Sunday, December 17, 2023

Mass Migration, Ethnic Cleansing, and The Great Reset - DR. JOSEPH SANSONE

 When it comes to biological systems, totally open or totally closed systems die. This is true of a single cell. A cell in the human body has a semi permeable membrane. It has a boundary that allows materials in and out, however, it would not survive if it were totally open nor if it were totally closed. This is true of nations as well. A nation that is totally closed becomes repressive and withers away under that oppressive system. This would likely be politically, culturally, and intellectually. If a nation has no boundaries, it will also eventually die. Its culture and people will fade away.

The American Indians may be the perfect example of this phenomenon. The North American continent was peopled with various different Indian nations. The Iroquois, the Sioux, Cherokee, and other Indian nations or tribes no longer exist because they had a mass migration problem stemming from Europe. Tribes were victims of a technologically more advanced culture combined with massive numbers of migrants that could not be countered. The result was genocide in various forms and the surviving Indians either being pushed into reservations or genetically intermingled with European peoples. The net result was ethnic cleansing, and this ethnic cleansing would have occurred even without the violence, merely from a diluting of the existing population and culture.

This process is occurring in Ireland. In this recent interview with Steve Bannon on Tucker Carlson the issue of massive immigration impacting Ireland was discussed in detail. Bannon explains to Carlson that Ireland is being targeted with 125,000 immigrants in the past year which would be the equivalent of the 9 million illegal aliens that have entered the United States since fake president Biden took office coming to the United States in one year. Bannon points out that the Irish political class have totally sold out. Tucker Carlson pointed out that it appears to be a form of racial hatred or punishment toward the Irish by the British. In a hundred years the Irish population with be displaced and become a minority in Ireland if the trend continues.

This of course has created animosity in Ireland and recent riots broke out after a citizen of Algerian decent stabbed a child. The Irish government has essentially made it a crime to criticize immigration policies under the blanket of hate speech.

The 9 million people that have invaded the United States under fake president Biden is likely to be 15 million by the time the fake election comes. It is subtle, but if you pick up a slight degree of cynicism on my part directed toward the computer elections, you’d be right…

This unfettered migration will clearly lead to Americans of European decent becoming a minority in the United States relatively soon. This is unique because it is an intentional effort to displace a dominant population. It may also lead to the culture itself withering away.   

Why is this happening?    

The deliberate policy of destabilizing immigration has multiple purposes. The overarching intention is to overthrow the United States by sublimating it into a Global government. Displacing the current population is part of the process. It is a deliberate intention to splinter the culture enough to eliminate an American identity. Once an American Identity is fractured enough there will be less resistance to a Global government. The understanding and identification of the ideals of the American republic and the principles of the Declaration of Independence can be easily undermined as this process continues.

Forcibly removing a population and relocating them is a form of ethnic cleansing. So is forcibly displacing a population with massive migration. Make no mistake about it, this is being done by force by ignoring the will of the populace and Constitutional duty to protect the borders, and through wealth redistribution.   

Understand, that even with the radical levels of immigration into the United States since the 1965 immigration act, and the constant flow of illegal immigration into the United States since then, there is still a process of assimilation occurring. Second and third generation Americans, even of non European decent, are assimilating and adopting the dominant culture while simultaneously shifting the already pliable Western culture. The migrants adapt to the culture while the culture adapts to their contributions. This is evident as many recent Americans of non-European decent are equally outraged by the massive amount of illegal immigration occurring. Due to this process of assimilation, the illegal immigration campaign has been enhanced dramatically over the past few years.

The American cultural history and concept of individual liberty must be erased completely. In other words, the flow of immigration into the United States must outpace the process of assimilation, or the destruction of this thing we call the United States and the American culture, will not occur. This is because culture is not only inherited, it is also adopted.

Gaining votes is part of the plan by creating a perpetual underclass.  Cheap labor is of course a secondary gain for corporations to support this self-destructive campaign. However, for the taxpayer there are financial burdens placed on government and infrastructure. According to CIS:  

"The average immigrant household consumes 33 percent more cash welfare, 57 percent more food assistance, and 44 percent more Medicaid dollars than the average native household. Housing costs are about the same for both groups."

It also appears that reliance on welfare is relevant to the area of origin.

‘The cost of immigrant welfare use varies by the immigrants' region of origin. Figure 2 shows that the highest-cost households are those headed by immigrants from Central America and Mexico, consuming an average of $8,251 in welfare spending. Households headed by immigrants from Europe and Asia tend to be the least costly.”

shocking 49.5 million or 15% of the United States population is foreign born. This is the highest it has been in any government survey or census ever conducted. According to CIS:

“The foreign-born population has grown on average by 137,000 a month since President Biden took office, compared to 42,000 a month during Trump’s presidency before Covid-19 hit, and 68,000 a month during President Obama’s two terms.”

It is true that this United States is a nation of immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. That is obvious. Actually, every nation is a nation of immigrants or their descendants. Humans have been migrating across the planet and displacing each other since they learned to walk. However, while not always the case, this process often involved conflict and war. 

The advances in technology communication and transportation make enhanced migration inevitable. The difference with the situation in the United States and Europe especially, is that it is being done on purpose and coordinated by their own governments in cooperation with a Global deep state bent on global governance.

While the warfare and welfare state have bankrupted the United States economically, the massive migration into the United States is designed to splinter the United States culturally and ethnically. The United States can’t remain a superpower. There must be a multipolar world in order to submerge the United States into this New World Government.

The current levels of legal and illegal immigration have created a degree of havoc that outweighs the contributions and innovations that inevitably arise out of each wave of immigration. Just as the American Indian, their culture, and their way of life, were displaced, America and the American way of life may face a similar fate.

Massive unfettered migration is one puzzle piece in The Great Reset.

Chaos and conflict are part of the plan…

Dr. Joseph Sansone is a psychotherapist opposed to psychopathic authoritarianism