Monday, March 13, 2023

Black South African: 'Blacks Are Dismal Failure' - Give Country Back To White People - Christians for Truth


(Twitter) A video has been posted on Twitter of a black South African woman speaking about the “dismal failure” of black rule — how in the 28 years since the fall of Apartheid, the country has become a hopeless mess — and she wants Blacks to “swallow their pride” to give the country back to White people:

She says,

“Let the power go back to the White people. We, as black people, we just have to accept that we failed dismally. For 28 years, we were given chance to prove ourselves, and we failed dismally.

This thing of voting, one black person after the other, it won’t help us with anything. Let power go back to White people.

When White people were governing this country — irrespective of whatever that they were doing — but our parents were working, kids used to get passes to go to universities, the town used to be clean.

There was jobs everywhere. You apply you get a job. Even if you didn’t have qualifications, you could work in hotels — you could work wherever. You could even work in the farms — there were farms where people could work.

Black people are a dismal, dismal failure. They can’t govern. Let the power go back to White people. Let us just swallow our pride — and give this White people power back — so that the culture can go back to normal.

We have to accept it. We really, really respect people who fought for the liberation. We respect them — and we are still going to respect them.

But at the end of the day, we just have to take this power back to the White people.

We are tired. South Africa is a mess. Everywhere you go, it’s a mess. We are tired. We accept we failed.

Black people cannot rule. Black people cannot govern.

White people should take over this country so that this country can have dignity back. All these things that are happening in our country, they will never happen again.

This problem of foreigners — this problem of crime — it won’t be there any more.

White people, they don’t play. They don’t play. They rule. They govern.

The police — White police — they don’t play with criminals. They don’t play with undocumented people in the country…”

We would agree with everything this black woman has said — except for her “respect” for their black leaders who helped bring about their “liberation” — these Blacks — like the terrorist Nelson Mandela — were driven by envy, greed and hate — not by love for their own people

If they truly loved their own people — and knew what what best for them — they would have told them that Apartheid was for their own best interests — as this black woman clearly now understands.

Simply put, South Africa experienced a communist revolution that brought about the fall of Apartheid and White rule — orchestrated behind the scenes by Jews — like Denis Goldberg — and their White useful idiots like George Galloway and Alan Paton — who used black front men, like Nelson Mandela to be the false “black face” of the revolution.

The result of every communist revolution is misery and death — while promising the false hope of a utopian future that never comes.

Blacks cannot govern a nation because Blacks cannot even govern their own personal lives — they have no self-disciple — their natural impulses compel them to take whatever is in front of them — whether its prosperous farms built by Whites over hundreds of years, public infrastructure, or any woman they want to rape.

Not surprisingly, well over 90% of farms that have been “appropriated” by Blacks have failed — but Blacks would rather see them fail — and see their fellow Blacks starve — than allow Whites to own anything.

In fact, the black Minister of Agriculture stated that Blacks don’t need White farmers — because they can just go to the store and buy food.

Yes, in order to enforce necessary White Rule, the Whites of South Africa had to use force — sometimes brutal force — the only thing that Blacks understand and respect — to keep the peace and protect prosperity for all — and the international Jewish press made sure to trumpet examples of that necessary force as “abuse” to discredit Apartheid worldwide.

The Jewish press — with the backing of wealthy Jewish bankers — smeared South Africa’s greatest White prime minister — Hendrik Verwoerd — as a “racist” — and even went so far as to accuse him of being a pedophile.

One of the most influential Jews in South Africa who aided and abetted its destruction is billionaire Nathan “Natie” Kirsh — the “George Soros of Africa” — who amassed a fortune in commercial real estate and aerospace technologies — while registering his companies offshore in the British Virgin Islands to avoid paying taxes — then funneled that wealth into Israel — and then hypocritically financed the construction of the apartheid “security” walls between Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Apartheid South Africa was literally a cash cow for international Jewry — besides their monopoly on the gold and diamond mines, Israel relied on the rich uranium mines in South Africa to fuel their clandestine and illegal nuclear weapons program — which they had kick-started by stealing already processed uranium from America.

But the elite Jews were more than willing to use their ill-gotten wealth to destroy White Rule — knowing full well that their trade in diamonds, gold, and uranium would continue unabated — their black puppet rulers have all been pro-Zionist — their most important qualification for leadership.

Since the fall of Apartheid, over 40% of South Africa’s Jews have fled to the safety of Israel, England, and America — which has mysteriously lead to a decline in “antisemitism” in the country — leaving Whites to deal with the mess while the Blacks vote to steal their land — and the Whites who resist this “appropriation” are slaughtered wholesale.

Taking a cue from Jews, black radicals in South Africa have introduced a law to make “Apartheid denialism” illegal — much like the Jews made Holocaust denial illegal in numerous White nations over which they rule.

While Jews have had no problem getting exit visas from South Africa and finding other nations that will readily take them in, White South Africans have largely been denied this ability to leave and take their hard-earned assets with them.

Countries like Australia and Canada refuse to accept White South Africans seeking asylum on the basis of racial discrimination and the fear of death — because they are accused of “racism” for being part of any South African group that advocates rights for Whites.

Ironically, it’s former communist countries like Russia and Hungary that are more than willing to grant industrious White South African farmers asylum.

Jews have always encouraged “Black Pride” — but what they really need is “Black Humility” — as this black South African woman understands — Blacks need to “swallow their pride” and very humbly ask — if not beg — Whites to take back the country and put it back in order — just as they did in Zimbabwe.

But most Blacks are incapable of such self-knowledge and humility — as Friedrich Nietzsche wrote,

No one is more inferior than those who insist on being equal.