Sunday, February 14, 2016

The technocultural war - by Vox Day and Breitbart - Facebook is now Big Brother!

Milo explains how Facebook-Instagram-Whatsapp has joined with the governments around the world in an unholy alliance to create a global Big Brother:
It’s not just Facebook we’re talking about. They own WhatsApp and they own Instagram. And WhatsApp and Instagram are two of the companies that are winning the short messaging war–that are winning the war for Millennial attention and for Millennial users. Twitter lost that war. Twitter only really appeals to media people: people like you and people like me. We want to kind of keep in touch with our peers. And then some of our fans who are, like, really really keen might sign up for a Twitter account just to see our witty sayings or whatever clever lines we toss off on the way to the train station in the morning. But primarily, Twitter has lost that war. Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp–these are the networks that have billions of users. These are the networks that are getting young users, and Facebook owns two of those three.

The other thing to bear in mind is that Facebook so far has a really really bad track record when it comes to free speech. And not just a bad track record censoring different political opinions like Twitter does. Facebook’s moves are even more sinister, in a way. Facebook has teamed up with governments to censor certain political opinions that the incumbent party doesn’t like. In Germany, for instance, Facebook has teamed up with Angela Merkel to censor reasonable, respectable, mainstream concern about mass Muslim immigration–or just about mass immigration in general–and has started removing this stuff and classifying it as “hate speech.” It is effectively slandering its own users saying that their perfectly reasonable points of view constitute “hate speech” and that they’re not going to be allowed on Facebook, and Facebook has promised the German government that this stuff will be removed within 24 hours. That is outright Orwellian. That is outright terrifying.
Facebook is pure ideological evil. Don't use it. Don't support it. We will have alternatives, they are in the works and they are on the way, but they are going to take time to develop and they are going to need your support.

But we don't need to be worried. We need to be resolute. We can beat them. We will beat them at their game, even though they have the money power on their side. Because the money power is not merely creaking, it is cracking, and we are the side in harmony with truth and reality.

The pendulum always swings back. Never forget that. And the harder they work to restrain it and hold it fixed to one side, the more vicious and unstoppable the return of the pendulum will be.