Sunday, June 4, 2017

How mentors can use this archive most effectively – with an example. by CL

As many of you already know, I started this archive almost two years ago – primarily for my own reasons because I was always looking for ‘something I read weeks ago and now I can’t remember who wrote it’.
It has served me well and I hope others find it useful in their own research and reading.

There are articles already written by excellent writers – why should I re-invent the wheel when I can quickly retrieve it from my archive.
Yesterday I commented on an article that appeared on American Thinker – “Why Vote Republican?”
Here is my comment copied from my Disqus profile which is self explanatory:

A good question, BCJ - and one which I have answered before in similar circumstances.
And I'm raising the stakes here - and including most of the conservatives as you call them - especially the elected ones and the TV talking heads. Read about Conservative failure here - http://crushlimbraw.blogspo... - many articles!
First of all, I'm a recovering Conservative - who SLOWLY has been discovering that my 'conservative' candidates have been lying to me for decades.
So you're exactly right, but I believe that we are now at the turning point of the political landscape.
Just as the Left took over the Dem party - the Alt Right will take over DaGOP - in time. It is actually not a party - it's a political movement which drew from the disenfranchised Dems and Pubs - as Trump did.
Who is the Alt Right? Read -http://crushlimbraw.blogspo...
Since the Leftist Dems run on identity politics - they have pushed White Americans out - especially blue collar and middle class - who are now looking for a political home.
The GOPe wants no part of us - and neither does the Left - so what is left?
This will take time, but the die is cast - we either fight or die - and I choose to fight. Read more about identity politics - http://crushlimbraw.blogspo...
In case you're wondering - the links are to my archive which is almost 2 years old now and close to 2000 articles by various authors - all related to our future as a country. You can read my basic premise at - - and become a mentor. You will notice that I'm just an ordinary schlock who discovered that the elites are stealing my country from my kids and grandkids - under my watch, no less - and yours!

My point was that the old political terms and labels have lost their meaning. In addition, a new political wave has started – but not yet recognized by most pundits.
I wanted to highlight certain facts – the failure of ‘Conservatism’ as a political movement; the Alt Right as the new kid on the block; and that identity politics is now the fact of life – all key word searched and noted with proper documentation, including a link to my website.

Why type when you easily copy and paste, eh? And you can use this site exactly the same as I – enjoy!