Friday, February 3, 2017

As mentors, do we understand the connection between immigrant invasion and our education system? - by CL

If out of control immigrant invasion is a travesty leading to national suicide, our education system at all levels - supported by billions of tax dollars - is nothing more than a scam to enrich the administrative echelons, who in turn program the mobots who speed our path to national self destruction.
Trump at best will be a speed bump along the way. It's up to us, folks - WeDaPeople - who turned a blind eye to the encroaching wave which is still generating mindless automatons with the mental capacity of trained donkeys.
Waiting for our politicians to respond to our appeals is an exercise in futility.
Besides us taking up 'our beds and start walking' to protect Trump's backside, we must start on our own right where we are - NOW! How?
First of all, most do NOT need a college education! Read the first few articles here -
Next, stop sacrificing your younger children to the Moloch of public schools - they're beyond repair and are collapsing as we speak. My own family showed me how it's done - - our sleepy days are over, folks!