Monday, June 12, 2023

My Eyes Are Open: Iran Was Right About That "Great Satan" Thing, by A.J. Smuskiewicz - The Unz Review


When I was a young guy in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I laughed when the Iranian revolutionaries condemned the United States as “The Great Satan.” America was the land of freedom, democracy, and Ronald Reagan, right? What the heck were those insane Islamists shouting about?

Well, hell, I’m not laughing anymore. Over the last few years, I’ve finally come to understand that those Iranians were right. I’ve never been religious, but I can see the clear evidence that Satan—that is, a very powerful force of evil—is ruling the United States of America at all levels today, including the federal and state governments, big corporations and all other large established institutions, and much of the American population itself. The United States has probably been in this crappy condition for many decades, but it didn’t sink in deep into my consciousness until the past few years.

Look around if you have eyes, and put two and two together if you can. America is in an obvious state of advanced social, cultural, moral, ethical, political, and economic decline and decay. Yet, Americans, as a whole, apparently are blind and incapable of doing the simple math. They continue to view themselves as vastly superior to the rest of the world, clinging to the delusion that they—sitting on their rickety rusty old perch that is about to fall out under their sick swollen asses— have the right to tell the entire world how to live.

The sophisticated, insidious, omnipresent propaganda of the giant elitist institutions of American government, corporations, and media have thoroughly brainwashed Americans, along with much of the rest of the world, into this delusional mindset. Most people do not realize that they have been transformed into the mindless zombie slaves of these institutions. And, in their zombified conditions, they don’t even notice the stinking cesspool of a culture with which they’ve allowed these institutions to surround themselves.

In other words, as my mom used to say about ignorant people, they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

Excuse my limited biblical knowledge, but doesn’t the Bible or some other religious text say something about Satan deceiving a gullible world with a smiling face and charming demeanor? That is the United States these days—deceiving huge segments of the domestic and global population into believing that it is a force for good, while it is actually spreading its evil, chaos, corruption, and cultural decadence to everything that its influence touches. Hail Great Satan!

Government-corporate-media Conglomerate

Do not be deceived by the smiling, charming propagandist who just wants to enslave and control you. Detach yourself from the propaganda of the U.S.-based government-corporate-media globalist Conglomerate, which controls all aspects of American society and much of the rest of the Western world. Ignore the endless streams of lies, focus clearly on the truth, and be brave enough to speak the truth even as the Conglomerate seeks to silence you. I try to do that with my writings and music. I acknowledge that my writings are more professional, but my music, though amateurish, is more fun.

We who have open eyes can see how individual freedom is under constant assault by the Conglomerate. Since the fabulous phenomenal frauds of the COVID plandemic, the 2020 rigged election, the Ukraine warmongering, and the other bullshit of recent years, thousands of people who have had the guts to publicly disagree with the Conglomerate’s agendas and narratives have been silenced and persecuted. They have been blocked from social media platforms and other outlets of expression, they have been fired from their jobs and have had their incomes cut off, they have had their livelihoods and their lives destroyed, they have been arrested and incarcerated (such as the January 6 and vaccine-mandate protestors), and they have been killed (including from confrontations with police and adverse effects from forced vaccination).

The Conglomerate is determined to remain in control through any means necessary. So, it uses various strategies to deal with any prominent leaders of dissent who pose any danger to its control. It kicks Tucker Carlson off of his popular television platform. It relentlessly persecutes and prosecutes Donald Trump. It tries to silence Robert Kennedy Jr with a mainstream media blackout.

The tool of mass hysteria

One of the main tools that the Conglomerate uses to control the population is purposefully manufactured mass hysteria, such as the Trump Derangement Syndrome, COVID, and Ukraine hysterias. Most of the public mindlessly goes along with this—as if they are incapable of independent thought or free will while being held captive by Satan’s magnetic power. Those who do not go along with the hysteria are crushed.

Maintaining an endless series of mass hysterias is crucial for the U.S.-centered elitist globalist agenda of power accumulation and population control. I believe that it has previously been said that Satan seeks to conquer the world by controlling the population—by controlling the minds, hearts, and souls of the people. That is exactly what is happening. Mass hysteria, mass psychosis, moral panic, group think—whatever you call it, this is what is happening to us today, and it is a very effective form of control that is pure evil.

The hysteria is effective because it is designed to generate fear, which the Conglomerate then claims that only it can alleviate. All you have to do to feel better is trust the Conglomerate and faithfully obey its directives—regardless of how stupid and perverse those directives may be. Wear your masks, get your vaccines, take your pills, post your little Ukraine flags, call Trump a crook, call Kennedy a nut, and agree that men can be women, that two plus two equals five, and that shit tastes delicious especially when topped with puke. If you comply, you will be on the right side, the side of good, and you will be smart, and, best of all, you will always be safe. However, if you do not comply, you will be severely punished, and there is not a fucking thing that you can do about it. Comply, submit, and accept. Or the Conglomerate and its loyal followers will kill you in one way or another.

Needless to say, we are now unmistakably living in the twisted upside-down society described in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The Conglomerate issues the command: “Be afraid of Russia. Russians are evil. We are good. We will protect you from them.” These are the lies that America uses as it provokes and prolongs a horrible war in Ukraine for the benefit of its military-industrial complex and its “woke” globalist agenda. American leaders even act as if they want to provoke a nuclear war with Russia, and, what the hell, China too. That is about as evil as a nation can get, is it not? But Satan loves and lusts for war—especially an elite globalist war that is waged against one nation (Russia) that is seeking to uphold its right to security as a nation-state and its values as an independent conservative culture. Satan hates nation-states. They get in the way of his unholy crusade for global governance—a one-world government aggressively pursuing an authoritarian decadent agenda. Satan—and America—will not tolerate the traditional, conservative culture of Russia blocking the progress of the great global crusade for gay and trans cultural domination!

Causing chaos and confusion

Post-World War II history shows that the United States loves creating war, chaos, confusion, destruction, and death around the world to advance its imperialist, globalist, corporatist, and now woke ambitions. Its military actions have killed millions of innocent people and destroyed countless lives in numerous war-waging adventures within the past several decades, including in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Africa, the Palestinian lands, Eastern and Central Europe, Central and South America, and elsewhere. Iran, of course, was subjected to the Western-imposed gross injustices of the Pahlavi dictatorship, which is what the Iranian revolutionaries were so pissed off about in 1979.

But, unlike Russia, the U.S. never gets punished with international sanctions or multinational business closings or preachy condemnations from airhead pop stars—because the U.S. is the key crusader for the globalist movement. Thus, all the other globalists (EU, UN, WHO, multinational corporations, Hollywood, etc) are on the U.S. establishment side.

Rising multipolar threat to Satan

Despite the scary doom-and-gloom reality of our current times, there are some encouraging signs that this U.S. dominance is finally coming to an end, especially with the planned expansion of the BRICS group and the group’s creation of a new currency to challenge the previously almighty U.S. dollar. Satan surely does not like the rising multipolar world that is going to relegate the U.S. to the sidelines. That new world should reduce his influence quite a bit, hopefully. We will see.

The developing multipolar world poses a serious threat to the perpetual American quest to spread international chaos for the benefit of its powerful elite classes, who have their sticky tentacles grabbing at stuff all around the globe. But there is little threat to the continued spread of Satanic chaos within America itself. We see how genuine democracy—like free speech and free, honest elections—is in an advanced rotting gangrenous condition in the United States—even as the American authoritarians claim to be defending nonexistent “democracy” in Ukraine.

Domestic decadence, twisted technology

The American people cannot escape from the social and cultural decadence that now permeates all aspects of our domestic society. Social divisions and individual hatreds are purposefully stoked and aggravated by obsessions with the most intimate personal matters—skin color, genes, and sexuality. The education system is primarily concerned with political indoctrination. Traditional organized religions (which I do not subscribe to, but which have in the past provided at least some common moral and ethical ground for people) have been corrupted and polluted to such a massive extent that most people have seemingly rejected not only those religions, but also all types of traditional morals, ethics, and sane concepts of right and wrong.

Traditional values that have been systematically extinguished as Satan has grown in power include the support and love of the traditional family (father, mother, children), real in-person social interaction, basic kindness and decency, and psychologically essential contact with the outside natural world. All these important facets of normal, healthy human life have become casualties of U.S.-created-and-promoted electronic technologies, which keep people addicted and enslaved to artificial “devices” and confine them like self-imprisoned convicts to artificial indoor environments. The results have been chronically pervasive neuroses and psychoses and the fundamental altering of human behavior and cognition. Electronic technology, in my opinion, has been the proudest achievement of Satan. (I’ve always thought that modern technology is basically evil, and I always agreed with Ted Kaczynski’s motives though not his methods.)

Satan is currently in a state of masturbatory ecstasy over all those ubiquitous, always-advancing, instant-gratification “pleasure” technologies—smartphones, computers, apps, Internet, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and other things that I’m delighted to admit I don’t even know about. He also loves spreading the pleasures of US-promoted hedonistic pop culture and never-satisfied materialism. All you need to enjoy these pleasures is a credit card and an Amazon account. And you don’t ever need to pay off your credit card balance as you bury yourself under a mountain of endless debt. Who cares? It is the accepted American way, for both citizen and government.

As the Great American Satan keeps accumulating power, the millionaires and billionaires keep getting richer, and the majority of people keep getting intellectually dumber, emotionally more immature, and economically and spiritually poorer. But the people are so addicted to and hypnotized by their magic electronic devices that they will remain satiated with overwhelming pleasure even as their lives plummet deeper into Hell, their souls and minds become ever more vacuous, and their nature-derived freedoms are methodically stripped away by the Conglomerate’s authorities. Their drug addictions combine with their technology addictions to make them oblivious to any pain, guilt, or remorse. Satan smiles.

Reject the evil, speak the truth

Of course, the Iranian revolutionaries were not literally correct. The United States is not literally Satan. But the entrenched powers-that-be in the United States are the most prominent and influential forces of evil and destruction in the world today. And any American who supports or tolerates this situation is a dirty, guilty tool of Satan.

Therefore, any and all decent, moral people who are still around need to boldly reject this evil force—whether they are American dissidents living with the government-corporate bullshit at home or people in other countries struggling with the onslaught of American bullshit. Reject it, and reject it loudly for other people to hear and learn from.

After you open your eyes to reality, open your mouth and tell Satan to go back to Hell and stay there. We don’t want him anymore in our country or in our world.

A personal note

I originally wrote a version of this essay in early 2022 for Intellectual Conservative. The new essay here on The Unz Review is a revised and updated version. If you compare the old version with the new, you will see that my convictions have strengthened. Instead of thinking that Iran may have been correct in calling the U.S. Satan, I now am sure that Iran was correct.

Early this year, I basically renounced and rejected my own country in very strong language. Nevertheless, I am still finding tiny causes for American hope that are occasionally popping up, like the quixotic presidential campaign of RFK Jr. I fully expect to eventually be disappointed in those pitiful little hopes. But, despite my cognitive, rational conclusion that America is forever dead as a free country and firmly in the grasp of Satan, I guess there remains some emotional or spiritual element deep inside me that refuses to give up totally. Perhaps my eyes still require some additional opening.