Wednesday, January 25, 2023

When ZOG Became ZioCorp & the Intrinsic Flaws Within Capitalism, by Richard Solomon - The Unz Review


ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) is an antiquated term. It implies the existence of nation-state governance. Today’s US is an amalgamation of corporations and parasitic financial institutions largely run by Rothschild Zionists. America isn’t a nation, it’s a corporate empire, or more accurately- ZioCorp.

First a disclaimer. When I use terms like “ZOG” or “ZioCorp,” I am not referring to “Fiddler on the Roof” Jews or Moe, Larry, and Curly. I mean a global criminal banking syndicate headed by satanic usurer Jews and their eugenics-obsessed Rockefeller crime family associate who employ Rothschild Zionists and globalists of all stripes to prop up a business model that rests on the pillars of debt slavery, spiritual/physical destruction, and planetary rape. I harbor no ill will toward any race, religion, ethnic group, consenting adult orientation, or gender. In Tao, internal transcends external.

Second disclaimer (or notice). I sometimes use colorful language. This article is not suitable for delicate ladies or children. If that’s you, stop reading.

ZioCorp owns everything. That includes the financial system, security apparatus, Pentagon, politicians, courts, judges, police, schools, intellectual property, natural resources, utilities, media, big corporations, technology, and whatever else I failed to mention. ZioCorp holds full spectrum dominance over its subjects.

Neoliberal capitalism enabled ZioCorp to commoditize everything- including human beings. Not content with owning every grain of sand and drop of water, global finance wants the proprietary rights to your DNA, internal organs, blood and lymphatic systems, and thought processes. They changed the name of the personnel department to human resources. That wasn’t by accident. You are a harvestable resource.

ZioCorp isn’t like the traditional dictatorship run by a mustachioed strong man. Decisions are made in boardrooms by people you will never see or know. It’s what political philosopher Sheldon Wolin called “inverted totalitarianism.”

ZioCorp’s loyal servants come from all races, genders, and religions. Don’t think because you are White or Black, and you get a White or Black judge, he or she will go easier on you. It’s like the NWA “F*ck the Police” rap song says: “But don’t let it be a Black and a White one. Cause they’ll slam ya down to the street top. Black police showin’ out for the White cop.” The song’s point being the Black cop beats down the Black arrestee harder to gain approval from his White partner. Your racial brethren will kick your face in twice as hard to prove their loyalty to ZioCorp. See Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, etc.

To understand ZioCorp, we need to explore capitalism, and more importantly, the inherent flaws within it that made the current situation possible. Some people freak over any critique of capitalism, as they regard it as an attack on American patriotism. After all, America was founded as a capitalist country

Someone from the reactionary right is reading this and thinking: “Criticize capitalism?! You Antifa pinko communist Marxist Jew. You just want to take my money and give it to some #BLM crack ho and her kids. F*ck you and the menorah you rode in on.” Easy sheriff. To quote American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman, “Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.” Pretend you’re at one of those 5-star luxury ashrams frequented by rich White broads and the Maharishi’s at the head of the class telling you to go ommmmm. Breathe baby, breathe.

I recognize that capitalism contains positive aspects. It can take the selfishness and egotism found within human nature and channel those traits into productive outcomes. Ethical entrepreneurs produce amazing things. Some people express their creativity through small business ownership. Because it focuses on “the individual,” capitalism gave us the Bill of Rights. Millennia of buying and selling have ingrained market thinking into the human psyche. Even non-technological societies use beads and bird feathers to conduct transactions. I’m not suggesting eliminating money. Imagine buying a car on Craigslist if you needed to show up with a herd of sheep to take home a Camry.

However, capitalism also destroys the “collective.” Unchecked, it devours everything in its path. It eats the poor, working class, middle class, and eventually the upper middle class. It also destroys the environment, leaving us with radioactive oceans and poisoned rivers. In end-stage capitalism, oligarchs fight each other for the last slice of cherry pie while the masses drown in a sea of economic and social chaos. Sound familiar?

Of all the nations, China seems most willing to experiment with different economic paradigms. They may eventually lead humanity to a post-scarcity Star Trek economy where people work for their purpose rather than a paycheck. Whether they succeed or not is indeterminate at this juncture. City of London bankers plan on turning China into corporate headquarters after the US collapses. Global finance has an impressive track record with national infiltration and takeover. Never underestimate their capabilities. The former United States republic now US Anglo-Zionist Empire stands as the textbook model for banker takeover. How’d it happen? For the sake of brevity, I’ll provide the sped-up Dr. Morell B12- cocaine-amphetamine elixir version.

The Founding Fathers “American Experiment” sought to replace monarchical rule with rule by the “Invisible Hand of Capitalism.” As per their guru John Locke, the cornerstone of the new republic became economics and private property. Being wealthy landowners gave the Founding Fathers a huge advantage. Their willingness to commoditize African slaves to save on labor costs demonstrates their religious devotion to capitalism.

To get the hoi polloi to fight for the new system, the nouveau plutocrats promised them constitutional rights and fat land grants. Why else would the soldiers freeze their asses off at Valley Forge? While the average White male gained some groovy civil liberties, the founding Fathers reneged on the land grants and other promised perks. George Washington’s crushing of the farmers’ “Whisky Rebellion” laid the foundation for an IRS police state and oligarchic rule.

In the 1800s, French political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville observed that Americans were obsessed with getting rich. A money-driven nation becomes an easy mark for Central Bankers. The US Civil War allowed the Rothschilds to get their intractable foot in the bank vault door.* (*Sarah E.V. Emery, “Seven Financial Conspiracies Which Have Enslaved The American People.”) This was followed by the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which turned over US money creation to the international financiers. A move that resulted in the theft of hundreds of trillions of dollars. After the US became the bankers’ central hub, it needed a permanent war machine to keep the global grift going. In his prescient farewell address, Eisenhower warned about the dangers of a runaway Military Industrial Complex.

The Wall Street-inflicted Great Depression almost sank capitalism. FDR instituted bank reforms and social safety nets to save his fellow plutocrats and the flailing system. In their insatiable greed, the banker class started chipping away at the policies that both rescued them and created a stable middle class. Bit by bit, the hued-out spaces were filled with corporate cement.

Saint Ronald Reagan’s eyedropper “trickle-down economics” deregulated the banks and corporations and laid the finishing girders for the corporatist dystopia skyscraper. Reagan’s firing of the striking air traffic controllers destroyed organized labor, and the standard of living previously enjoyed by the working class. Bill Clinton completed the edifice with NAFTA, repeal of Glass-Steagall banking rules, outsourcing of the manufacturing base, and steroidal Mr. Universe corporate deregulation. Many Americans went along with these policies in hopes they’d become rich enough to garner an invite to the Donald Trump-P Diddy-Miss America contestant hot tub party.

A big problem with making money the cornerstone of a society is that you get a Ralph Kramden population forever searching for the next “no money down” get-rich-quick infomercial scheme. If that doesn’t work, play the lottery. “You’ve got to be in it to win it.” After the 9/11 zio-attack, George W. Bush told Americans to “go shopping.”

The oligarchy kept the serfs hoofing it by dangling dreams of solid gold Trump toilet bowls and oil sheik mega yachts coupled with fear of death by predatory capitalism. However, even Rush Limbaugh devotee ding dongs are beginning to realize the game is rigged. The glass ceiling of upward mobility has turned to lead. This revelation tends to upset people. “Fight Club’s” Tyler Durden said it best: “We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d be millionaires, movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. We’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very very pissed off.”

Damn straight b!tch. Give us our free sh!t or burn this motherf*cker to the ground. Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, and their corporate donors are stealing whatever’s not welded to the floor. If you’re middle/working class, take anything and everything from the “government” that you can, and use it to stock up on ammo, freeze-dried food, and Johnny Walker Blue Label. Fight for your share of the loot before the Central Bankers install their NWO digital currency. Then the faucets get superglue tightened. In the meantime, fly in the helicopter money you child-raping globalist scum. Riot for UBI or let the old lady work so you can stay home and practice your tiger claw thrust and flying tortoise shell trachea strike. Civil war and economic crash ahead. Let the robots flip the burgers. AI can man the call centers.

Employers broke the social contract when they forced workers to get the DARPA vax. If you succumbed because you dislike sleeping in the street then hopefully you received your dose from the control or low-concentration batch. If they injured you or ruined the DNA your ancestors fought saber tooth tigers to give you, you’d need to put in serious work to make that right. That could include some weekends and holidays. While not easy, leveling that karma would be better than Norma Jean’s sweet cherry pie.

As a side note- I’m not an anti-vax zealot. If an adult wants to take the mRNA vaccine, that’s their business. Just don’t mandate it. And stop releasing “gain of function” bioweapons on the public. Back to “free government cheese.”

Mention universal healthcare, UBI, or free college, and the Ben Shapiro ziotarian kicks out his “we can’t afford it” auto-response. We can’t afford universal healthcare but the 2008 29 trillion dollar banker bailout (CNBC Money) was totally doable. And so was the 6 trillion dollar Iraq War that Shapiro pushed. And the hundreds of billions in corporate subsidies. And the trillions we send to Israel either directly or through fighting their wars. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, it would take 20 billion dollars to end homelessness in the US. That’s half of one Ukraine War installment payment. In controlled scarcity capitalism, they don’t want to end homelessness. The homeless guy scrounging the trash for bottles reminds you that you can never quit your sh!t job- even if it means submitting to medical experimentation. Ziocapitalism is a scam. Not only could we have universal healthcare (medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US- American Journal of Public Health), but that stolen loot could provide every American with a 100 grand check and a gold-plated Cadillac.

It’s not that the average American wouldn’t mind breaking a few bucks off their paycheck so Billy the Orphan could get his leukemia treatments, but once the wallet cracks a little, the government inserts its tire jack and cranks it all the way open. Then the bread gets funneled to the pig trough where Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea stick their snouts in it. Or it gets turned into rainbow flag bombs that get dropped on Middle East kids.

Big corporations and oligarch billionaires don’t pay taxes. Even if a few sometimes pay “for show taxes,” that money is looped back to them via the Central Bankers. If you can’t afford an army of tax lawyers and offshore corporation setups, you pay. If you get snared in an IRS audit, you could get fisted harder than a twink in a Gay pride parade S&M float.

Taxation is a ZioCorp scam. Advances in monetary technology make taxation obsolete. Public banking as advocated by economists like Ellen Brown along with new high-tech financial tools would allow Billy to get his cancer medicine and you to hold on to your bread. ZioCorp keeps the IRS around to smash small businesses and the middle class. Taxation is a police state tool that allows the parasites to strip you of your assets and throw you in prison. Step on a crack, and the IRS charges you with breaking your momma’s back.

If we don’t raise taxes, does that mean the Fed cartel should print even more Ponzi digital dollars to pay for social safety nets? Absolutely. The stated US debt is 30 trillion. According to Forbes, the actual debt is 200 trillion. It doesn’t matter if it hits 500 gazillion. It’s unpayable. When it pops, it pops.

From a theoretical perspective, if a society evolves technologically, robots and AI (or machine learning) replace human labor. If it comes down to Universal Basic Income or Davos depopulation- I choose UBI.

It’s going to take some real Jimmy Hoffa UBI teamsters to make it happen. In my unscientific estimate, 80 percent of ‘Murican men are either weak p*ssy momma whores, zipper brains, or in most cases, both. About 20 percent are solid cats with 1-5 percent of those being psycho-warriors. The 20 percent determine how it goes.

The political class are criminals. They understand your wanting cash. That’s not subversive, like asking for free speech or an end to the zio-wars. They might cough up a few bucks out of self-interest with the proper application of pressure.

The Hollywood celebrity “c*ntessa” with 50 million Instagram followers means nothing to me. It’s the working man (and woman) who ships food to my table and keeps the lights on. They deserve their cut. As does the orphan and widow. As for Hollywood- keep Sean Penn. While I liked him in “The Falcon and the Snowman,” Bill Gates pumped so much mRNA jizz up his ass, it shot out his nose like milk during a laughing fit. I think the high force pressure caused brain damage.

Capitalism creates billionaires. Billionaires destroy civil society. I can live with millionaires. Billionaires buy your government, e.g., Citizens United v FEC. I don’t care how many “checks and balances” get put in place, at some point they bribe the gatekeepers. I think the best solution is to impose a 5 million dollar per year personal wealth cap. If an ethical entrepreneur makes more than that, let him put it in trust for his kids (who have the same cap), reinvest in new ventures, or donate the surplus to Sister Mary’s orphanage. No Bill Gates fake philanthropic foundations please. If you can’t live the good life on an annual 5 million tax-free salary, you’re what “Scarface” called a “haza” (chazzer). What’s a haza? Like Tony Montana explained to his former boss Frank Lopez, “You remember what a haza is Frank? It’s a pig that don’t fly straight.” The rentier capitalism parasite FIRE economy is a haza system.

When it comes to billionaire-bought political systems, the US has no rival. I’m amazed people still vote. Dominion should install a seat with an electric cattle prod dildo in their rigged voting booths. That would provide Americans with a more authentic voting experience.

Keep jerking off to hope porn and Marjorie Taylor Greene pics. I prefer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. To help cover the congressional pay raise, MTG and AOC could star together in a girl-on-girl pay-per-view special. Highrollers could book private sessions. Caligula put the senators’ wives to work in the imperial brothel. I think that sister f*cker was on to something.

Even if you remove the zio from capitalism, it contains fundamental flaws. Take the Apple iPhone. I don’t know how often Apple comes out with a new model, but for the sake of this exercise, pretend it’s once a year. Apple probably has all the “bells and whistles” that they’re going to install over the next ten years. However, if Apple sells you an indestructible iPhone with the next ten years of bells and whistles on it, the company loses money. They would have sold you one iPhone instead of ten. To maximize Apple’s profits and meet consumer demand, the CIA overthrows reformist governments to keep the lithium flowing and the planet turns into a toxic waste dump. The GDP endless growth/consumption model is crashing hard. The globalist oligarchs who created the problem have come up with the solution- and a final one at that.

People are tired of the “Capitalism is Jesus” Ayn Rand rap. So am I. Full disclosure- I liked “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead.” As for Jesus, his program was a lot closer to pre-2016 Bernie Sanders’ than Milton Friedman’s.

However you view capitalism, or socialism, or Rosicrucianism, or purple flying unicorns named Mandy- it doesn’t really matter. We’ve entered end-stage capitalism/Great Reset/Tribulation, with no return bus to Mayberry. ZioCorp’s opted for the controlled collapse business model. Will it remain on top after the freakshow carnival tent folds in on itself? I don’t know. I’m stupid. That’s why I follow Tao.