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Biblical Proof That The Jews Are NOT 'God's Chosen People'™ - Christians for Truth

Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh

[We have posted the following video in previous articles but have yet to comment on it — so that is what we will do here.]

This video — titled, “The Jews: The Not So Chosen People” — apparently made by a Jew who isn’t going along with his fellow Jews — and challenges their claim to “chosen-ness” by citing direct proof from the Bible.

And one interesting aspect of this video is that he is not anti-Christian — in fact, he shows that Christ’s prophecy about the fate of the Jews in Judea was correct.

Not only that, he even suggests that the “lost” ten northern tribes of Israel migrated up into Europe — a fact that most Jews will mock and deride — smearing it as an “antisemitic” conspiracy theory.

It is remarkable how simple the proof is that Jews are not — and cannot be — God’s Chosen People™ — and even more remarkable is that the vast majority of Christians simply take the Jews’ word for it without question — clearly demonstrating that they do not read their Bibles — and if they do, they most certainly do not understand even this most simple concept.

The only significant issue that we would disagree with in the video is that the narrator seems to suggest that today’s Jews are, in fact, legitimate descendants of the Israelite “Jews” — or Judah — of the Old and New Testaments — they most certainly are not — but that’s a different issue entirely — and one we’ve addressed in countless previous articles.

The “Jews” that this video addresses are the legitimate Israelite tribe of Judah — not the so-called “Jews” of today.

We’ve embedded the video here — and below the video, we’ve made a transcript of the narration, which will allow you analyze it more carefully — and read the comments we’ve added to clarify some of the points.


“The Jews: The Not So Chosen People”

It’s a pretty known “fact” that the Jews are “God’s Chosen People” — and the Jewish “homeland” is Israel — and the Jews “believe in” the Old Testament — and that the Old Testament is “about Jews.”

However, almost none of these facts are true — nowhere in the Bible does it call Jews “God’s Chosen People.” Modern day Israel isn’t really the homeland of the Jews. The Jews don’t really believe in the Old Testament. And maybe only 5% of the people in the Old Testament can even be considered “Jewish.”

So now that you’ve branded me an “antisemite,” we can begin.

Are Jews “God’s Chosen People”?

So the expression “antisemite” literally means “against Shem” or his descendants; however, being anti-Jewish isn’t the same the same thing as being “antisemitic”. So let me explain.

The Semites are the descendants of a man named Shem who would father some of the world’s most renowned empires and dynasties, such as the Assyrian and Babylonian empires — and even the Persians can call themselves “Semites.”

So why is it that when you say something against the Jews, you are considered “antisemitic”? Because just like stealing your religion, your homes, your money, and your businesses, some Jews also love stealing names, inheritance and land.

So Shem is the son of Noah — the guy who built the ark when Mesopotamia flooded. The Samarian Kingdom would be destroyed by the flood — and the Semites would descend from the Caucasian Mountains and establish the Akkadian Empire.

Shem would have children — and one of his descendants would be named Eber. He would be the father of the Hebrew people — and the Semites would be called by his name. Eber’s line would eventually give birth to a man named Abram of a “Jew” named Abraham — except that Abraham has never been a Jew — nor will he ever be a Jew — and to call Abraham [a Jew] is just plain ignorant.

So let’s go through it.

So according to the Bible, Abraham was a Hebrew and not a Jew (Genesis 14:13) whom God promised would be the father of many nations (Genesis 17:4) — not just one single Jewish nation but many nations — and that through him all the families of the world would be blessed (Genesis 12:3).

[CFT Note: The translation here is somewhat misleading. “Families” here is better rendered as “tribes” or “kindred tribes” (based on the Hebrew “mishpachah” — see Strong’s 4940. And “world” would be better translated as the “known land” where these related tribes dwell — see Strong’s 127 for “adamah“.]

Abraham would pass this blessing on to his younger son, Issac — and not his eldest son, Ishmael. Issac would have twin sons — Esau and Jacob. Again, the Abrahamic blessing would be passed down to the younger brother — Jacob — who would then be renamed to “Israel.”

Israel would then have twelve sons — his sons would become each their own tribes — and eventually become their own nations. One of his sons would be named Judah who would be the father of the “Jewish” people — and all Jews are related to him. Even though all Jews are Israelites, the majority of Israelites are not Jews.

[CFT Note: As we’ve previously stated, all Jews are not related to Judah — just as their claim to be “God’s Chosen” is incorrect, so is their pretension that they are legitimate descendants of the Israelite tribe of Judah. As the 1980 “Jewish Almanac” states, “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”]

Obviously, Israel would have to have to pass the Abrahamic blessing to Judah in order for them to be the “Chosen” people. Israel would want his favorite son — Joseph — to inherit the Abrahamic blessing. However, Judah — the father of the Jews — would be jealous and conspire with his brothers to have Joseph killed. In the end, Judah sold Joseph into slavery for silver — much like Judas sold Jesus to the Jews.

So the Bible portrays Judah as the jealous villain — and Joseph as the chosen son. While in slavery, Joseph would rise to become the prime minister of Egypt — and father two sons named Ephraim and Manasseh.

In the end, Joseph would adopt his sons and pass the Abrahamic blessing onto them — making them the “Chosen” people — and dividing Joseph into two tribes — making 13 tribes of Israel.

As for Judah — the father of the Jews — his two eldest sons would die, and Judah would end up bowing down to Joseph.

So now that you understand that the Jews were never intended to bless the world — nor were they ever considered the “Chosen people” — we can move on to our second point:

So Is the Jewish Homeland Israel?

And the answer is “Yes” and not at all.

Israel was originally called “the Land of Canaan” — named after Noah’s grandson Canaan. The land of Canaan was conquered by the Israelites after they left Egypt with Moses — found in the Book of Exodus. The Bible says that God commanded the Israelites to punish the Canaanites for their sexual immorality — which led to child sacrifice — which would eventually lead to cannibalism.

The word “cannibal” actually comes from the words “Canaan” and the god “Baal” — Baal was the god of Canaan and — and the priests were known for eating the children after they were sacrificed to him. Hence why we call them “cannibals.”

So now that you understand what kind of people were living in Canaan, try not to feel so bad when you read that God ordered us to exterminate them.

The borders of the Jewish homeland were established by Joshua who was one of the descendants of Joseph — and not from Judah. So if we were to restore the Jews to their original land, according to the Bible, the Jewish homeland would look less like this:

….and more like this:

So like the story of Joseph and Judah, their children wouldn’t get along likewise either. After becoming nations, there would be a civil war — the Jews would rule the southern kingdom of Judea — while Joseph’s sons would rule the northern kingdom of Israel. They would have different religions — believe in different gods — and while Judah stayed in Judea, Joseph would ally himself with the Phoenicians and establish colonies and trade posts all over the Mediterranean.

The Kingdom of Israel would become corrupted by foreign ideologies — and like the Canaanites — would fall into materialism, sexual immorality, and child sacrifice — which would lead to them being conquered by the Assyrian Empire.

Some of the Israelites would be taken into captivity in the lands of Assyria and Medea — while some of the Israelites and Phoenicians would flee to their colonies and trade posts — fulfilling the promise made to Abraham that the world would be blessed through him (Genesis 15:5) as he would be the father of many nations:

So the sons of Joseph would become fruitful and multiply among the nations — forgetting who they are — which shouldn’t surprise us considering their names literally mean “fruitful” [Ephraim] and “forgetful” [Manasseh].

Just like the northern kingdom, the Jews would fall into sexual immorality and start sacrificing their children — they would be conquered and enslaved by the Babylonians — then freed and re-established by the Persians — conquered again by the Greeks — and later occupied by the Romans.

While under Roman rule, the Jews would launch the greatest revolution in Roman history known as “The Great Revolt” — which would fail, causing Judea and Jerusalem, and the Jewish temple to be destroyed — ironically fulfilling everything that Jesus and the Christian said would happen (Mark 13:2).

The Jews — not being satisfied with losing their temple and homeland — would stab the Romans in the back by launching two more rebellions [Kitos War and the Bar Kokhba Revolt], killing of half a million Greeks and Romans. God would bless “the Chosen people” with two more humiliating defeats, along with the banishment from the land — causing Judea to be renamed “Syria Palestinia”.

So the reason why the Jews have been able to take Palestine really rests on the fact that they’ve stolen the name “Israel” and convinced the Christian West that they are “the Chosen People” — and that they alone are Israel. But once putting things into perspective, we that this just isn’t true.

Which brings us to our third point:

Do the Jews believe in the Old Testament?

The answer is “kind of” and “not really.”

While waving around the Old Testament as if they believed in it, the Jews actually have secondary books that they consider just as important — the main book being called “The Talmud”.

To explain the Talmud, we have to understand some basic Jewish-Roman history, going back to Emperor Claudius (41AD – 54AD) who — like Emperor Tiberius — tried to ban the Jews from Rome after branding them aggressive troublemakers.

Sadly, Emperor Claudius didn’t understand how to play The Game of Thrones — and ended up mysteriously being killed. His successor — Emperor Nero — would lift the Jewish ban — which shouldn’t surprise us considering the Talmud says he was a Jewish convert. Nero and his Jews would engage in some of the most barbaric acts known to man.

[CFT Note: Roman historian Flavius Josephus called Nero’s wife — Poppaea — a worshiper of the ‘God of Israel’ and that she urged Nero to show compassion to the Jewish people. In one account, Josephus shows how Poppaea advocated for the Jewish priests when an issue was brought before Nero by Herod Agrippa II, who was the Tetrarch of Jerusalem, concerning a wall that was built blocking Agrippa’s view of the temple. She convinced Nero to not order the Jewish priests to tear down the wall and to leave the temple as is.]

Just to give you an idea how crazy this pro-Jewish emperor was — Nero burned down Rome and blamed it on the Christians, causing them to be tortured and killed in the worst ways imaginable. He murdered his entire family and then kicked his pregnant wife and unborn child to death — and then castrated a young boy named Sporus and force him to dress like the wife whom he had just murdered.

With the coming of Jesus, the Jews would divide into two main groups — those who believed that Jesus is the Messiah — while the other group of Jews rejected this claim, believing that their messiah would come wielding a sword to destroy the Romans and set up a Jewish empire — which is what led the Jews to rebel against Rome in the first place — that, and they just didn’t want to pay taxes.

After their failed rebellions, the Jews would retreat to Babylon — creating the religion we know today as “Judaism” — making Christianity older by 200 years. The Jews would argue and say that the Talmud is the oral law that was passed down orally without any mistakes since the time of Moses — before finally being written down between 200 and 400 years after Jesus.

This would place the Jews in first place above the Muslims for the longest, most successful game of Broken Telephone ever played.

The Talmud speaks of its “love” for Christians by calling the mother of Jesus a whore — and calling Jesus a bastard sorcerer who is in hell boiling in human [excrement] — which brings us to our last point:

Is the Old Testament About Jews?

The answer is “No, not really” — because the Jews have stolen the name “Israel,” you would never guess that the majority of the people in the Bible are not Jewish. The apostle Paul, for instance, even though everyone calls him a “Jew,” publicly separates himself from the Jews (Philippians 3:5Romans 1:1) — and says, “I am an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin.”

[CFT Note: This is simply incorrect — Paul does, in fact, call himself a Jew in Acts 22:3, “I am verily a man which am a Jew, born in Tarsus..” What this narrator fails to understand is that in the context of the New Testament, the term “Jew” — from the Greek “Ioudaios” (Strong’s 2453) — can refer collectively to the three Israelite tribes of the southern kingdom — Judah, Benjamin, and Levi. It can also mean “Judean,” but technically Paul is a Roman citizen from Tarsus, not a “Judean.”]

The Bible also says that God sent Paul to preach among the Israelites (Acts 9:15) — and funny enough, Paul’s ministry wasn’t in Judea, but he was sent to preach to the Galatians in Asia Minor, the Greeks in Greece, and the Romans in Rome.

The Bible is constantly separating the Kingdom of Israel from the Kingdom of Judah — as it is constantly separating Joseph from Judah. The entire Jewish deception — and highjacking of the Bible — depends on them stealing the terms “Semites”, “Hebrews”, and “Israelites”.

For example, Moses — the man who wrote the first five books known as The Torah — did not come from the tribe of Judah, nor was he part of the Kingdom of Judea — yet somehow he is [claimed to be] a “Jew.”

The reality here is that the majority of the people in the Old Testament are not Jewish. The Bible is a book that tells the history of many nations and peoples — like the Semites, the Hebrews, the Israelites, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Armenians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and many others. It’s not only about “Jews.”