Monday, July 10, 2023

Is Pedo the Common Religion of Clown World?

Global Pedophile Trafficking Cartel That Doesn’t Exist… By Helena Glass - The Guardian would have us believe that child trafficking is a QAnon right wing ghost story.   Yet The Guardian was front and center in the Jimmy Savile scandal that embroiled the UK in a pedophile ring of elites and politicians dating back to the 1980’s.  Or The Franklin Scandal that nearly took down the White House with George Bush in the 1980’s.   Or the Belgium Scandal with Marc Dutroux who buried two of his kidnapped rape victims – ALIVE!

According to The Guardian, this is all drivel and never happened…   except they reported on these scandals and confirmed their authenticity.


In retrospect, two of the surprisingly more damning elements are a) Clarke’s personal relationship with King Charles and b) the BBC’s lack of interest in the story. What might have seemed incredible even in 2012 appears obvious now in light of what we now know about Jimmy Savile and the BBC’s now-confirmed preference for ignoring major stories about sex predators. -


They Do Love Their Pedos - It’s fascinating to observe the juxtaposition between the way the media immediately jettisons anyone suspected of possessing Christian beliefs with the way it circles the wagons and aggressively protects accused sexual predators like Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith, Arthur C. Clarke, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Philip Schofield, and the current “BBC Presenter” it refuses to name.

And given what we’ve already heard in the last year concerning a) abortion and b) transgenderism, I’d estimate it will be about 18 months before we are reliably informed that “pedophilia is a Jewish value”.

The Name of the Accused

It’s fascinating to see how the mainstream media is more than willing to identify common people accused of crimes or even badthought – even going to the trouble of spelling out their real names in the event of their stage name being better known – while at the same time staunchly refusing to identify celebrities, sports figures, and media personalities who are accused of much more serious crimes.

Related? - These unfortunate individuals may indeed be mad, but their actions are not consequences of their madness, but rather, of their ensorcelment and esoteric programming. What is Clown World, after all, without its clowns?

This suggests that the cure for transgenderism will be similar to the cure for demonic possession, which is to say, the Cross. The phenomenon certainly seems to appear most frequently in environments where Christianity is absent.


I’ve reentered the spiritual realm via the back door.  I wish I could report that I have felt the presence of Christ in my soul.  I’m still working on that part.  My epiphany came as a result of a growing sense of the presence of Satan.  It crept up on me over time. - by CCRider

American Churches Are Eerily Silent When The Country Needs Them Most - By Brandon Smith - Consider for a moment the proliferation in the western world of ideals which I can only describe as luciferian in nature – The notion that pride and narcissism are virtues and that human beings are meant to be gods. The notion that children’s bodies are a gender fluid laboratory for insane medical practitioners that deny the unassailable laws of biology and engage in mass sterilization. The notion that humanity must one day be replaced by machine thinking that disregards reason and moral compass for the sake of cold and sociopathic “efficiency.”