Monday, February 10, 2020

CAP – Kingdom of God Study List

When I first posted these studies four years ago, they were relatively easy to find as they were the only ones grouped under the title Cap Lessons. Not so now as there are more than 50 items in that category alone and over 9000 in DaLimbraw Library!
The fact remains that a primary purpose of starting this library was to provide a relatively convenient way to find references related to Government/Religion/Politics/Culture – for anyone seriously interested in not only understanding the world we live in – but also what has been lost and how to recover what was lost.

So this is a new listing for your convenience – in chronological order.

No, this is NOT the ultimate source, but it is a beginning for those who are willing to challenge what they ASSUME to know as DaTruth and might discover what they know – AIN’T so!
Been there – done that!
Allow yourself adequate time for this project and invite others to join in the adventure – but BEWARE of your PRESUPPOSITIONS! They can hang you up for years and stop your learning!

PROVE ALL THINGS - ALL THINGS! (Yes – I did read all of them – over years!)

As Christians in America – who are we? Are we in the world, but not of it? What does that mean? Do we simply pursue a relationship with Jesus? What does that mean? And how?
What is being ‘salt and light’? Are there any responsibilities in this world for the Christian and the church? Is Jesus returning soon? Many more questions can be asked.
It is with that intent I have decided to start the Christian Action Project (CAP).
What can we do as Christians – regardless of where we are now and what we know? Nothing is static. Even potted plants grow and change – and we are not potted plants. To those whom much has been given, much is required. God’s grace is not a license for apathy or inaction.
The founding of this country 400 years ago was not done by passive Christians. Why are we passive now? What has come over us that we have become neutered and effectively irrelevant in our culture?
Christ put us here for a purpose. What is that purpose?

There is a lot of confusion among Christians on the subject of the ‘Kingdom of God’. What, when, who are some of the questions. Please read and absorb what the author is concluding in this summary. We will start in the next Study to dig through the details. Remember, the Bible is our standard for proof. When you see a scripture reference, be sure to check it out yourself.)

Summary from McDurmon:

Following this example of our Messiah, Christians should not let anything distract them from the progressing kingdom of God. Our conquering King rules now and subdues more according to His will and power daily. We should not let false divisions and interpretations of Scripture distract us from His way; so many have left the way in order to drink from the brooks of Scofield and his followers. We must return to the battle as Christ has enjoined it, as the apostles understood it, and as the people of God have progressively expanded so far.