Tuesday, January 31, 2023

As Satanic Forces Wage War, Should Churches SUPPORT OUR TROOPS….As our troops support the Satanic Forces?

So What Is War? And Why We Understand It NOT!

As journalist William Arkin recently argued, the U.S. has created a permanent war state meant to facilitate “endless war.” As he writes, at this very moment, our nation “is killing or bombing in perhaps 10 different countries,” possibly more, and there’s nothing remarkably out of the ordinary about that in our recent past……

Conclusion - I sorta like the phrasing of this translation as a reminder to our hegemonic nation (which also rhymes with DEmonic):

James 4:1-2a-16-17 The Message (MSG)

…. (Does that does not describe and condemn Our American Values? - CL)

When All Else Fails…….Let’s Have Us a WAR! - And BTW - While the American people did NOT want any part of either WW I or WW II, both Presidents Wilson and FDR did - guess what? HISTORY!

Besides - who asked you - you're irrelevant!

EXPOSED: Most Churches Now in Western Civilization Are Dupes of the Enemies of Christ! - Which leads me to the saddest fact of all – we who call ourselves Christians – have been clueless as to what is going on in this world for so long that we can no longer distinguish good from evil.

My point in bringing this up is that unless we can identify who our enemy is, we end up fighting each other. Think 20th century - "you and him go fight" - Christians fighting Christians!

….And when Russia tries to return to its traditional Christian culture by restricting the infusion of our American values – all hell breaks loose on DaEveningNews that CHRISTIANS WATCH for our news – that is insane!

Pray For Ukraine? Pray For America! By Chuck Baldwin - Again, our biggest problems are spiritual, NOT political. And that means the biggest problem is the spiritual adultery of our churches with the antichrist beastly system now taking place.

If evangelicals want to pray for a nation, they should begin by praying for America—or better yet themselves, because America is under the judgment of God, which more accurately means, the American CHURCH is under the judgment of God.

“Judgment must begin at the house of God.” (I Peter 4:17)


The Hierarchy of CORRUPTION INC (Explaining what the blind can't see - even if you 'splain it!. - CL) - (If you think everything you see looks to be choreographed……….you’re right!

A few weeks ago, Vox Day characterized America as not corrupt, but that American corruption IS the SYSTEM! I decided to call it CORRUPTION INC and detail some of it. – CL)

DaBoss: Satan – aka Old Scratch, Devil, Red Dude with tail, horns and big fork, etc – often appearing as an angel of light – 2 Cor. 11:13-15 – DECEPTION INC

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And remember - “Judgment must begin at the house of God.” (I Peter 4:17)