Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The Unforgiven - The Good Citizen - They all have it coming.

If any Good Citizens reading this attend Brown University, definitely don’t share this with your .edu listserve. And you should probably reconsider offering a dime to that institution.

Historians still get the details of the Spanish Flu pandemic completely wrong. They lie about Polio and its “vaccine”. The details of the cause of every war for the past century are fabrications. Every major society-altering event of this century is part fable, part government cover-up.

If you still believe conspiracy theories aren’t all rooted in facts or actual conspiracies you might as well believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny and consider your own future in those Hobbesian terms ‘poor, nasty, brutish, and short.’

At present, those who control all information are rewriting history while erasing the Internet. They’ll stop at nothing to keep their false narratives on the tongue of every person to try and cover their crimes.

Now they’ve unleashed their credentialed liberal midwits to do damage control and call for a “truce”, on terms they’re fabricating, based on the past two years of abuse, neglect, harassment, discrimination, and a constant assault on human bodies that they want washed from peoples memories.

Sometimes words around here are repeated like a broken record, if only because they can never be repeated enough: The worst people in the west are in positions of power everywhere you look.

From corrupted and fully captured bureaucratic agencies to seats of government to the corporate offices of Plandemic regime communications and stenography to the embarrassingly inept taxpayer-funded ivory towers.

Lacking self-awareness, societal awareness, historical literacy, scientific literacy, and humility are just a few of the prerequisites for consideration to ascending the midwit ranks of the glorified managerial classes who view themselves as the most deserving and capable of managing (and destroying) other people’s lives.

These are our self-appointed “expert” classes. Formulated and fashioned through ivory tower daycare centers for our new dark ages as The Great Pretenders of the twenty-first century. There’s nothing they won’t do for a salary, the promise of a pension, and the warm fuzzy feeling of belonging to a cult of ignoramuses.

Ivy League appointed “Economist” Emily Oster who is teaching a course on “COVID” at Brown University this semester has called for a Pandemic Amnesty. Her poor students are paying a small fortune to sit and listen to someone who until a few months ago was playing the performative games of medical theatre and still works full-time running interference for the social engineers overseeing this assault on humanity.

By now you’ve probably seen her piece in the regime-controlled publication for gullible state-adoring midwits — The Atlantic. It’s a piece that not even the Babylon Bee or The Onion pre-2012 could get away with publishing.

Forgiveness is a powerful virtue. When sincere contrition is expressed on the accurate terms of what is to be forgiven it should always be considered and exercised.

Except there are some things in this world that are completely unforgivable.

We could probably top that list of unforgivable things with many events of the past two years, including variations of the same cullings — hospicide, iatrogenocide, injecticide, remdesicide, and experimentation on humans of toxic substances with an intended purpose we can only still speculate about that involves graphene nanoparticulate matter that alters human DNA. If it doesn’t outright kill the human subject, it functions like nanorobots assembling or performing some kind of dystopian sci-fi function while omitting Bluetooth detectible MAC address inside both living and dead human bodies.

A quick review of the requisite disregards for a Plandemic Amnesty:

☑️ Killing millions in hospitals, especially the elderly who were alone and slaughtered with Fauci-approved Remdesivir.

☑️ Killing millions more with those toxic injections posing as medicine.

☑️ Killing babies in the womb with those toxic injections.

☑️ Potentially rendering younger generations infertile or sterile.

☑️ Locking down society and destroying livelihoods.

☑️ Coercing millions to be injected with this toxic shit while threatening their jobs, healthcare, and participation in society.

☑️ Closing schools, robbing children of two years of their lives, forcing masks, encouraging discrimination and harassment of those with common sense and functioning brains who saw this whole scam as just that.

The list of unforgivable crimes will remain so absolutely unforgivable barring mass trials followed by mass executions. Those who have been paying attention or have suffered from these crimes personally know exactly how unforgivable they are.

Amnesty? After declaring war on humanity decades ago? A fucking olive branch?

“Here’s an olive branch I’ll extend to you sweetheart!” (reaches into trousers and pulls out his olive branch)

And to think they’re still injecting this crap into people including infants and children?

Only an insane person or complete imbecile would fashion such a piece. Or, someone so totally corrupted by the system that allows them to destroy young minds at daycare institutions of lower indoctrination that she’s a psychopath.

The most likely explanation? Emily Oster is another clueless midwit who, even after the past two years, still trusts the state, trusts the experts (thinks herself one), trusts “the science” and still has no idea what really happened and therefore is about as qualified to teach a course on “COVID” at an Ivy League University as Bill Gates is to teach a class on morality and ethics at ADX Florence Supermax in Colorado, where he should be in solitary awaiting his execution for crimes against humanity.

Poor Emily Oster claims she fell for the little things at the start and it was like being in the dark. She didn’t know cloth masks did nothing, social distancing was pointless, and all of it was part of a psyop to dehumanize people while rendering them scared shitless so they went and got injected with the only viable aforementioned “cure”.

Emily Oster is such a devoted midwit to regime tyranny, she is capable of simultaneously virtue signaling (no shaming others) while championing the use of coercive and dehumanizing discriminatory measures to get those deadly toxins injected into as many bodies as possible who didn’t want them.

Nobody was off limits for the good Professor. She strongly endorsed feticide by the Pfizer-controlled Center For Destroying Civilization (CDC).

And just a few months ago, she ran interference for Big Pharma’s Vaccine Industrial Complex that has been killing kids for decades via the “mysterious” SIDS.

As Unbekoming covered in a Substack post just yesterday of a comprehensive study on “Vaccines” and infants, “…78.3 % of SIDS cases occurred within 7 days post-vaccination”, and “…There are 130 official ways for an infant to die, as categorized in the ICD, and one unofficial way for an infant to expire: from a fatal reaction to vaccines.”

Lies are Unbekoming
Watch now (2 min) | The year is 2014, and I’m busy running a business that’s about to be sold. My sister had gone through an ugly divorce a few years earlier, but I’d stayed in touch with her ex-husband, my ex-brother-in-law, a good guy that also did some web marketing work for us. He had remarried and now had a 6-month little boy at home…
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Amnesty? An olive branch?

These people working for global tyrants are as delusional as they are clueless.

These people deserve nothing but mockery, scorn, ridicule, and contempt.

Those who championed this assault on humanity, including all the midwits of the arrogant “expert” classes should never be eligible to work anything that isn’t rudimentary manual labor for a barely liveable wage.

They should be laughed out of every interview that isn’t for hosing down outhouses or scraping gum from public sidewalks, that includes “Professor” Emily Oster.

Those who organized these crimes against humanity (we all know their names) or carried out any direct orders on their behalf as a state or corporate functionary, should all be put on trial and those few thousand near the top tier of responsibility should have one and only one path to closure after their heinous acts.

The closure of a noose around their necks.

New Book Explores W.Va.'s Last Public Hanging, Law Changes | WVPB

Until then.

Nothing will be forgotten.

All are unforgiven.

And they all have it coming.

A brief review of how they faked a global pandemic from January 2020 -September 2022 (in some places it hasn’t ended) dedicated to the students at Brown University sitting through Emily Oster’s “COVID” course of bullshit and propaganda:

  • They unleashed a virus from the level four bio lab in Wuhan, China, and or perhaps with soldiers in Wuhan, China for the world military games in October 2019. Though we now know the virus was already in circulation months before the “first cases” (if at all for those who believe there never was any virus)

  • Where China fits into all this is still a great mystery. Was there true panic among the party leaders about the lethality of the virus? Did they assume they were under “attack” from the viral threat and rushed to build a hospital in under a week? Or were all the social media posts of people collapsing in the streets just performative psyops to scare their own people and people across the west?

  • Is China still pursuing a completely pointless zero covid policy and avoiding mRNA shots for its people because they know something about the virus spike protein’s toxicity or is it just to keep their population fearful and obedient and always under the boot of the totalitarian party?

  • That will be the last reference to China. One other point of endless contention is the virus. Is there a virus? Has it been detected and isolated as the cause of illness? For the purposes of the plandemic and all related policy decisions, only the idea of a virus as an ever-present threat ever mattered. Debating a virus’s existence is pointless, it was merely the source of fear used to carry out the Plandemic.

  • Testing for the virus’s presence was completely rigged. Useless masks and dehumanizing rituals were enforced to “prevent its spread”. And later “vaccines” would prove to be not just ineffective at stopping the spread and limiting symptoms, but deadly. Therefore we can substitute the word “blob” for the word virus and everything that follows plays out with equal bewilderment and meaninglessness.

  • As Dr. Michael Yeadon points out — we must consider it’s still possible every single case of the flu or cold symptoms were rebranded Covid through faulty testing schemes. Influenza symptoms line up with stated covid symptoms which magically disappeared for two years. Was it simply relabeled as Covid, along with other respiratory illnesses, and bacterial pneumonia?

  • They allowed the flu to magically reappear the YEAR OF the mass vaccination campaign. The CDC’s own data shows only a few flu cases for the winter of 2020-2021 when mass vaccination started - only 9 months after the first lockdowns and less than one year since the pharmaceutical companies got “the virus” genome from China. Did they count all those influenza cases as Covid to keep the hysteria amplified so people rushed out to get the “vaccine” they knew weren’t even “vaccines”?

  • Perhaps the most important tool (aside from coordinated psychological operations through propaganda) was the PCR tests. The Nobel Prize-winning inventor Dr. Kary Mullis conveniently died at age 74 in August of 2019 of pneumonia (In August - in San Diego - a healthy surfer) just as the Event 201 plandemic simulation prepared by all the parties who managed the hoax after the “virus” was released.

  • Mullis famously argued that the PCR test can “find anything in anyone” if the cycle threshold is turned high enough. Mullis called Dr. Fauci, head of the NIAID, a fake doctor who doesn’t know anything about anything. Dr. Fauci will admit in the autumn of 2020 that the CT was over 30 and 35 during the “deadly spring wave” that led to global lockdowns which were used as a coordinated fear campaign for mass compliance.

  • A lot of definitions were changed (history erased) including the definition of Vaccine. This was key to managing people’s expectations as the prevailing narratives began to collapse. They simply moved goalposts at every collapse and made things up as they went along. People “trusted the experts” as they were told by a captured media working for plandemic organizers.

  • All information was managed through Big tech and “authoritative” corporate media partners who only published CDC and WHO-approved narratives, deleted any content that exposed their lies, and blacklisted and banned users that dared to question the “authoritative” sources.

  • Any Google search to this day reveals 20 pages of results that are essentially “fact-checked” lies or regime propaganda. While social media companies like Facebook and Twitter censored billions of pieces of content and banned users by the millions including scientists and doctors who dared to dissent against the official narratives.

  • Behavioral experts and psychologists were weaponized to prepare the masses for the entire event. They used invisible fear and threats of death to loved ones to accept government claims about everything from the lethality of the virus to the effectiveness of highly ineffective measures. The US and UK spent billions buying social media influencers, advertisements, TV entertainers like late-night talk show hosts, and children’s programming, every demographic was targeted for psychological assault and behavioral assimilation.

  • Hired teams of behavioral psychologists created a cult, with government “experts” as leaders who were peddled onto corporate media nightly to establish the language and framing of events so that the population knew how to think about events taking place, and how to communicate about the events with others.

  • People were turned into disciples to spread propaganda to others while vilifying free thinkers who asked inconvenient questions. Those who did not adhere to the cult’s dictates were ostracized and exiled from society.

  • Nearly all nations of the world participated in the prepared bioterror theatre. A few African leaders who refused to preorder the “vaccines” suffered suspicious deaths.

  • Pandemic gospels were repeated by policymakers, and nodes of authority as if all were reading from the same prepared scripts because they were. These included “Follow the science” “Trust the experts” and “two weeks to flatten the curve”. Rituals were provided for disciples to perform as missionaries who spread the gospels, “social distancing”, “your mask protects me”, “stay home to help the tik tok dancing nurses of empty hospitals who are being paid 15x their monthly salaries to kill pensioners”, “applaud the NHS outside your home every Friday” etc., etc. Once people were fearful enough, they knew they could get them to do anything.

  • All the “experts” turned out to be completely wrong in their simulations and future modeling of everything including viral infectiousness and lethality. This was not incompetence or failure. It was by design. Their projections were anywhere from 5x to 50x more inflated toward fear and death.

  • Spring and Summer of 2020 were to buy time for the deadly vaccines. Early treatments were suppressed, and pensioners were isolated and murdered with deadly hospital protocols (including Fauci-approved Remdesivir which hospital nurses started calling “Run-death-is-near”) to amplify the “danger” to keep people anxious and fearful which was only enhanced by further social isolation and dehumanization tactics of keeping people from seeing faces, loved ones, or interacting with other humans. Putting patients on ventilators almost guaranteed death.

  • The government incentivized all of these protocols (CARES ACT) with hospital bonuses for positive tests, remdesivir, ventilators, and deaths. Hospital administrators cashed in by killing as many patients as possible while fabricating statistics on the cause of death - always Covid - even if the actual cause was a car accident or cancer.

  • Media and governments conditioned millions to be fearful of cash which could be dirty and carry “the virus”. Cash is untraceable and tied to liberty which states want to eliminate through digital currencies that are programmable and give the state full control over people’s lives

  • In June 2020, Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset was published with the phrase “build back better” which was used by almost all western governments. The corporate media fact checkers spent two years calling the Great Reset a “conspiracy theory” even after the book was published

  • “Vaccines” were always on standby, waiting, pushed through fake trials where data was intentionally suppressed or altered but the outcome was always predetermined. These “vaccines” were going to succeed no matter what and be THE ONLY cure for people to get their liberties back and to be “safe” from a virus that may have never existed at all

  • All governments and pharma companies KNEW the vaccines did not stop transmission of the virus and yet lied to their populations anyway for 9 months to a year, constantly moving the goal posts to a ) It leads to only mild symptoms b) you won’t be hospitalized c) you can’t die if you get the vaccine, etc. They’re still trying to get as many people injected with this toxic shit as possible.

  • Why go to such great lengths to fool billions of people into getting these injections? Read Andreas Oehler’s “Lasting Legacy of Trojan Horses” about how engineers at Mode-RNA warned the contents of the vials: Make mRNA coding for mutant versions of CYP19A1 and CDKN1B in smaller amounts. The latter of which goes to the gonads and ovaries. Sterility and infertility was likely one of their goals for any who survive long-term.

  • The nanostructures of these “vaccines” are likely part of a transhumanist experiment that can only garner speculation at this point but probably involves controlling the population via EMF and 5G frequencies.

    2nd Smartest Guy in the World
    Nanostructures in Covid “Vaccines” are Not Self-Assembling; they are Being Constructed by Micro-Machines
    by Rhoda Wilson During an interview with Australian podcaster Maria Zeee, Dr. David Nixon revealed a video of nanotechnology in Pfizer’s Covid injections assembling. They are not self-assembling, Dr. Nixon explained, but rather they are being assembled by nanorobots or micro-machines. The work of these robots is happening at such a slow pace that the w…
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Watch Dr. Micheal Yeadon warn that the past three years of bioterror and tyranny were a globally coordinated event and the worst is yet to come.

Who is Dr. Michael Yeadon?

“I’ve been 41 years in life sciences and was worldwide research hea and Vice President of Pfizer’s respiratory unit (1995-2011).”