Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Critique of Eugyppius (blogger)'s Mis-Characterization of 'Wokeness' as a Decentralized Movement of Nutters when, in truth, It has been Directed from Above by Jewish Master Race Ideology, by Jung-Freud - The Unz Review

eugyppius: “Before I fled, I endured two pretty difficult years, navigating tidal of waves of nonsense and trying to stay uncanceled. In the midst of it all, I had plenty of time to study the institutional workings of the Woke.”

But it all depends on which part of the elephant one is touching. Eugyppius saw the outward manifestations, not its innermost infestations. Cultural Revolution looked different in the streets with rampaging Red Guards than in the minds of Mao and his cohorts, for whom it was less about ideological purity than political machinations.

eugyppius: “The fundaments of their dogma were laid by specific critical theorists long before I entered graduate school”

But who got to favor and promote such dogma? Any academic can cook up some theory, but why are certain ideas favored over others? Who does the favoring and why? Also, some ideas are concocted specifically to serve an agenda. Thus, the theorist is less concerned with the idea itself than its utility to the bigger agenda, which may actually be irrelevant to or even opposed to the theory in principle. For example, does Jewish Power push ‘anti-racism’ because Jews are really committed to combating ‘racism’ and loving black people OR because ‘anti-racism’, as currently conceived in the West, has a way of deracinating whites into moral paralysis and submission, which is useful to Jewish Supremacists who then control whites toward supporting Zionism in the Middle East over Arabs/Palestinians and Muslims in general? If Jewish pushers of ‘anti-racism’ were truly sincere in their dogma, they would condemn not only white ‘racism’ but Jewish Zionist supremacism over Palestinians. But that isn’t the case at all. Also, the very same Jews who howl about ‘nazi, nazi, nazi’ have no qualms about working with naziesque elements in Ukraine.

Another notable phenomenon is that all those delirious sincere wokesters almost never think or feel beyond the narrative/dogma handed to them from above. There is almost no connecting the dots on their own. They must be TOLD and DIRECTED as to how ‘wokeness’ should operate. For example, if racial violence is wrong, then Zionist terror against Palestinians and black crime/violence against whites & non-blacks should be condemned. But ‘wokeness’ lacks consistency of logic. Rather, it’s based on a hierarchy the holies and unholies. Paradoxically, precisely because whites are in the unholiest camp, they must be most ‘woke’ to gain holy-redemption points, which explains why some of the most obnoxious ‘woke’ types are whites. And of course, the easiest way for whites to gain ‘holiness’ is by waving the globo-homo banner, which explains the popularity of ‘gay’ stuff among white progs.

If ‘wokeness’ has inner logic beyond the control of the elites, how many churches have been seen with BDS or pro-Palestinian signs? I haven’t seen any. I’ve only seen globo-homo and BLM signs, both favored by Jews. US neo-imperialism under Bush to Obama to Trump to Biden has destroyed millions of people in the Middle East. Where is the ‘woke’ outrage about that? Your average ‘woke’ moron cares more about some black criminal like George Floyd than millions of Muslims bombed to oblivion or starved to death.

This goes to show that ‘wokeness’ is totally orchestrated and controlled; it is not to be confused with the True Left that, ideologically misguided or not, tries to be morally consistent in its critique of Power. So, Aaron Mate, like him or not, will call out on the horrors of US neo-imperialism in Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, and West Bank. Oliver Stone will defend Edward Snowden for exposing the Deep State. In contrast, to the delight of Jewish Supremacists, ‘woke’ morons are more obsessed about the sacralization of George Floyd(useful to Jews in white moral paralysis) and how some fat ugly hairy guy should be addressed as ‘she’ or ‘they’. In other words, while ‘wokesters’ may cause headache for the sane and moderate, they do no harm to the Power, which is Jewish and dedicated mostly to guilt-baiting whites and confusing categories so that no united front, right or left, can emerge.

The rise of ‘woke-ism’ is a death knell to the real left. The True Left, again like it or not, gained power by unity in organization and purpose. It was about the masses or the workers led by disciplined leadership. Or it was about national liberation struggles in Cuba or Vietnam. In contrast, ‘wokeness’ is about division and atomization of so-called ‘progressivism’ into countless tiktok lunatics, mostly yammering about ‘gender’, which now comes in how many flavors? 500? Trannies make up less than 1% of the population, but 50% of ‘woke’ discussion seems to center on how many gender-splitting can be achieved under a microscope. And the Power(Jewish) has pushed this among the impressionable young, and in the UK, 50% of young people don’t believe they’re either male or female, and 40% of young idiots in the US have followed suit. This kind of nuttery poses NO THREAT to the power. Yes, it’s frustrating(and even terrifying) to decent scholars in academia who want to remain sane and do good work. The Power isn’t interested in principles or virtues of the honest academic but in maintaining its own supremacy. Jewish Power is especially nihilistic because it looks upon goyim as less-than-human, in other words expendable. Thus, when Jewish Power uses ‘wokeness’, all it cares about is “Is it good for Jews?” Even if wokeness undermines the quality of academia, it’s ‘worth it’, just like Madeleine Albright said it’s worth it to kill half a million Arab kids because, well, it’s good for Israel. Of course, she didn’t name Israel, but why has Jewish Power steered US foreign policy toward smashing nations in the Middle East? It’s about ‘any means necessary’ for Zionist supremacy.

eugyppius: “People tend to believe things that further their personal interests, and universities are no exception.”

People looking out for their personal interest has been a constant throughout history and in all places. It’s no different in Iran, Russia, China, Brazil, Italy, North Korea, Japan, Israel, and Mexico. People have been looking out for their personal interests in Ancient Greece, Pagan Rome, Catholic Poland, and etc. But the question is, “Do most people define their own personal values?” Did European Christians arrive at the Faith like Saint Paul who wrestled with his own soul? No, the religion gained political dominance, and being pro-Christian became synonymous with personal advancement. Likewise, personal interest in communist nations became synonymous with believing in Marx and Lenin. So, while countless communist professionals in the Soviet Union were indeed working for personal interests, their personal beliefs were imposed or implanted by the Power. This is where the political becomes personal. Most people don’t have imagination to come up with their own ideas of what’s right.

So, the question is WHO or WHAT has been most responsible for cooking up the current brew of ‘wokery’ and making it mandatory medicine for all those seeking professional advancement. Take the military. I’m sure many there still despise ‘wokery’, but most are silent from top to bottom because they know they can be purged and ruined for going against it. But did ‘wokery’ spontaneously arise from the ranks or was it foisted on the military from above?

eugyppius: “Wokification succeeded largely because it gave a lot of different people a lot of different things that they wanted. It gave the increasingly powerful university administration a reason to hire more administrators to manage diversity and ensure its forward march. Self-propagation is the highest goal of administrators everywhere. Wokeness also became a useful tool in ongoing turf wars between administrators and faculty. Diversity is a simple metric via which the administration can interfere with faculty hiring and academic operations; new diversity hires know who is buttering their bread and remain loyal to the administrators whose policies brought them in. For the increasingly mediocre and incapable faculty who now teach at even the most august American schools, the woke circus has its own attractions.”

But that doesn’t distinguish ‘wokery’ from any other factor intrinsic to professional competition and advancement. The real question should be, “Why did wokery become the basis of advancement and empowerment?” After all, Iran works on the same principles but with different themes; there, you have to be pro-Islamic to get ahead. And in China, even those skeptical of communism must sing paeans to Mao to move up the political ladder. There will always be ‘turf wars’, whether ‘wokery’ is around or not. Trotskyites vs Maoists. It’s like the Jets vs the Sharks.

What’s most astounding about the rise of ‘wokery’ is how something so absurd could have gained so much traction; in other words, it didn’t happen organically. We can understand why so many youths(and even academics) in college campuses became anti-war during the Vietnam War. Many were morally outraged by the slaughter. Some didn’t want to be drafted. College professors were convinced the war was unwinnable. Also, good many were sincerely inspired by Marxism that seemed to speak for the oppressed. In contrast, ‘wokery’ is about what? At least 50% of it is about celebration of sodomy as the second coming(or cumming) and ‘gender’ pronouns. Rest is about how fat hairy guys with penis and balls are ‘women’, tattoos and piercings, and calling everything ‘nazi’ or ‘white supremacist’.

And its only racial theme seems to be the holiness of blacks. While ‘wokery’ atomizes the so-called ‘left’ into basket-case inanities, it’s not true that every gripe or complaint is equal in Wokedom. There is a very strict hierarchy. Blacks over whites and nonblacks. Endless tears for dead black thugs but zero sympathy for victims of blacks. Trannies over feminists and lesbians. Also, while Karenism is encouraged and rewarded against anyone deemed ‘conservative’ or ‘unvaccinated’, it is suddenly a great crime when it calls out on bad black behavior. Also, while Antifa is encouraged to attack and terrorize whatever movement hated by Jews, it never shows up at pro-Zionist events. Given that Zionist power is the product of super-capital and Jewish racial supremacism, one would think the ‘leftist’ and ‘woke’ Antifa would violently protest AIPAC rallies. But there’s no such. Antifa doesn’t march through campuses calling for sanctions on Israel. Notice ‘wokery’ comes with a pass-over clause. The fact that most ‘woke’ people comply with such rules shows that they’re either (1) too stupid to connect the dots and think for themselves or (2) too craven to be consistent in their morality and just remain within the allowed perimeters of outrage.

eugyppius: “It provides distraction from the unrelenting demands of objectivity and originality, and permits a pleasing, self-righteous indulgence in moral scolding. In Woke Studies, the answers are always predetermined and it is very easy to get anything published, provided you say the right things.”

Yes, but this didn’t originate with ‘wokeness’. This kind of behavior is quite evident among ‘conservatives’ as well. If Donald Trump and his ‘conservative’ followers were into objectivity and facts, they would have to admit that Jewish Power was most instrumental in ‘fortifying’ the 2020 elections. Indeed, Jewish Power in media and deep state did much to orchestrate the Covid Hysteria(to rig elections and tip economics in favor of oligarchs) and the BLM riots of 2020 to intimidate America, but all you get from Trump is ‘Muh Israel’, and the likes of Mike Lindell, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, and Sidney Powell are blaming China, Iran, and Venezuela for the election fraud. Their logic, either idiotic or craven, is hardly different from ‘wokeness’. It’s premised on the idolatry or dogma that Jews are never wrong, Israel is holy, and the American Right must suck up to Jewish Power no matter what. Trumpism can be characterized as Jewish Power f***king him in the ass, and him turning around and pleading to his violator, “Can I suck your d***?” Or consider Israel’s role in USS Liberty and the coverup by the US government. Objectively, Israel should have been called to account. And Jewish American Power should have been exposed for favoring tribal interests over objective truth and justice. But, American ‘conservatives’ have been acting against objective truth in its fear of Jewish Power and the hope that if they appease Jewish Power just enough, many more rich, powerful, and verbally gifted Jews will come over to the American Right. And of course, ‘conservatives’ feel a moral deficit and want Jews-as-Holy-Holocaust-People to join them and automatically wash the Right with Anne Frank Soap.

Morality in the US isn’t based on ideology but idolatry. It’s a matter of WHO than WHAT. So, Jews, permanently canonized as Holy Holocausters, can do no wrong. They can act like Nazis toward the Palestinians and even work with Naziesque types in Ukraine. They can fund and arm ISIS and other terrorist types to cause grave harm to secular modernizers like Assad of Syria. The American Right has gone along with this irrational and crazy kind of ‘morality’ where Jews are always right because of some historical association to WWII. Likewise, it’s not just the ‘woke’ but the ‘conservatives’ who subscribe to the notion of eternal black holiness because of the slavery narrative and MLK cult. When has Trump or any prominent ‘conservative’ called out on black thuggery and violence? No, they yammer about Mexican rapists and Muslim terrorists, but, when it comes to blacks, it’s all about how the GOP cares more for Noble Negroes.

‘Woke’ lunacy isn’t just the product of idiot degenerates and the Jewish Power that favors and funds them. Much of the blame must also go to craven ‘conservatives’ who, in their mindless mania to appease and win the approval of Jews, were silent about the increasing arrogance, hatred, and dementia of Jewish Supremacism. If, after what Jewish Power did to the US in 2020, one is still dreaming of Jews-seeing-the-light-and-coming-to-the-Right, it’s truly pathetic(and irrational as hell). At any rate, one so irrational and delusional should not be accusing the ‘woke’ of nuttery. One should look in the mirror.

eugyppius: “In Woke Studies, the answers are always predetermined and it is very easy to get anything published, provided you say the right things.”

Predetermined by whom? If some ‘woke’ type wants to work in Hollywood and proposes a movie about the evils of Zionist terrorism and ‘racism’ against Palestinians, how far would that person go? If some ‘woke’ type proposed a movie exposing the evils of Zionist-led US neo-imperialism in facilitating ISIS and other terrorists in Syria, would he get a green light in ‘woke’ Hollywood? Of course, hardly any such ‘woke’ type exists because ‘wokery’ has been devised by Jews from the beginning. A genuine leftist or even rightist might propose such ideas in Hollywood, but ‘wokesters’ are LINO, or leftist-in-name-only. The Power created a movement that favors infantile outrage and celebrity-vanity over honesty, principles, and thought. It’s like dogs love to bark and bite but hardly get to decide the target. They will bark at and bite anything they are directed to. People with autonomy of thought and values cannot be so easily manipulated. The Power favors emotions over ideas and ideas over facts. The Power not only recruits young ones like Greta Thunberg but encourages childish emotions among adults. Children don’t care what they’re eating as long as it’s sweet. They don’t care what they’re doing as long as it’s fun. And infantilized adults, the ‘woke’, don’t care what they’re chanting about AS LONG AS it gives them the euphoric high of self-righteousness. They don’t care what they are barking at AS LONG AS their adrenaline is fired up in righteous rage. And the Power can spin ANYTHING to energize the ‘woke’. When Donald Trump spoke of ending US occupation of Syria, the Jewish-run media spun it as ‘Trump is betraying all those noble Kurds to the butcher Assad’, and that was enough for ‘woke’ tards to get hysterical(even though they’d hardly given any thought to the conflict over there). They very ‘woke’ idiots who were howling about ‘kids in cages’ in the Southwest border under Trump’s presidency are now indifferent to the same or worse problems. Why? The Power directed their energies elsewhere. Lacking a sense of autonomy — these morons would be totally lost without the company of likeminded minions — , the ‘woke’ always need to be on the latest outrage bandwagon, and it’s almost always chosen by the Power. Notice how BLM is suddenly hot, then it’s not. For several yrs, it was relatively muted but then it came out big in 2020 when Jewish Power needed all the firepower against Trump and to intimidate America with muscle and (false) morality.

As for trannies, Jewish Power finds them useful enough. But tranny nuttery could be ended overnight if Jews so decided. Trannies are less than 1% of the population. Also, tranny reputation can go south instantly if the Jewish-run Media spilled the beans on all the dirt and scumminess in the tranny closet. Lots of famous trannies are deeply compromised characters with history of drug abuse, child abuse, and sexual crimes. If Jews really wanted to crush trannies, all they need to do is air the dirty laundry. Trannies didn’t make themselves powerful, no more than Greta Thunberg did.
There is the Power and the empowered. The Power has autonomous support systems of maintenance. Jews control media, banking, academia, deep state, real estate, whore politicians, and etc. In contrast, the empowered need the favors of the Power. It’s like Hitler Youth needed the support of the National Socialist Party. Red Guards needed the go-ahead from Mao. So much of ‘wokeness’ could be ended overnight by the Power if it directed the money and energies elsewhere. The notion that green-haired tattoo-riddled freaks on Tiktok and Twitter and gender studies department in universities are dictating matters is too funny. No, the gender lunacy was pushed by Jewish Power to foster confusion not only between the Right and the Left but within the Left, to the point where the Left is now useless in its decadence and degeneracy. Just think what would happen to China or Russia or Iran if it were overcome with gender pronoun lunacy and tranny nuttery, the kind pushed by Jewish-run deep state all over the world? It would become like deracinated South Korea where the national culture revolves around fruity gay-pop K-pop pansies. Furthermore, spread of global BLM instructs goyim in every country to prioritize black identity(as holy) over their own. It further leads to deracination and weakening of national pride and autonomy. This is why Jews push such garbage all over the world. And it’s why Jews are furious at Russia and China’s saying NO to globo-homo and gender-garbage. It’s not about the spread of ‘liberal democratic’ values but about the spread of Jewish Supremacism by other means.

Now, some will say Jews themselves face problem with ‘wokery’ within their own ranks, but here’s the crucial difference. As globo-homo is the Jewish weapon(and as homos are utterly loyal to Jews as their masters), Jews feel a sense of domination when they wave the homo flag; it’s an expression of victory of the Jewish Will. In contrast, goyim feel submission when they wave the homo flag; it’s an act of surrender to the Jewish Will. It’s the difference between a British Imperialist waving the Union Jack and a subject of the British Empire waving it.

Also, unlike idiot goyim, Jews don’t undermine their own power over bitter ideological strife. Israel is both globo-homo central and orthodox Jewish central. It puts on massive homo parades as the metropole of globalist dominance but also put on the biggest funeral in its history for a rabbi who said goyim exist only to serve Jews. Jewish ‘woke’ don’t wage war on the Jewish Right. If anything, they are united on grounds of “Is it good for Jews?” Do you see ‘liberal democratic’ Jews in the US attacking Israel for its rightist-nationalist policies? How many Jewish Democrats denounced Israel for honoring a rabbi who said goyim are no better than cattle and it’s even justified to take the organ from a goy so that a holier Jew can live? If anything, even Democratic Jews pressured Obama to bow down to Netanyahu and offer even more aid to Israel. We are told of the anti-Israel ‘squad’ in Congress, but they are merely FOUR, with AOC shedding crocodile tears for Palestinians while doing the bidding of AIPAC. Joe Biden is a total puppet of his Jew-heavy administration, but how come the ‘woke’, supposedly into ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’, aren’t outraged by the vastly disproportionate Jewish makeup of Biden’s regime, which should be called the Jewish Regime with Biden as senile-Brezhnev-like puppet?

eugyppius: “For students, Wokeness has still other attractions—as a font of easy coursework, as an opportunity for social networking, and as a locus for the periodic ritual entertainment of false moral outrages and protests.”

Not very convincing on easy coursework. Long before ‘wokeness’, colleges have turned into party schools. Students could do minimum work and still graduate. Also, college professors learned to grade on a very generous curve system long before ‘wokeness’.
As for ‘false moral outrage’, it’s human nature to want religion, and in the absence of old faiths, there is a need for new ones. As the modern mind has been shaped by fashion, celebrity culture, and vanity, ‘wokeness’ is appealing because it’s packaged as the latest fads and trends in moral outrage.

eugyppius: “All of this is to say that Wokeness was selected from many aspiring ideological and intellectual programs, because it gave the right things to the right people.”

No, for all its yammering about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, most of ‘wokery’ revolves around three themes: Blackity Blackness, Globo-Homo genderist nuttery, and Shut-Up about Jewish Power(by fixating on fantastical threats from White Supremacy and the Autocracy of Russia & China, all the while pretending the West is about ‘liberal democracy’). Suppose you’re from Bolivia and want to raise awareness about the plight of Bolivians and the beauty of Bolivian pride. You can try, but you won’t get very far. Wokeness isn’t about diversity for diversity’s sake but for diversity revolving around blackness, homo-ness, and anti-whiteness(and anti-Russia/China-ness) as diversion from the fact of Jewish Supremacist control of the West. There’s more ink spilled in favor of trannies than for all the diverse ethnic/national groups around the world among the ‘wokesters’. If you aren’t homo or black, the only chance of gaining a bit of attention for your kind is to associate it with globo-homo or BLM. In other words, a Vietnamese-American for Vietnamese pride gets nowhere, but he or she might get some attention by associating his/her identity with support of homos or blacks, or by denouncing ‘white supremacism’ as the biggest evil in the world(even though a yellow person is far more likely to be terrorized by a black criminal or thug). And of course, he or she better shut up about Jews. That’s ‘wokery’. It’s not about a hundred flowers contending for hundred interests but about hundred identities coalescing around few favored themes imposed from above: Globo-Homo, Noble Negro, and Blame-Whitey(and ignore Jewey).

eugyppius: “The donors, the trustees, the tenured faculty, the powerful committees – none of these hold the reins either. Wokery is a self-organising decentralised movement.”

Nope. Donors may not hold the reins but they provide the water. It’s like the ones who control the dam don’t control the sails and rudders on the boats in the lake, but they can turn off the water supply, in which case the lake will go dry and the boats will be rendered useless, regardless of who controls the sails and rudders. The relative ups and downs of BLM owed a great deal to Jewish Money and Jewish Media Control, a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. There are plenty of Christians all over America, but they get nowhere because they don’t have donors. Why did the GOP steer toward globo-homo, ‘gay marriage’, and even tranny nuttery? Because the big donors favor cuck-minions who never oppose the agenda. Donors matter a great deal. Even without the donors, ‘woke’ idiots can go on being ‘woke’, but they will no longer have any traction.

It’s like the Alt Right. In 2016, the media decided to shine a light on it, not all of it negative. So, Richard Spencer got his 15 min of fame and celebrity. Even as a ‘villain’, everyone seemed to know him and talk about him. The fool thought his fame or infamy came naturally. But when the media shut him out, he was suddenly a zero. Most white ‘woke’ morons don’t have minds of their own. They lack agency to come up with their own dogmas, narratives, and gods. So, they rely on orders and decrees from above. Jewish money was behind globo-homo and tranny nuttery from the beginning, and it helped that Jews control the media. Also, Jews in Wall Street and Hollywood figured globo-homo would be great to Jewish Power that no longer cares for class struggle as most Jews are rich. Just make white ‘progressives’ expend most of their energies in favor of vain homos and trannies who are happy to gain favors from Jews and work with the US deep state.

Indeed, look how globo-homo is the new missionary arm of US imperialism. A navy ship named after Harvey Milk. Given US aggressi

on around the world, one would think the ‘woke’ would be outraged at homo cooperation with the deep state. Or, one would think the ‘woke’ would be outraged that the black general Lloyd Austin is a commander in US military aggression. But no, the very people who weep about George Floyd don’t care about the innocents murdered in Afghanistan or Syria. They aren’t outraged by US bombs painted with BLM signs that are dropped all over Muslim lands. ‘Wokeness’ isn’t true leftism. It is the Jewish Supremacist appropriation and perversion of Leftism to serve what is really an ultra-rightist Jewish Supremacism. It’s like European empires twisted the meaning of Christianity to turn Jesus Christ into some warrior-god who justified the conquests and plunders of so-called Christendom. ‘Wokeness’ is to leftism what Prosperity Gospel is to Jesus’s teachings.

eugyppius: “Importantly, Wokeness is also self-radicalising, in the way that many university-incubated ideologies turn out to be. Administrators or department chairs are constantly in danger of being outflanked on their left, and so they must adopt and endorse the most radical line to maintain their position.”

It’s more self-Fadicalizing than radicalizing. Because ‘wokery’ is based more on idolatry than ideology, it has limits to which it can radicalize. Ideas can be radicalized into greater purity, aka purity spiral. In contrast, idolatry throws the monkey wrench in ideological purification because it favors certain tribal identities over others. For example, ideology of equality would call for ever greater application of equal treatment. But because Jews have been idolized, equal justice for Palestinians hardly gets anywhere. Also, the idolatry of BLM makes purity in racial equality impossible. If indeed the ideology says all races must be treated equally, then not only would anti-black violence be condemned but the violence committed by blacks(as thugs in the streets or as US soldiers in the Middle East dropping bombs on Muslims). But the black idolatry of BLM doesn’t allow for ideological purity because of blackness uber alles. Likewise, if ideology of equality were to apply to homos, they should be held accountable for the troubles they cause. But the globo-homo idolatry makes ideological purity impossible because homos, like Jews and blacks, get pass-over rights and aren’t held accountable for all the social malaise they cause through spread of disease and cultural decadence.

Indeed, just ask the Palestinians about what ‘wokeness’ has done for them. Despite all this talk of equity, has the NY Times been pressure to ‘include’ a Palestinian-American columnist? Is the Democratic Party under pressure to include some Palestinian/Arab/Muslim people in Biden’s administration? Is there outrage that so many college presidents are hardline Zionist, thereby either dismissive or suppressive of BDS movements on campus?

‘Wokery’ is misunderstood because it’s really an ultra-right ideology cloaked in faux ‘leftism’. ‘Diversity’ really means diverse peoples must coalesce at the supremacist feet of Jews, blacks, and homos. ‘Inclusion’ means Jews get to include more of their allies to mute criticism of Israel and Jews while everything is blamed on ‘white supremacism'(or Russia and China). ‘Equity’ means More for Blacks where they’re deficient. It certainly doesn’t mean treating Jews and Palestinians equally in US media, government, or institutions. Tell me WHO in Hollywood or TV-land has insisted on more pro-Palestinian programming to make things more equitable? Hollywood already made EXODUS the movie, and the US news media feature countless Jewish voices. WHO among the ‘woke’ is demanding a movie about Nakba for ‘equity’-sake? Who? If anything, ‘wokesters’ know full well that they won’t have a chance in Big Tech, Hollywood, Wall Street, and Ivy League if they open that can of worms. Some time ago, Cornel West complained of how he’d been targeted by Jews in Harvard for his pro-Palestinian stance, and furthermore, even most Negroes didn’t come to his aid because they know they got more to gain by groveling at the feet of Jews than by standing by a brotha. Blacks do enjoy supremacist advantage under ‘wokeness’ but IF AND ONLY IF they don’t try to apply rules of ‘equity’ to Jewish Power.

eugyppius: “While Wokeness provides many personal incentives for true believers, it is destructive for the institutions that foster it. Those schools that have advanced very far down the woke path face semi-regular hate speech hoaxes and student protests, hordes of incapable hostile junior faculty, and massive curricular disarray.”

True, but as Jewish Power rules the US and its top priority is “Is it good for Jews?”, it doesn’t matter if ‘wokeness’ is harmful to institutions. If harming institutions secures more power for Jews, that’s all that matters. It’s like the Sacklers knew that their drugs were destroying many goy lives. But they didn’t care because all they cared about was More Money. Jews know that Neocon policies did irreparable harm to Middle East nations, but again, what do they care? Their Jewish supremacism only cares about what’s-good-for-Jews, so who cares if millions of Arabs/Muslims suffer? And who cares if the West is inundated by millions of refugees as the result of Wars for Zion? Did Jews care about the harm done to countless Russians in the 1990s when shock-doctrine capitalism concentrated 50% of Russian wealth overnight in the hands of Jewish oligarchs working in cahoots with Global Jewry? No.

It all depends on priorities. Perhaps, Jews would like to have the cake and eat it too where they get both Jewish Supremacy and excellent institutions. But if they feel the choice is between Jewish Supremacism and the health of institutions, they will go with the former. Jews favor power over principles. Look how the Jewish-heavy ACLU is no longer about Free Speech as Jews got the power and don’t want to be criticized. Look how Jews who once spouted principles about civil liberties(violated by Joe McCarthy) are totally into blacklisting and deplatforming people today. Bari Weiss didn’t leave NYT because it purged the likes of her but because it didn’t purge enough of the people she hated. (She was unhappy in a paper that is heavily weighed in favor of Jews against Palestinians. But for the idiot ‘right’, she is the face of ‘free speech’ against ‘wokeness’. LOL) Whether it’s ‘liberal’ Chuck Schumer or ‘conservative’ Jennifer Rubin, it’s really about Jewish supremacism.

Woke mobs are decentralized at the bottom, but the directives come from above. Most woke idiots are incapable of generating their own ideas, themes, or narratives. Such must be handed down to them. It’s like blood hounds may wander all over the place and appear free-ranging, but it’s in service of pursuing the scent provided to them. They are ‘freely’ fixated on that one scent provided by the Master.

Without elite academic culture, what is the likelihood that so many ‘woke’ morons would be into creative pronouns and 100 genders? Are we to believe, all on their own and in decentralized enclaves, they came up with the notion of ‘they’ for a man-posing-as-woman in all fifty states(and even in foreign countries)?

Here’s a typical case of woke mob-mentality and how it’s directed from above. The elites said Covid is a killer, and Trump is to blame. All must be locked down because Covid will kill, kill, kill. Woke mobs were saying, STAY INSIDE or else you’ll die!!

But then, the Power decides racial violence is just the thing to drive a wedge between blacks and Trump(who made some inroads), and all of sudden, the very woke types who’d been acting so scared of Covid are suddenly out in force in the streets and running riot. And the media don’t call foul on this because they’re the instrument of the Power that gave the go-ahead to the mass riots and ‘mostly peaceful protests’.

Now, if Covid is really a mass killer, wouldn’t ‘woke’ protests lead to countless deaths among progs and blacks? Not very conducive to the objective of ‘black lives matter’, is it? But for the duration of the riots, it was as if the Covid went on vacation and spared all those proggies and blacks. Wink wink between elites and woke mobs.

And if wokeness has a logic all its own and keeps spreading on the basis of radical equal justice, when has anyone seen a blue city street painted with ‘Palestinian Lives Matter’ sign? When?

eugyppius: “Alas, this doesn’t matter either. Nobody, not even Kimberlé Crenshaw, can redirect or modulate Wokeness any longer.”

This ‘wokery’ will continue to be about idolatry of blacks, homos, and Jews. It hasn’t been anything but a Noble Negro cult, Globo-Homo reverie, and Jews-are-Anne-Franks-no-matter-what-they-do. That is all ‘wokeness’ is. It hasn’t been anything else and will never be.

eugyppius: “All of this matters, because American universities aren’t just eager sponsors of racial hysteria. They have also emerged as some of the most radical centres of Corona containment in the world. Their students endure all manner of unreasonable hygiene measures.”

Again, this is a Jewish thing. Just play a mind game. Suppose it was Trump and his gang that wanted to push the Covid panic. Suppose Trump and his ilk had something to gain from Covid mania and its fallout. But suppose the Jewish-run media, the deep state, college elites, medical community, and big tech all chose to poo-poo Trump as fear-monger, a medical nazi, and power-hungry demagogue. Suppose Fauci was on air assuring the public that Covid is no big deal and that Trump is off his rocker. Suppose the Jewish-heavy medical community and media favored methodologies that minimized the number of Covid deaths. Would this Covid thing have gained traction? Jews control the institutions and infrastructure whereby certain ideas, agenda, and manias are quickly disseminated from top to bottom. Take the Russia Collusion Hoax. It was utter nonsense from day one for anyone with sense, but Jews have such total control over the institutions and media industries that those raised to be ‘good little progressives’ readily fall for the BS. It’s like there’s still plenty of idiot ‘conservatives’ who knee-jerkedly salute the flag and regard soldiers as ‘heroes’ no matter the war. People don’t think. The very ‘liberals’ who’ve been going on and on about the bad ole days of the ‘Red Scare’ and paranoia suddenly became far nuttier than Joe McCarthy and his supporters about the specter of Evil Putin. What does this tell you? It’s not about ideology, let alone ideological purity. It’s about suckers whose ‘ideology’ is totally at the mercy of Jewish manipulation. This Covid nuttery can end overnight if Jews want it to end. It never would have become a thing if the orders didn’t come from the top. Fauci would have never come to prominence if he wasn’t useful to the deep state. His career was carefully constructed despite so many failures.

In a way, ‘wokeness’ is like a strange mass-conspiracy. It’s not like all the ‘wokesters’ getting in a smoke-filled room with the globalist elites to hatch a plan. Still, much of the ‘woke’ mentality is the sense that the ‘educated progressive’ types are ‘in the know’ and working for ‘human evolution’ that requires the concentration of power in the right kind of people. Thus, ‘wokery’ has a double appeal. Among the earnest dummies, it’s really real, like the morons in George Orwell’s 1984 who really believe Eurasia, once a forever friend, is now a forever enemy. But among the conceited smarty ‘woke’, they believe they are ‘in’ on the grand scheme of historical power. In other words, they sense or know that much of ‘wokery’ is baloney but nevertheless go along because it is subversive of reactionary forces that must be destroyed by any means necessary. It’s like adults or ‘grown-ups in the room’ don’t tell kids the truth but what-is-good-for-them because it’s agreed that kids simply can’t handle the truth. Just like smarter Jews look upon goyim as children, smarty ‘wokesters’ look upon humanity as one big sheeple to manipulate. Smarty ‘wokesters’ believe in power and the agenda, and ANYTHING, however false, is justified if it furthers the agenda. One thing that Project Veritas exposed was that many in the Woke Industry don’t really believe in their own hype. Rather, they keep up with the facade for its political utility. This adds an element of adventure and romance to ‘wokery’. It’s like playing spy or secret agent. After all, in war, hot or cold, you don’t use honesty to gain the upperhand. You use deception and subterfuge. So, while plenty of ‘woke’ idiots actually believed in Russian Collusion Hoax, many pushed it cynically just to hurt Trump. And even though some ‘woke’ morons are really into gender nuttery, others push it as just another weapon against normative conservatives. It makes them feel like Lawrence of Arabia or even 007 in a game of strategy.

So, whereas the church-wokesters actually believe in the nonsense handed to them from above, war-wokesters merely treat it as a manual of combat, rather like ‘Rules for Radicals’ by Saul Alinsky. As such, even though they aren’t privy to the inner-workings of the Power, they feel they are on the same mental wavelength as those in conspiratorial circles. But such mentality exists on the ‘right’ also. Q-Anon morons think they are in on some secret, a 4-D chess that is being played by Trump. So, even Trump’s defeat in 2020 was part of The Plan to, wink-wink, expose the Deep State. ROTFL.

eugyppius: “People raised up as leaders and heroes of emerging movements are almost never its directors, but merely expressions of all the separate beliefs and aspirations of those involved. Ultimately it’s just extremely difficult for any confined group of people, no matter how wealthy or powerful, to implement any kind of coherent agenda in heavily bureaucratised modern states.”

If this is true, how come ‘wokery’ almost never deviates from the Tri-Idolatry of Jews, blacks, and homos? Sure, feminists and stuff like MeToo are thrown a bone now and then when it’s useful to the Power, but what other themes have been expressed by ‘wokeness’? Also, even if there are many voices and interests in ‘wokeness’, nothing gains traction and momentum without favoritism from above. Suppose a ‘wokester’ calls for ending mass immigration because the American Indians were victims of ‘genocide’ caused by mass invasions from the Old World. What chance is there of powerful institutions amplifying such concerns? In 2020, streets were painted with BLM signs, but how many streets were painted with PLM or Palestinian Lives Matter signs? BLM was painted outside Trump tower. Will ‘wokery’ leads to PLM signs on the streets outside Jewish centers in NY or Hollywood? Fat chance. If any ‘wokester’ painted such, he or she’d be arrested and locked up.

eugyppius: “These constraints don’t exist in every country, but in the world of liberal democracy, this is very roughly how governance happens.”

US is a liberal democracy? Really? A nation where Jews, 2% of the population, have ethno-supremacist stranglehold over so many industries and institutions but are NEVER CALLED OUT ON IT? A nation where the Power allows Antifa and BLM to run riot but unleashes brutal police force on any patriot that fights back? (Unlike racial violence in the 1960s that spiraled out of control, the 2020 racial violence was orchestrated by the deep state. It was the Power concentrated in Jewish hands waging war on the nation as punishment for Trump’s presidency. It was far worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11, which also had a Jewish Hand.)

The US came closest to liberal democracy in the 60s and 70s when Wasp power was waning, and the power was up for grabs among various groups and voices. Back then, Jews were not assured of their supremacist position and supported free speech to defend their right to compete for influence. Since then, Jewish Power has risen like Mt. Everest over all others, and the US today is properly an ethno-supremacist oligarchic gangster state. What we see with Political Correctness and ‘wokery’ cannot happen in a true liberal democracy. Rather, what has happened over the years is that principled liberals have lost ground to pushy, nasty, vicious, and supremacist Jewish ethno-supremacists who bitch about ‘white privilege’ but cry ‘antisemitism’ whenever someone calls out on Jewish Power. Even libertarians are full of BS. They will defend Jewish Big Tech’s censoring of conservatives on grounds that private companies can do as they please. Okay, but isn’t it wrong for the state to suppress BDS, an expression of free speech in favor of Palestinian rights? But there is total silence on this matter from most libertarians.