Friday, March 31, 2023

The Quota Hire Pretending to be a Secretary of Defense is terminating the US Army - by Paul Craig Roberts

 US Army sets dates for Confederate cleanup

Six of nine domestic bases recommended for rebranding will get new names by June 

After Robert E. Lee’s surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia, an army for which food, boots, medical supplies, and replacements for casualties could no longer be supplied by the small population of the agricultural South, the Reconstruction Era set in. Reconstruction lasted 12 years.  In history books written by northern propagandists, Reconstruction was a period when “attempts were made to redress the inequities of slavery and its political, social, and economic legacy and to solve the problems for the readmission of the states that seceded.”

So much has been falsified.  Abraham Lincoln stressed over and over and over that his war was not about slavery, but about saving the Empire, which he called “saving the Union.”   The letters and diaries from soldiers on both sides of the conflict verify that no one was fighting for or against slavery.  Indeed, Lincoln was warned by his generals never to say the invasion of the South was to free the slaves or the Union Army would desert.  

The agricultural South seceded because the northern states intended to finance their industrial development with tariffs at the expense of the South.  This history is throughly documented, but it doesn’t provide the necessary excuse for black victimhood.  The blacks learned from the Jewish lobbies  that victimhood is both profitable and protection from being held accountable. American liberals are great champions of black victimhood, and so they have rewritten history, including the history of Reconstruction.

The Reconstruction Era, once clearly understood, has been replaced with a fabricated account.  The real reconstruction was a 12-year period of rape and pillage. Northern carpetbaggers and scalawags descended on the South and, using the military authority of the occupation, stole land and businesses from the Southern owners.  Union troops and former slaves elevated to governing positions over Southern whites raped and gang-raped Southern women and girls to further humiliate the Southern people. This led rise to the Ku Klux Klan.

In the real history there are Southern towns in which the women were hidden in the forests to prevent their rape.  The Ku Klux Klan was a guerrilla organization that arose to protect Southern women and property owners.  

The Ku Klux Klan was effective and as 12 years passed the Republicans were sated of their hatred and punishment of the South. The decision was made in Washington to end Reconstruction and to reconstitute the unity of the states.

As part of the unity, the US military recognized the fighting prowess of the small and poorly equipped Southern armies, especially that of the Army of Northern Virginia which caused Lincoln to run through general after general until, despite the overwhelming superiority of Lincoln’s armies in numbers and equipment, Lincoln found one almost capable of fighting on equal terms with Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia three times smaller and without reserves of manpower or equipment, food, and medical supplies.

At war’s end, part of the reconciliation of the north and South was the US military’s honor of the fighting prowess of their opponent.  The barracks at West Point, where Robert E. Lee was superintendent, were named after Lee. Memorials were erected in honor of the defeated South.  Arlington Cemetery, land confiscated from Lee’s wife and the site of the Unknown Soldier, is also a burial site of the South’s soldiers and has a memorial to Southern soldiers that Biden’s black Quota Hire is removing as part of the “diverse” Biden regime’s erasure of Southern history.  Better to name a US military base after a sexual pervert than a Southern hero.

The reconciliation that the rabid Southern-hating Republicans agreed to in 1877 is in the process of being overturned by the idiot Biden Democrat Regime.  The Quota Hire at the Pentagon, put there by Democrats as part of their glorification of “diversity,” has ordered all Southern names and monuments to be erased from US military bases and graveyards. Wiping out history is the opposite of “diversity.” It is the opposite of social harmony.

Think about this for a minute.  The only reason the US has a military force capable of fighting is that the backbone of today’s US Army is Southern.  And here we have the Secretary of Defense dishonoring the Southern soldiers on which the US military is dependent !

In 2021 US active duty Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines totaled 1,156,040.   Four Southern States–Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida–account for 36.3% of the size of US Armed Forces. The four Southern States alone–four out of 50 states–accounted for 419,511 members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.  If all of the four Southern states members of the Armed Forces were in the US Army, the four Southern states would account for 98.3% of the US Army!

The members of the US Armed Forces from the four Southern states are 1.37 times the size of the entire US Navy,  1.52 times the size of the US Air Force, and 2.8 times larger than the US Marines.

If you add in the other Southern states you will conclude that very little of the US military consists of non-Southerners.

It is a mystery why Southerners serve a country that destroyed their culture and civilized way of life, and now intentionally erases their history and dishonors their heros. Of course, the Southerners have been brainwashed in their indoctrination, posing as education, in universities, public schools, and movies.  They have been forced to take sensitivity training during which they learn they are racists and responsible for black underperformance and that they are morally inferior by being white people. 

 Still, in the present day US Army, if an army it is, the Southern boys must realize that they are the only performers, that the female, black, and transgendered officers who are their commanders are incompetent and succeed because of preferences.  They probably don’t understand it, but they witness it.  And now those who comprise the backbone of the US Armed Forces are having their nose rubbed into the demonization of the South by the black Secretary of Defense, by their female, black, homosexual and transgendered commanding officers, and by the idiot in the White house. The Southerners, who alone constitute a fighting force, can see the extirpating of Southern history and their own demonization in sensitivity training.

Do the Southerners who comprise the fighting force of the US Military understand that the government and the military they are serving hates their guts?  Do they understand that they are serving a government that raped and pillaged their forebears and now eradicates their history?  What Southerner would serve a government that demonizes Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson?

Is the South dead? Has it sold its soul for a bowl of porridge?

Movies have been made about the genocide of the Plains Indians in the immediate aftermath of Lincoln’s conquest of the Confederacy. The same two Union generals–Sherman and Sheridan–who raped and pillaged the South annihilated the Plains Indians using every war crime imaginable.  But no movies have been made of their activities in the South other than to glorify them, and no movies have been made of the horrors of the Reconstruction Era.  It would be too inflammatory to see who the true victims of Washington’s supremacy are.