Friday, November 4, 2022

Does voting move us closer to a permanent jailbreak? by Barbarous Relic

 People today are voting for more of the same or voting for complete destruction of the same.  It’s not a vote for a particular candidate necessarily, although some of them sound refreshing in their campaign speeches.  Most importantly it’s a vote against the Democrats.  

The Democrats have usurped power to install an anti-life agenda.  They are not the loyal opposition.  They are destroying everything America is — freedom of dissent, freedom of opportunity, freedom from government intrusion, along with peace and prosperity.  They are using everything they can get away with to keep their grip on our lives.    

Democrats are not some crazed religious sect.  They’re a gang with control of the State’s omnipotent powers who have fraudulently acquired the label of legitimate.  It doesn’t matter that Biden is a cognitively impaired, ice cream-licking fool and that Kamala giggles and waves her hands to win affection.  They are number one and number two, with all the power the law assigns those positions plus the power they take on their own.   And they’re directing that power against us, the people who put them in office through a rigged election.

It’s long been said that power itself corrupts those who have it.  Will it corrupt people like Mehmet Oz, Kari Lake, or Joe Kent?  Or Donald Trump? Looking at history we see few officeholders who have been significantly untouched, notably former congressman Dr. Ron Paul and anti-war suffragist Jeannette Rankin, the first woman to hold public office and the only representative to vote against US involvement in both WW I and WW II, and who in 1968 at age 87 mobilized an anti-war protest against the Vietnam War.  Most officeholders, elected or appointed, see the power of the State as the only way to govern society, helping itself to our wealth in the process. 

“If elections changed anything they’d make them illegal,” we often hear.  The state, no matter how dedicated to our welfare it pretends to be, forbids the public from tampering with certain control centers or pillars of society. Two of those pillars are education and money, both of which it controls virtually without challenge.  Part of the educational failing is an understanding of money, and that’s one reason we’re headed for what Gary North has called the Great Default.

Most of you know about Ron Paul and his homeschooling course and opposition to the Fed.  Of the current crop of candidates how many even question government schooling or Fed-controlled fiat money? 

Voting might accomplish a temporary change for the better but if the State’s pillars remain untouched, how long would it last?  We do need government but not the ones we’ve been subjected to: The one we vote for and the other that controls them, the Deep State.

The elected government is a fake, the deep state is a monster, but no one talks about the governing power of the free market.  The first two governments live off of the third. Without its support the other two would not exist.  How did it happen that the most powerful government is also the slave the other two kick around?

 What organizations extract their funding by force? Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Home Depot?  The little girls and their mothers selling girl scout cookies?  If there was such an outfit it would be considered criminal. Why does government get a pass?  A double-standard is indefensible.

Government today is presumably run by experts — experts such as Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Jerome Powell. What do we, who are busy with our lives, know about viruses or foreign policy or monetary issues?  So we listen to experts as they sell us down the river.  We might trash them, but usually fail to criticize the system that makes them possible.  Its absence would mean anarchy, a word made evil by the State, but it is only another term for a society not subjugated by the threat of legalized violence, otherwise known as the free market. 

Does voting move us closer to a permanent jailbreak?  No, because it never gets rid of the jail.  Freedom from today’s government is never on the ballot.   

Let’s challenge it.  Let’s embrace the free market without the meddling of a monopoly State.  Let’s shrug off our oppressor.  For starters see here and here.