Wednesday, May 17, 2023

A Tale of Two Chinas - Vox Popoli

Taiwan island submits to the globohomo death cult:

Gay and lesbian couples will now be able to legally adopt children in Taiwan, after the island’s legislature voted in favor of the change on Tuesday. Taiwan became the first jurisdiction in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage four years ago.

The mainland supports future Chinese generations:

There has been a decline in births since 2017 as well as a falling marriage rate, independent demographer He Yafu told the Global Times on Sunday. The measures target important issues affecting the willingness to marry and have children, and they will help curb some of bad social customs through long-term efforts, observers noted. With economic and social development, the Chinese younger generations’ concept of marriage has undergone changes, He said, pointing out that the key to improve the culture of marriage and childbirth lies with young people.

“The society needs to guide young people more on the concept of marriage and childbirth, and encourage young people to get married and have children,” He said.

Indeed, efforts to improve society’s marriage culture and environment will hedge against the possible negative effects of some of the demographic downturn, analysts noted.

He pointed out that population problems are chronic and that population declines will have little impact on China’s economy and society in the short term. China is expected to introduce measures to reduce the cost of marriage and childbirth and vigorously create a childbearing-friendly social environment, he said.

The future belongs to those who show up for it. Clown World is desperately attempting to shore up its weakening position with technology and parasitical behavior. Russia and China, along with the European Christian remnant in the West, are taking actions that will inevitably assure their ascendance.

Build platforms. Build homesteads. Build families. And prepare to defend all of them from the increasingly desperate clowns and the NPCs they have programmed.