Monday, December 19, 2022

Never Forget - God Has The Last Word! - CL

Let’s not forget the most important Player in this world is the Creator Himself...

In my years as an observer of world affairs, Biblical history and perspective, and as an active internet participant since 2015….I have come to the conclusion that God intervenes at critical junctions as proven by history – a good example being the nuclear catastrophe averted by one single Russian General, if the report is true. There are a multitude of similar examples just through recent history. It’s a dimension most people cannot see – and that includes both Churchians and humanists.
What is missing from many conversations is the fragility of DaEmpire of Evil – – as I posted that connect the dots summary recently. We are literally coming apart at the seams in every phase of our society and culture…..on top of our financial scams and funny $$$$$. The only question is exactly when DaHouse of Cards collapses?
Putin seems to exude the almost perfect combination of intelligence, wisdom, valor and patience – a rare quality in all men, but especially lacking in today’s leadership of Western Civilization.
We are ruled by psychopaths….that is fact!
When I pray “….your will be done on earth as it is….” – that includes “…..DESTROY the wicked!”
When we reach our limits….He will!