Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Germany Declares War on Russia - Vox Popoli

UPDATE: This isn’t an exaggeration. While it is an informal declaration of war, it is a material one by the relevant government minister that will be taken at face value by Russia, whether the moronic woman realizes it or not.

I have said already in the last days, we have to do more on Ukraine. Yes, we have to do more on tanks. But the most important part, and the crucial part, is that we do it together and that we do not do the blame game in Europe, because we are fighting a war against Russia and not against each other.

– Annalena Baerbock, Foreign Minister, Federal Republic of Germany, 25 January 2023

The German politicians caved, presumably after being shown their blackmail files, and agreed to formally take part in the NATO war against Russia by sending German tanks to Ukraine. The Russians have made it very clear that a) they are not fooled and b) there will be consequences for Germany getting directly involved in the war in Ukraine.

Russia branded the move a ‘blatant provocation’, with Moscow officials warning the new Nato supplies will ‘burn like all the rest’, while one raging Putin mouthpiece called for the German parliament to be destroyed.

Around 30 M1 Abrams tanks will be sent from the US, while Berlin will initially supply 14 Leopard 2 tanks and permit other Nato nations to send their own. Russian storage facilities have around 10,200 tanks, while an estimated 3,300 have been deployed in Ukraine, with 1,640 destroyed.

Volodymyr Zelensky’s officials hailed the move as a ‘punching fist’ for democracy, while Russia had warned it would cause a ‘global catastrophe’ and escalate the war beyond Ukraine’s borders.

Today, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: ‘I am certain that many experts understand the absurdity of this idea. The plan is disastrous in terms of technology,’ he said.

‘But above all, it overestimates the potential it will add to the Ukrainian army. These tanks burn just like all the others.’

Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the Moscow Institute of the Middle East, told Waldman-LINE channel that nuclear tipped missiles should be used on the centre of German democracy.

He said: ‘German tanks with crosses on their armour will again march across Ukraine attacking Russian soldiers. I have a natural reaction to this – the Soviet Union bombed Berlin in 1941. And to me this is a signal that the Reichstag, or Bundestag, which now replaces the Reichstag, simply should not remain standing any longer. Flat, slightly radioactive, melted-down ground [will remain in its place].’

Meanwhile Putin’s favourite propagandist Vladimir Solovyov also ranted over the tank move which he plainly sees as a significant blow to Putin while also being proof in Russian eyes that Germany has directly joined the war.

‘It’s time to send a clear, resolute message that we now consider Germany a direct party to the conflict, rekindling memories of WW2. German tanks appearing will definitely mean we consider German territory, military bases and other sites as legitimate targets. NATO wants to fight in this cunning way, pretending that it’s not fighting.’

At this point, it’s fairly obvious that the Trotskyite Clown Worlders now ensconced in the USA are primarily waging war against Europeans by forcing Russians to kill them. The NATO-Russian war is something of a Xanatos Gambit; while Clown World hoped to use Ukraine and NATO to defeat Russia, their primary enemy, they’ll happily settle for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, Poles, and Germans, all of whom they hate nearly as much as they hate the Russians.

But while the Europeans haven’t figured this out yet because they’re all post-Christians steeped to their eyeballs in Clown World propaganda, the Russians, the Chinese, and most of all, the Arab world are very well aware of who is responsible. Which means that it may not just be government buildings in Germany that experience hypersonic missile attention when the Russians launch their offensive.

As with how the Gamma male who hides behind redefinitions and contorted reasoning to disguise his attacks on others is educated by a punch in the face, it appears the Germans are soon going to be administered an important lesson in how word magic is no defense against material reality.