Monday, February 29, 2016

Snowden: US Presidential Campaign a Choice Between Trump and Goldman Sachs - By Stephen Lendman

It’s largely a choice of style, not substance, dirty business, as usual, continuing no matter who succeeds Obama. Still, Snowden has a point.
Hillary Clinton, like husband Bill, got super-rich through speechmaking, lucrative book deals, and other Big Money handouts.
Lots came from Wall Street and other corporate supporters – a rogue’s gallery of crony capitalist interests buying influence.
Her public financial disclosures show she earned $2,935,000 from 12 speeches to Wall Street banks alone from 2013 – 2015, five for $225,000 (her usual fee).
Deutsche Bank paid her $485,000, Goldman Sachs, an astonishing $675,000 for a single speech. Wall Street banks are her leading campaign contributors.
Over the same period, her financial disclosures show she earned $21,667,000 for 92 speeches to private organizations, mainly crony capitalist interests – expecting handsome dividends from their investments, the way dirty business in Washington works.
America’s political process is too corrupted to fix, a Big Money-controlled one-party state with two wings. All duopoly power candidates march to the same drummer – differing only in style, not how they intend governing if elected.
Uninformed, out-of-touch US voters are easy marks to be fooled each electoral cycle. Media scoundrels promote the illusion of democracy, existing in name only.
Popular interests are ignored, independent candidates entirely shut out. Names and faces change. Dirty business as usual wins every time.
Scattered reforms won’t work. Transformational change in needed. The only solution is a popular grassroots revolution.
The alternative is endless wars, neoserfdom, and tyranny, a horror no one should tolerate.