Thursday, April 13, 2023

Taiwan: Washington’s Quest To Provoke A Chinese War, by Eric Striker - The Unz Review

........... The drive behind every American foreign policy decision is not up for debate, it is not merely about money. Peace and diplomacy is much more profitable than war. Emanant scholar Michael Hudson, who spent years working in prominent think tanks, summarized the American national security establishment best, “I’ve met the national security types when I was at the Hudson Institute for many years. They are crazy. They are filled with hatred of the stories about their families suffering in the Holocaust. They look at the rest of the world as potential enemies who want to put them in the gas chambers. These are twisted people.”

In truth, America is as much of a police state as China, except in the latter they have the benefit of violent crime being unheard of. Here in the land of human rights and democracy we have FBI agents spying on people in our churches and sketchy indictments of political opponents for disagreeing with maybe 10% of the Washington consensus. But every system functions this way, what distinguishes the Chinese one is that it defends the interests of its majority race while the US system — private and public — operates for the exclusive benefit of a small minority that openly says it hates the majority.

We must have a state that respects and preserves our European state-building majority, makes business and finance accountable, and punishes those who deserve it. We must immediately cease our policy of starting wars, spreading anarchy, and imposing toxic values that are killing us as well as others. Our goal should be to have strong borders and a formidable defense force while engaging with the world in a constructive and peaceful fashion.

But first we must take our nation back!

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