Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Troon Magick - Vox Popoli

(If you are interested in researching more on this subject - - CL)

AC is rightly suspicious of the growing number of wind-up toys that turn out to be troons:

Once I see a troon, I assume I am looking at a guy who was surfing a lot of porn videos, and ended up on some kind of hypno-porn which trooned them. And once they are hypno’d it means they have let people inside their head, and they might as well have had a therapist “guiding” them. Because I suspect a lot of that hypno stuff online came straight from the MK Ultra crew, either as an experiment, or an operation, there is no telling what these people can be made to do.

What we’re seeing here is literal black magick in action. Few will comprehend this and even fewer will accept it, but the “prosperity gospel” and “success affirmations” are both variants of the same type of “word to power” esotericism that is being used on, instead of by, the afflicted young people in these cases.

It does not sound possible to any rationalist mind, and indeed, it is initially hard to credit. But there is a long recorded history of these occult practices, and modern technologies permit repetition and image-display to a degree that is orders of magnitude beyond anything hitherto seen before.

These unfortunate individuals may indeed be mad, but their actions are not consequences of their madness, but rather, of their ensorcelment and esoteric programming. What is Clown World, after all, without its clowns?

This suggests that the cure for transgenderism will be similar to the cure for demonic possession, which is to say, the Cross. The phenomenon certainly seems to appear most frequently in environments where Christianity is absent.