Friday, May 5, 2023

Taking on China and Russia, by Richard Solomon - The Unz Review

 Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Two-front War

Waging a two-front war usually ends in defeat. Just ask Hitler.

The US Anglo-Zionist Empire not only faces a two-front war against Russia and China, but as technology entrepreneur, publisher, free speech activist, writer, and journalist Ron Unz pointed out in his article, “Did the Neocons Save the World from the Thucydides Trap,” reckless neocon aggression helped create the Eurasian juggernaut.

Their war crimes aside, old-school arch-globalists like Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger knew the strategic value of keeping Russia and China separated.

If the neocons wanted to take out Russia first, they should have offered China sweet trade deals, reaffirmed their support for the One China policy, and made Emperor President Xi’s birthday a public school holiday.

If China was the big prize, the neocons should have backed Nord Stream 2, promised Russia future NATO membership, and invited President Putin to Disney World.

Instead, the neocons tried to turn money laundering bio lab Ukraine into a NATO missile silo to threaten Russia while simultaneously antagonizing China using Pelosi bat landings and balloon shootdowns in hopes of making Taiwan a second Ukraine.

Like toxic foam that covers the surface of a polluted pond, in a neoliberal kakistocracy, the most venal depraved moronic scum float to the top. In addition, end-stage empires often act irrationally. Both conditions explain current US strategy.

For the record, I’m taking a bit of creative license with the term two-front war. I mean it in the sense of the US taking on a China-Russia united front, and the domestic, international, military, and economic implications that accompany that.

Technically, US vs China-Russia is a global conflict, with proxy wars raging in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and the likely future inclusion of the Latin American and Asian theaters.

Enough ethnoreligious hotspots exist to set off proxy wars across the planet. All that’s needed for conflagration is a CIA gas can and book of matches. The problem with that approach is the CIA can’t control what rises from the ashes. Any Phoenix will likely be China-Russia friendly.

Beyond proxy war lies the danger of direct superpower confrontation. With its forces on the ground in Ukraine, the US-NATO alliance comes close to crossing the line with Russia. US vs China is still in the nascent cold war stage.

For the neocons to wage an international two-front war, they also need to juggle a two-front anti-Russia/anti-China domestic propaganda campaign. The animosity between America’s “left” and “right” makes it difficult to bring both groups under a united war banner.

The “Russia-Russia-Russia” Blue and Yellow flag emoji weekly boosted knee-benders hate “Hitler-Putin” because he represents anti-wokeness and Western Civilization. However “liberals” lack visceral hatred toward China as Netflix programming has made it difficult for them to imagine a non-White villain.

While it would be easy to rile up “support the troops” Breitbart “conservatives” against the “godless Asiatic Chicoms,” many on the reactionary right view Putin as a defender of traditional values.

If the neocons managed to subdue their massive egos, they could put their two-front domestic psyops dilemma into one of Pentagon HAL’s simulation programs and follow the computer’s advice. Pentagon HAL could offer the following four suggestions:

HAL INPUT 1- Let the simulation program manage all components of the two-front war without “human” neocon interference. While this might prolong the life of the empire, it won’t prevent collapse, as the foundational rot is too far advanced.

HAL INPUT 2- When the US Ponzi economy crashes, blame it on a “Chicom-Putin/Hitler” financial cyber attack. Losing their bank accounts would unite both sides of the right-left divide into signing on to WW3. Under martial law, the US could transition into a wartime resource economy, issuing biometric ID food ration/vaccine cards and tent city housing vouchers.

HAL INPUT 3- Withdraw from Ukraine and declare victory. Then stage a military coup/civil war, crush the “wokies,” and replace the rainbow flag with the Cross.

In a divine revelation and post-sex scandal comeback, Pastor Jerry Falwell Jr. reveals that “China Flu” was a Chicom bio-attack and that the Chicoms also took down the Twin Towers, killed JFK, and buried Jimmy Hoffa under the Meadowlands Sports Complex. A unified US populace wages a “Christian Nationalist” crusade against “anti-Christ Chicomunism” to save Israel and usher in WW3 and the Rapture.

Falwell further states that after radioactive flames engulf the planet, Scotty beams up the Americans to Heaven, where they hang out with “Mushroom Cloud Jesus” and Ronald Reagan for all eternity.

HAL INPUT 4- Intensify the public dumb-down program. Soon every US citizen will be able to hold multiple opposing views while operating within the greater collective: “War with Eurasia. War with East Asia. War with Eurasia and East Asia. Who cares? Just give us our soma, cat videos,* and Soylent Green Doritos.” (*Cat videos really are funny. Ha ha ha.)

Propaganda in a full-spectrum totalitarian idiocracy would need to be even dumber than what’s currently produced by Deep State corporate media.

While I’m confident Pentagon HAL could provide other ideas on how to make the US public fall in love with a two-front war, no computer simulation can handle the real-world international challenge presented by a China-Russia alliance. And it’s not just China and Russia. They have allies. And future allies.

Before discussing the relations of the US and the China-Russia alliance in regards to the rest of the world, I’ll need to scale things down to a micro-fish filet. With infinite twists and turns, the unique complexities of each nation-state, and cosmic dice that may or may not be loaded, you could fill up the pre-nova Sarpeidon library with this topic alone.

Lacking access to Pentagon HAL forces me to plug everything into the Tao. A few small quirks in my operating system allow for a small margin of error. That said, it’s time to step into the transporter. Coordinates- Palace of Yamamah, Saudi Arabia. Beam us down Scotty. Hand phasers on stun.

China amazed the world with its brokered peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran. After FDR met with King Ibn Saud on the USS Quincy, Saudi Arabia became a vital US ally. So much so, that President Nixon made the Saudis a foundational component of the US petro-dollar.

While no fan of the House of Saud mafia crime family, I welcome their groundbreaking drift toward China. A black raven omen for Anglo-Zionist Middle East hegemony.

Except for its role as CIA prison black-ops site and buffer for Israel, Jordan has negligible value to the US. Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait exist as US military bases and will break free the first chance they get.

Egypt remains America’s last major Muslim ME ally. If a Nasser officer corps strongman with Sino-Russian leanings overthrows Egyptian zio-puppet Sisi, the US suffers the de facto loss of its Middle East empire.

Barring a few notable exceptions (who I’ll discuss later), most Asian (oriental) countries want good relations with China and Russia. I think if forced to choose, the majority Asian bloc, including West-friendly Thailand, go with China.

The Asian “stan” countries know their future lies with China and the BRI. The mighty Taliban’s victory over ZioCorp removed any doubts.

Pentagon’s AFRICOM controls a network of military bases and CIA-funded gangland militias that stretch across Africa. This gives America the ability to sow chaos throughout the continent, as well as sabotage China’s infrastructure and business projects. In the end, China wins, as Africa’s nation-states strongly favor a Sino-Russian alliance.

A long history of CIA-sponsored coups, assassinations, and corporate plunder destabilized and impoverished Latin America. The only Latin American nations loyal to the US are those ruled by CIA-backed oligarch families. The supermajority of Latin Americans prefer China and Russia over the US, and any successful populist coups will follow that sentiment.

While I think India likely favors a China-Russia future, I still consider it a wild card. A CIA-instigated Indo-China border dispute could push India toward the US.

Furthermore, in general, the H1-B US Brahmin* Big Tech class (and its associated professional class) is obsequiously servile to their Rothschild Zionist and corporate benefactors. I don’t know how much sway US Brahmin Big Tech scribes hold over their subcontinent counterparts.

(*I’m using Brahmin as a figurative ethno-power bloc descriptor in relation to domestic US ethno-hierarchy, and not criticizing individual Indians. I dug Aravind Adiga’s novel, “The White Tiger” and activist/scholar Vandana Shiva took on Bill Gates. The same applies for “Rothschild Zionist.” I’m not attacking innocent Jews.)

If most of the world aligns with China and Russia, what about the US Anglo-Zionist Empire’s major “true-blue” allies?” Where do Israel, the UK, Australia, NZ, Canada, Scandinavia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe (esp. Poland), Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Ukraine fit into the empire’s defensive framework?

To Israel, the US is a lobotomized goose that lays golden eggs. Should the goose ever get a hysterectomy, Israel would cut loose and try to negotiate its own China deal. If forced to choose between the Samson Option and a China-brokered two-state solution, I think Israel opts for the latter.

The UK’s hyper-corrupt Goldman Sachs Brahmin dork oligarch Prime Minister perfectly represents the nation destined to become a bankrupt Air Strip One. Or perhaps a multicultural Clockwork Orange. Beyond its use as an international banking and nuclear strike force hub and its SAS military advisors, the UK provides scant offerings in a global dogfight.

Vassal state Australia is captive to America’s China policy. As per journalist Caitlin Johnstone’s article, “Australia Pays Washington Swamp Monsters For War Advice,” US neocons hold official key positions in Australian military and state agencies, not unlike the Israeli nationals embedded in top US government slots. If WW3 goes down, frontline Australia could star in a real-world “Mad Max” sequel.

The best WEF-controlled New Zealand can hope for is to become a WW3 billionaire bunker.

Canada contains vast deposits of energy. Beyond its use as a police state gas station, I don’t place much stock in Canada’s military capabilities. Modern Canada is not D-Day “lumberjack” Canada.

In either a cold or hot war, I doubt Scandinavia poses much threat to the China-Russia alliance, as it’s currently in a cultural-spiritual-economic death spiral.

Finland’s entry into NATO represents the last spoonful of arsenic. As a NATO member, Finland will be forced to purchase overpriced and unreliable MIC weapon systems with its social welfare fund. Third-world police state dystopia follows.

Norway’s old-school NATO and in too deep to buck. Sweden’s screwed whether it joins NATO tomorrow or the day after. Goodbye ABBA.

Japan is a valuable asset to the US Anglo-Zionist Empire due to its geographical location and high-tech manufacturing capability. Retooled Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Toyota plants could certainly produce plenty of killer robots and next-generation drones. However, Japan can’t touch China’s production output.

Given its proximity to both Russia and China, if things go hot, Las Vegas odds say Japan commits harakiri for ZioCorp’s honor.

I hope a divine wind blows through Japan’s collective neural network before the “land of cherry blossoms” passes the point of no return.

Taiwan? Except for a few CIA brain-chipped suicide bombers, when PLA troops march through Taipei, the cheering crowds will welcome them with flowers. I think the Taiwanese are too smart to end up like the Ukranians.

As reported by Global Times, South Korea’s current President is a neocon-programmed automaton bent on wrecking his country for the glorification of ZioCorp. However, many S. Koreans loathe the prospect of another American-instigated Korean war and resent US military occupation and neoliberal debt slavery.

The South Korean flag displays the yin-yang symbol. The 5 tenets of taekwondo are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. If Tao knocks on South Korea’s door tomorrow, who answers?

Product of a looting dictator father and shoe-crazed mother, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is a well-compensated US State Department foreign contractor. Unlike Marcos, the previous president was China-Russia friendly. What if China started bankrolling Philippine political parties like the US does?

Western Europe, plagued by ziobankster austerity, forced MIC purchasing, deindustrialization, neocon terror attacks on vital energy infrastructure, hyper mRNA vaccination, and weaponized immigration, is on an Oswald Spangler death trip.

Brute force US military occupation, an EU surveillance state, and corporate media brainwashing keep Western Europeans in line. However, even worms like former Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron and neoliberal technocrat Olaf Shultz want to maintain good relations with China.

Like its US counterpart, Western Europe’s political class would airlift its entire native citizen-serf population into a giant volcano for a few extra bucks and an ADL head pat.

Even so, EU technocrats realize the US Titanic suffers from a breached hull. How much and fast the water is pouring in is a matter of debate. One solid bet. Before the US sinks, it throws Europe into the icy water.

Should Western Europe escape total annihilation, it will need a Chinese Sun Tzu / Marshall Plan to rejoin civilization.

If a major economic downturn forces the US to reduce its European military presence, Western Europe bolts to China. And despite “Putin is Hitler” mass hysteria, by default, to Russia.

We may one day witness a true Eurasian (Europe-Russia-China) bloc that extends from the beaches of Normandy to Shanghai.

As reported in Philip Giraldi’s article, “Perspectives from Eastern Europe,” the Polish-led Eastern European bloc stands with the US Anglo-Zionist Empire. A somewhat understandable situation, given Eastern European-Soviet history. However, the Poles and their friends need to realize that Putin’s Russia is not Soviet Russia. Beyond the historical trauma, Poland wants a chunk of Ukraine. Following WWI, Poland snatched Germany’s “Polish Corridor” and “Free City of Danzig.” That didn’t work out well for the Poles. Neither will their Ukraine land grab.

Ukraine is finished. Whatever is not seized by Russia in the east gets vacuumed up by BlackRock corporations in the west. To maintain appearances, the BlackRock western zone might keep the Ukraine name.

Using Zelensky as their corporate Kaganovich, the Rothschild Zionists manifested a second Holodomor. Mega-death WW2 started shortly after the first Holodomor. Are we entering another historical rhyme cycle?

The US Anglo-Zionist Empire’s foreign alliance rests on “gun to the head” diplomacy. By contrast, the China-Russia foreign alliance is a “coalition of the willing” in the true sense of the term. Except for Israel, the UK, Eastern Europe, and maybe Japan, the world’s nations want to join the China-Russia alliance.

But what about the US military as a stand-alone outfit? Can it take on China-Russia?

As exemplified by current Secretary of Defense and former member of Raytheon’s Board of Directors Lloyd Austin, the Pentagon’s top brass are incompetent bloated venal careerists who lack rudimentary military proficiency.

Chinese and Russian military leadership outshines its US equivalent by many suns.

The Pentagon/MIC top brass view the future of warfare as a purely technological affair, i.e., killer robots backed by drone jet fighters and battleships managed by AI Pentagon HAL, with human cog positions filled by undocumented “dreamers,” purple-haired gender fluid gamers, H-1B techies, and poor people seeking military food ration cards.

In a technology-driven war, the China-Russia scientific alliance infinitely outbrains Dr. Strangelove. China’s “Artificial Sun” just broke the world record for a sustained nuclear fusion reaction. (Fission bad- Chernobyl. Fusion good- how the sun generates energy.) Check out Russia’s hypersonic missiles.

War is more than weapons. Soldiers need boots, uniforms, knapsacks, medicines, and canteens. The US outsourced its manufacturing base to China. It could take decades to rebuild. To demonstrate the industrial chasm between the US and China, compare Amtrak to China’s high-speed rail network. The US builds tent cities. China builds trains.

In human warrior vs human warrior, the nationalist-motivated Russian and Chinese fighting man outmatches his globalist US counterpart.

While the lower US military ranks still contain some “warrior” types, that demographic is systematically being weeded out. Good. Only a moron would fight for ZioCorp.

In the weirdest ever case of mismatch, the war machine appropriated the rainbow flag for its official symbol.

That’s not to say gay guys can’t fight.

To borrow from the Rolling Stones’ “Memo from Turner,” openly gay National Socialist SA leader Ernst Röhm was a “lashing, smashing hunk of man,” and from my viewpoint, ‘homo thugs’ make the top 5 scariest muthas list.

But that’s not who the Pentagon/MIC is looking to recruit. They want the Pete Buttigieg type. A blue and yellow patched rainbow armband hundred times boosted PrEP popper who wants to swallow up nation-states in a child groomer-Goldman Sachs pincer movement.

If America’s humiliating defeat by the amazing Taliban offers any indication of US military prowess, I think the China-Russia alliance comes out on top in a conventional war.

As an aside, shortly before the collapse of the USSR, the Soviets lost Afghanistan. With America’s recent ejection by Taliban forces, are we witnessing another historical rhyme cycle?

Given America’s astronomical accruement of bad karmic debt, a US collapse would open the floodgates of hell not unlike the torrent of blood elevator from “The Shining.”

The only thing worse than collapse is if AI, killer robots, and other high-tech police state innovations allow a financialized aristocracy to rule over their lab rat epsilon subjects in perpetuity.

Factoring in ruling class cognitive limitations, the probability of complex system breakdown, the history of empire, the destruction of the education system, the pathological corruption, and the nature of entropy- I lean toward collapse.

The best last chance escape-hatch for America is either a military coup led by a benevolent populist dictator who retracts the US back to its continental borders or a quasi-peaceful breakup that splits the US into ideological and ethno states.

Both outcomes require dismantling the Federal Reserve and purging the current ruling class.

Enough hope porn.

What if the US starts WW3 and starts to lose? A desperate US Anglo-Zionist Empire could unleash a US version of the Samson Option. I don’t think that will happen- at least not intentionally, as most global elitists don’t want to spend the rest of their lives in underground bunkers.

However, a Skynet technical glitch could set off an accidental nuclear launch. Or maybe a rogue Dr. Strangelove wakes up with a head cold.

The international bankers know the empire is doomed. For them, the US nuclear arsenal serves as a “threat weapon” against China: “Let us in, or we shoot.”

If faced with the loss of global financial control, would the Rothschild-Rockefeller bank cartel blow up the planet? I don’t know. The US is the only country that ever dropped nuclear bombs on its enemy.

If it goes down, the radioactive cockroaches might get their shot.