Friday, April 14, 2023

Now, The Difficult Choice - by Karl Denninger

 The alleged "leaker" of classified US defense information, which I remind you not only provided details about the Ukraine situation but also stated that we had actual uniformed troops in the nation, has been arrested.

There were plenty of folks who claimed over the last few days that these documents were not genuine; that is, they were a hoax -- or propaganda, if you prefer, put forward by Russia to make it look like we had troops in Ukraine when in fact we did not.

By arresting the "leaker" we have admitted the documents are factual.

This is a problem; it is quite-arguable we have actually entered the Russia-Ukraine war.

For real.

You need to think long and hard about that, because from this point forward it is your decision whether you permit this administration -- and by extension the military that is under civilian control of the Executive -- to do this.

Unlike many nations the military in the United States is under civilian control and said control resides solely in the Executive, with the President as Commander in Chief.

All the denials, all the arm-waving, that's all over now.

This is now our war, and we, the people are the ones who decide.

Whatever you think about Putin or Russia generally, or for that matter Ukraine, we are now in that war, the opponent has nuclear weapons, and we, right here in America, are now subject to whatever Russia decides to do with regards to a combating nation in said war, including to us as the civilian population.

Do not kid yourself as to what this means.

Choosing to do nothing is consent; every penny you spend, every tax dollar you generate, every bond sale you allow to have a "full faith and credit" behind is an act of support of said war; no war is ever prosecuted without both men and money and this is no longer an abstract discussion.