Saturday, June 24, 2023

Khazar Nazi’s vs Soviet Russia: A Battle Since 600 CE By Helena Glass

 A chilling account by a whistleblower reveals the monstrosities that were being committed in Ukraine labs before the Russian divesture.   Body parts from live children were packaged and sent to Europe buried in grain shipments.   When the UN brokered the Ukraine Grain Deal struck in July 2022, the pivot to allow transportation thru the Black Sea was signed and sealed.   But the grain never reached its African destinations and instead went to Poland and eastern Europe.   Poland declared the grain was tainted –

April 2023, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia suddenly banned Ukraine grain imports into their countries.   The EU Commission threatened the countries for overstepping their EU authority on trade.   A deal was made that the imports throughout the eastern bloc would simply be transit lines and not destinations.  “It is also a success for other countries effected by the situation in the grain market and, I think, a success for the European Union.”

The EU also agreed to pay Poland $40 million euros for their trouble.

The media continually praise the agreement and efforts as the only means of preventing a ‘global food crisis’.   As of 2021, per the US Department of Agriculture, grain exports from Ukraine went to China – 48%, EU – 25% and Turkey – 7%.   Africa, is not in the mix.   Somehow, Africa’s starvation was not considered – while China was the main import partner.

Substitute ‘grain’ for children’s harvested organs.  

For the person looking to buy an illegal organ: a heart averages $1million, a liver – $557,000 and kidney’s – $262,000.   It is Big Business among those with the wallet.  But it is Business for those whose definition of the Rule of Law is – eenie meenie miney moe, catch a…

To understand the Nazi elemental infiltration in Ukraine, one must understand WWII from a non-propaganda perspective.  That means The Western intelligence apparatus was anticipating a General Patton failure.

Initially, FDR and Churchill lauded Hitler for his economic successes.   When FDR began to come under scrutiny for his politics and failures in the US, war was his distraction choice.   General Bradley and General Patton had different opinions on ‘winning’ – and fought vehemently.   Patton’s military organ was – Win The War.  But Bradley kept deflecting Patton’s tactics.   WHY?  Because that isn’t exactly what the Shadow Government had in mind.

At the end of the war, the US installed thousands of Nazi’s throughout the military industrial complex – in Colorado and Washington, DC.   Included in this bizarre alliance was Adolf Huesinger.   Huesinger was the general staff of the High Command/Hitler of the Wehrmacht from 1938 to 1944.   In 1961 Huesinger became the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.   The first Chairman was – General Bradley.  The same Bradley who had General Douglas MacArthur FIRED for not towing the line on behalf of the Shadow Government.

The duties of the Chairman of the NATO Military are: “advises the North Atlantic Council on military policy and strategy, and is the senior military spokesperson of the 31-nation alliance and principal advisor to the Secretary General.”

Quite a heady responsibility for a former Nazi General, Huesinger, to Command…   but of course, it was purposeful.

General Wolfgang Altenburg – allegiance = Nazi Germany – became Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.   General Hans Spiedel, Rommel’s Chief of Staff, became Supreme Commander of NATO’s Ground forces.   Johannes Steinhoff – Nazi fighter pilot – held NATO assignments including the Military Committee.

George Bush’s father assisted the Nazi power platform and helped Hitler rise.   While propaganda tools attempt to make the connection benign – it isn’t.   He aided and abetted a regime with which we went to war.

The directive to infiltrate Nazi’s into the US was approved by Truman under Operation Paperclip. Nazi Generals and Scientists were considered the superior race. Their talents far exceeded US counterparts.   But most importantly, their psyche.   Psychiatrists who evaluated these Nazi war criminals found them to be highly intelligent and devoted to their allegiance to Country.  Psychological assessments that contributed to the CIA’s massive psychological experiments, including Operation MOCKINGBIRD.

The CIA Office of Policy Coordination under Frank Wisner and Alan Dulles were integral in spiriting Nazi’s out of Belarus providing them with visa’s allowing them to infiltrate the US.   At the time, Belarus was a part of the USSR.   According to John Loftus, the scheme was to raise guerrilla warfare against the Soviet Union using the Nazi collaborators.   Wisner was said to have committed suicide in 1965.

NATO was formed to fight the USSR.   Eighty years later, NATO Nazi’s are fighting Russia.   And the vast majority of European countries are ruled under this ideology.   The Ukraine Nazi’s were trained by the CIA.   The concept of Hitler’s supreme race never died.   It simply moved around.

The Potsdam Conference negotiated new boundaries and countries at the end of WWII for Europe and the USSR. The western portion of Europe was designated to the US and the eastern bloc was designated to the USSR.   Today, most of that eastern bloc has been absorbed by the western bloc via Reagan’s botched agreements.

In other words the Nazi’s have been fighting Russia since WWII.   Under the banner of Khazars whose empire included Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, and Kazakhstan in the 6th century.   The animosity between Khazars and Arabs has existed since the 8th century.   Today the vagrant leaders of this Jewish Khazarian caliphate include: Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, Fink, Oppenheimer, Ellison, Page, Brin, etc…


Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.