rigged computerized voting system in the USA and fix it once and for all. As President Trump said when he signed the recent Vote Fraud Investigation Executive Order — Americans need to be able to believe in the election results. We can make sure that happens in all future elections. IF honest voting is restored as defined above, the 5 Big TV networks will lose all their power over elections, and will cease to issue the barrage of phony polls that were issued against Buchanan, Ron Paul, and candidate Trump — because there will be no Election Night Gatekeepers to make their PHONY polls come true anymore.

For reliable potential members of this investigation and solution team, that President Trump can trust, (there are phonies in every field trying to drive the real investigators into ditches, and trying to prevent Americans from pulling together, email us at:  or mail to PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211 (all communications will be kept confidential). We don’t want money. We don’t want recognition. We just want to help President Trump fix the election system once and for all. 


Did You Land on this Page Seeking Documentation that 3 Million Illegal Immigrants Voted for Hillary Clinton?

In an article quoting a Mr. Greg Phillips about 3 million illegals voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election, mistakenly listed as his website. This listing on brought over 220,000 visitors to our websites. We at and had never heard of Greg Phillips when carried that article circa November 14, 2016 reporting that Phillips had stated in a Twitter Tweet that, — claiming to having analyzed a database of 180 million voters, — 3 million illegal immigrants voted from Hillary Clinton. . . . Read More . . .

Why You Were Re-Directed from to

You have been re-directed here from because this is our up-to-the-minute website. – the FIRST website erected on the internet in March of 1996 to expose the “Election Integrity / Computerized Votescam” issue, still has top-notch information, but its “look” and some links are outdated.

(You can view the original site, with the vital articles down the right hand column on the homepage, here if you wish:

This updated website here contains EXACT updated info & analysis on the Election Night Gatekeepers and the 2016 Presidential Election. Be sure to see “Dear First Time Visitors” below.




Consider reading this entire Home Page, ending with the main article “Election Night Gatekeepers (The Evidence)”. This article offers a clear, full explanation of WHO the 12 Election Night Gatekeepers are, WHAT happens on an election night, and what role each one plays. — The video immediately below, “40 Seconds To Victory For Trump – Full Version” is 34 minutes and was made a few weeks BEFORE the Presidential Election – BUT IT IS STILL TOTALLY RELEVANT, i.e., meant to answer the questions that would occur to any logical mind once one finds out about the existence of these Gatekeepers. — Be sure to also read the menu tab, “Election Solution” on this website “”.

Who are the Election Night Gatekeepers? Which 12 groups control Election Night “results”?

election-night-gatekeepers-banner12 organizations have a chokehold on Election Night “Results” in the USA. We hope you read the commentary below first, but you can also go to the main article here: “Election Night Gatekeepers”

“Those who CAST the votes decide nothing; those who COUNT the votes decide everything.” – Stalin

WHY TRUMP WON THE 2016 Presidential Election:light-bulbContrary to what many websites are saying, the Election Night Gatekeepers COULD have stolen the Presidential Election from Trump, as THEY OWN THE SOFTWARE that counts 95%+ of our USA votes. Furthermore, they process our votes on secret computer programs with the SHAMEFUL permission of all 50 Secretaries of State, and under contracts signed by Election Officials in 3000+ counties of our 3141 counties. (!!!) — The Ruling Elite behind the Election Night Gatekeepers consciously decided to let the Trump Victory stand, because if they dared to announce Hillary the winner 50%+ (maybe 70%+ — the real percentage of the vote Trump probably got) would have believed the election was somehow rigged, and their whole “Votescam Act” — their whole mechanism of control over US Elections — would have been in jeopardy through further exposure. (The “US Supreme Court Decisions” tab is also extremely important.) Click here for a Time Line of what led up to Election Day 2016 and WHY the Trump Victory was begrudgingly allowed to stand by the those directing the 12 Election Night Gatekeepers.


“40 Seconds To Victory For Trump – Full Version” Video 

While candidate Trump did not follow the exact advice offered in the first few minutes of this video, he did do what he essentially needed to do and got the job done, — actions that had been urged on this website for months, and on since October, 2015: on August 1, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio candidate Trump started saying he was afraid the election might be rigged against him; and on the night of October 26, 2016 Mr. Trump tweeted and facebooked and instagrammed to 21 million followers that touch-screen computers were flipping votes from Trump to Hillary in Texas, Maryland, and Colorado. Thus, all of America started discussing the election being computer-rigged against Trump, thus making it very dangerous — all but impossible — for the Election Night Gatekeepers to actually computer-steal the Presidential Election from Trump in light of all the factors the voters could verify with their eyes. So concerned were the Ruling Elite that they directed NBC’s Lester Holt and FOX’s Chris Wallace to ask Trump at the end of debates 2 and 3 if he would “accept the election results.” In debate three, Trump thankfully answered he would wait to see the evidence, that he would keep everyone in suspense. These developments, in our opinion, were what stopped the Election Night Gatekeepers from installing Hillary by silent computer-fraud, which they could easily have done. However, would it have been believable to the American people? The TOP Ruling Elite behind the dark side of the FED, Goldman-Sachs, and the Election Night Gatekeepers – decided it was too risky, would possibly result in total exposure of their computerized Votescam syndicate, — and so let the Trump Victory stand.

This below video was made a few weeks BEFORE the 2016 Election – BUT IT IS STILL TOTALLY RELEVANT and answers the questions that would occur to a logical mind once one finds out about the Election Night Gatekeepers.

Important commentary before you see the blockbuster evidence, which the 5 Big TV Networks and related media have been hiding from America was erected to help ensure an honest vote count for all candidates and all voters in every election. But we must put the background evidence you are about to see — probably for the first time – in context in relation to what’s happening RIGHT NOW in the Real World.

Spoiler alert: the 5 Big TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX) and related big media are all owned by those who have wrested the power to issue the world’s money. For short hand, we might call this the “Goldman-Sachs/Federal Reserve” crowd. This power behind the Big Media Cabal ALSO OWNS THE 3 COMPANIES that “counts” 95% of the USA vote on secret computer programs, – software that is totally off limits to election officials and everyone else, because of contracts our election officials in each county sign with one of these 3 mega-Election Vendor corporations, or their smaller front companies. Incredible, but true.

secret-votinig-machinesSo these three companies, ES &S, Hart, & Dominion (which recently bought Diebold in 2013) have ABSOLUTE power to fix the election computers to elect Trump or Hillary — or even Johnson or Stein — but what they do MUST BE BELIEVABLE.

This Election Votescam Syndicate, these Election Night Gatekeepers, have consolidated this power over our election system since at least as far back as 1988, “coincidentally” the era of the Bushes and Clintons, the two families most prominently fronting for the “Goldman-Sachs/Federal Reserve” Crowd.

That’s why we are urging Mr. Trump to follow the advice in the video, “40 Seconds to Victory for Trump”, and add about 40 seconds to his remaining campaign rallies, speeches, and interviews that: 1) he’s worried about the November Election being COMPUTER-RIGGED against him; 2) telling people to watch the HBO documentary, “Hacking Democracy”; and 3) telling people to come here to, where they can get the entire hidden story of how a powerful cabal has literally stolen our election system — taken the election system totally out of the hands of the American voters, who now serve as window-dressing for their illegal elections.

Three Supreme Court Decisions have ruled clearly and emphatically that your right to vote consists of TWO parts:

1) the Right to cast a ballot, i.e., put a paper ballot into a ballot box, and;
2) Right to KNOW that your vote was counted accurately.

We are still allowed to cast a ballot, but we HAVE NO IDEA if our ballot is being counted accurately or not on these mysterious, secret computerized programs. In fact, you will see that these Supreme Court decisions make secret computer counts illegal, precisely because no one can see what’s happening inside the election computer.
(For exactly what these US Supreme Court decisions said, click here .)

Three Supreme Court Decisions Right To Vote copy

Finally a major Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, Made Election Fraud a Burning Issue in a Presidential Campaign

Only Donald Trump could have made Election Fraud a burning issue in the national mind in Presidential Campaign 2016, and he did. IF MR. TRUMP HAD NOT DONE THIS, then we believe he would surely have “lost” by computer fraud, and we would be talking about “President Hillary Clinton” for sure, who would have been installed by silent, computer-election fraud by the Election Night Gatekeepers.

these-6-corporations-control-90-of-the-media-in-americaSINCE the 5 Big TV Networks and their co-conspirators, Election Vendors ES &S, Hart, Dominion, saw the whole country was aware of the possibility of old-fashioned Election Fraud AND Computer Election Fraud, and millions of Americans were aware (thanks to Social Media) of potential computer election rigging, the Election Night Gatekeepers did not dare to computer-steal the 2016 election from Trump. (Click here for the time line of when and how computerized election fraud became a national issue in the 2016 Presidential campaign.)

* * * * * * * * * * *

Just as Watch the Vote USA, a public interest group, found that 99% of the people who joined their volunteer effort in the 2012 primaries were concerned about computerized election fraud against Ron Paul for President –

And just as four years later, Watch the Vote USA found that during the 2016 primaries 99% of the people who joined their volunteer effort were concerned that computerized election fraud was being perpetrated against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton –

In the weeks leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election, it was clear to any astute observer that the News & Election divisions of the 5 Big TV networks were doing a 24-hour-a-day beat-down against Donald Trump, just as they were absurdly, brazenly, and shamelessly campaigning for Hillary Clinton. (Simultaneously, they were ruthlessly suppressing the Presidential campaigns of Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party’s Jill Stein, both of whom were on enough state ballots to potentially win. But this important subject of the Big Media corporations giving in-kind donations of billions of dollars of publicity to SOME ballot-qualified candidates, but not to others, must be treated elsewhere.)

The ONLY “argument” that the Big Media put forth for Hillary is “she’s winning in our polls, she’s winning in our polls!” — But, what goes unsaid and unrealized by the vast majority, — is that the public is taking these polls on blind faith, BLIND FAITH. No one knows how these polls are done, except the handful of people doing them. These are “black box” polls which most people are irresponsibly accepting as infallibly predicting the election outcome.

Thus, the whole future of the nation and the world is being determined by “black box” public opinion polls, “black box” exit polls, and “black box” easily-rigged computer “counts” on election night — all controlled by the 5 Big TV Networks and the other 7 entities which constitute the Election Night Gatekeepers.

No one knows if the viciously crooked Big TV Networks’ anointed pollsters pay people to make the calls, but then just falsify the published results the want the public to hear. Who is called? Who answers the phone? Who knows? And yet, these published poll results are treated as if Angels from Heaven brought them down to us.

Before the election, no one with a big microphone seriously challenged the constant assertion that these Big Media polls are “scientific” — polls which often sample as few as 800, 500, or even 200 people out of 300 million Americans. How can these tiny samplings be more scientific than 1 million people rushing to their computers to vote after a Presidential Debate (on online polling systems that permit each person to vote only once per IP address)?

In these massive online polls with 100,000 to 2 million people participating, almost every one of them showed Trump winning with 60%, 70% or even 80% to 20% or less for Hillary. (Again, in the major online polls we have checked, you can only vote once on each IP address, thereby making multiple voting difficult for tech-people, and nearly impossible for non-tech people, unless they rush over to their neighbor’s house to vote a second time.)

And the Big Media’s “Hillary’s winning” assertion contradicted everything we could see with our own eyes: yard signs 100 to 1 for Trump, Trump victories of 70% and even 80% in online polls with hundreds of thousands participating – and even millions of participating (in which, again, each person could vote only once per IP address), and — most importantly — huge crowd sizes day after day of 5000 to 25,000 for Trump for 16 months, as contrasted with usually a few hundred, or less, for Hillary, who did VERY FEW public events. The Trump crowds were wildly enthusiastic, while the Hillary events had to employ cheer leaders to orchestrate crowd “enthusiasm.”


In order to “explain away” Trump’s consistent large crowds which are the best indication of the way the election was going, the Big Media was loudly and nervously shouting that “crowd sizes don’t mean anything” pointing to Romney’s large crowds right before the 2012 election. Problem: there were breakdowns of many of the Big City Computers about 9:45 EST on Election Night 2012 — after which Obama pulled ahead to “victory” when the computers “came back up.” So, Romney’s last minute crowds may have been good indicators, only to be thwarted by computer fraud perpetrated by the Election Night Gatekeepers. This again underlines why our votes must be counted BEFORE the paper ballots leave the public sight.

At that moment, Karl Rove actually objected to the projections in real time on the Megyn Kelly show on FOX News — and Megyn Kelly left the anchor desk to go find the statisticians on live camera — a first in US Election TV history. So, was computerized votefraud used against Romney in 2012? Probably.

In other words, it always comes down to this: the evil info-wizards at the Big Media are telling the American people: “Don’t believe your “lying eyes”, believe what we tell you, dummies.” And, except in 5 counties in New Hampshire and maybe a few other small places, the one non-negotiable rule of the Republican and Democratic election officials has been: the companies we hire must be allowed to process the vote in secret, behind police guard, — and you Americans absolutely can not check or count the ballots before we take them out of your sight.

In other words, since 1988, we Americans have allowed ourselves to be treated like Communist slaves and/or subjects of a tin-horn dictatorship. Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry must be spinning in their graves. Except for the Votescam investigators — Shame on us!

These public opinion polls amount to weapon-ized, “black box”, falsified polls by the news & election divisions of the 5 TV Networks, the greatest liars and deceivers on planet earth, — truly the greatest enemies of America and mankind. These polls are meant to manipulate and form public opinion, not reflect it. As never before, thanks to the pervasiveness of Big Media in the hands of a few, people are being maneuvered into dangerous directions without being aware that they are being so maneuvered.

These “public opinion polls” constitute psychological warfare by the malicious Big Media, following the evil and manipulative techniques of propaganda-thug Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud), and the sinister Tavistock Institute.

Americans have been kept in the dark about the Election Night Gatekeepers by the 5 Big TV Networks, precisely because these networks are neck-deep in PROTECTING the computerized election fraud system which is in place. The Big Networks control what public opinion polls get publicized in the months leading up to the election. They totally control the “results” of the official exit polls on election day through a company which they jointly own, National Election Pool.

NEP National Election PoolAs stated above, NEP (National Election Pool), believe or not, is owned jointly by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and AP wire. (!!!!!!) Are Americans aware of this? Of course not! The five Big TV networks hide it from us!

On election night, all announcements of election “results” are relayed to the public by the 5 Big TV Networks and AP after they get the word from NEP, their jointly owned private company.

NEP collects the results in one way or another from the computerized machines in each county, including direct access to the mainframe election computers in some counties, and then passes it on to their owners. All big media websites on the national and gubernatorial election announcements are controlled by NEP. When NEP changes something, it changes on all Big Media websites simultaneously.

When there has arisen a Presidential candidate who threatens to derail or reverse key points of the Ruling Elite agenda – like Trump, Ron Paul, or Patrick Buchanan (in the 1990s) — the 5 Big TV networks and those behind them issue fraudulent public opinion polls to manipulate the population. They can only issue these phony polls with confidence because they know that their 3 co-conspirators (ES &S, Hart, Dominion – which own the secret computer programs that count 96% of the USA vote on election night) — can make their phony public opinion polls “come true” on election night by computerized votescam. (Why the Trump victory was allowed to stand is explained above on this page.) 


Now go to the Main Article: ELECTION NIGHT GATEKEEPERS – to see the evidence.