Tuesday, November 29, 2022

An Evil Impossibility - Vox Popoli

 A Gospel minister points out that “equality” is a rhetorical Enlightenment device that is still being successfully utilized against Christian civilization, to devastating effect:

Equality is an anti-Christian force. It was the rhetoric of the secularists for well over a century because it was useful to batter against the anti-egalitarian strictly hierarchical Christian faith. And it worked. It worked so well many Christians now preach as if equality was their idea.

But now that secularism reigns supreme in our culture egalitarianism is being redefined to suppress any competing philosophies, especially hierarchical religious philosophies. The goal was always the supremacy of the godless morality of the anti-Christ philosophy over Christendom and beyond.

Free speech, free expression, and anti-racism are similar dyscivilizational rhetorical nukes. But once one finally sees through them and recognizes their intrinsic falsity, it’s hard to believe that one could ever have been persuaded to believe in any such shamelessly cynical folly.