Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Right's Image Problem - Comment by Crush (on Disqus) on the previously posted article

(This can also serve as an example for any other mentor to use this archive to support their case. The first link is to my website and the second is a key word search 'Alt Right' right in the archive you are reading now. Try it - you'll like it!)

How true, EN! You have described the situation accurately - but why is it so?
Politics is downstream from the culture - and culture is primarily determined by our education system - which is controlled by the Left - lock, stock and barrel!
In simple terms - EDUCATION>Culture>politics!
Here's the bad news - 90+% of people try to make changes through politics - especially Pubs and Conservatives - and in that process we lost the country/
We were shoveling manure while the Left was feeding DaBeast!
How did they accomplish that? It took them over 100 years - patiently, persistently - mission accomplished! 
Who is Antonio Gramsci? The most influential man of the 20th century - that's all! And nobody has heard of him - how interesting is that, eh?
Think not? Read - - and face reality!
Now here's the good news - the counter force has already arrived. Remember - history shows that all human behavior is cyclical - read about the Alt Right here - http://crushlimbraw.blogspo... - and find out from the direct sources - it is inevitable!
Finally spare the racist, nativist, fascist, Nazi, etc. labels - we don't give a rat's what you think of us - we deal in reality, not Utopian scams.
Do your own research - stop being a victim and stop your whining - and I say that as an ex-Conservative first class whiner.