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Tristan Tzara and the Jewish Roots of Dada, by Brenton Sanderson - The Unz Review

 Part One

The twentieth century saw a proliferation of art inspired by the Jewish culture of critique. The exposure and promotion of this art grew alongside the Jewish penetration and eventual capture of the Western art establishment. Jewish artists sought to rewrite the rules of artistic expression — to accommodate their own technical limitations and facilitate the creation (and elite acceptance) of works intended as a rebuke to Western civilizational norms.

The Jewish intellectual substructure of many of these twentieth-century art movements was manifest in their unfailing hostility toward the political, cultural and religious traditions of Europe and European-derived societies. I have examined how the rise of Abstract Expressionism exemplified this tendency in the United States and coincided with the usurping of the American art establishment by a group of radical Jewish intellectuals. In Europe, Jewish influence on Western art reached a peak during the interwar years. This era, when the work of many artists reflected their radical politics, was the heyday of the Jewish avant-garde......................

.........In poststructuralism and deconstruction, the spirit of Dada extended far beyond what had been hoped for by its most messianic propagandists like Tristan Tzara and Walter Serner. For the British historian Paul Johnson: “Dada was pretentious, contemptuous, destructive, very chic, publicity-seeking and ultimately pointless.”[C37] Johnson is wrong on the last score. Dada had far-reaching intellectual and cultural consequences — in revolutionizing art, undermining trust in the notion of objective truth, and in pioneering a vector of attack on Western civilization subsequently taken up by Jewish intellectual activists like Derrida.

Brenton Sanderson is the author of Battle Lines: Essays on Western Culture, Jewish Influence and Anti-Semitism, banned by Amazon, but available here.

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Comment by Crush: This is simply the history of DaSynagogue of Satan.

In order to destroy a nation or an entire civilization, you destroy its culture………the rest is dominoes because all other institutions like government, politics and even religion are downstream. Christianity was converted into Churchianity which now takes its orders from DaCulture.

In times like these……you need to know your real enemy – Here’s DaRest of DaStory – – DaSynagogue of Satan currently rules DaWorld via DaEmpire of Evil…..but just like the previous era which ended in 70 AD, this era is coming to an end as well…..the signs are all around us.