Monday, July 10, 2023


 Guest Post by CCRider

Where to Watch Sound of Freedom : Free Online Sound of Freedom Streaming at  Home

I’m not big on movies.  Seventeen years ago on a date night with my wife, we went to our local theater to see what I was told was a funny movie entitled Borat.  A half-hour into it I began to smell a rat.  It was more ridiculous than hilarious. Then came a scene where the Borat character goes into a gun store and asks the owner what would be a good gun to use for killing Jews.  This was his idea of humor.  Instead of grabbing this fool by his wooly noggin and tossing him back into the street, they started having a conversation on the subject.  That was enough for me.  I stormed out.  This was just another Hollywood shit-head denigrating white men (except Jews, of course.)  I made a vow to never again put one cent down on a movie I didn’t know to be honest and honorable.

In my old age, I’ve come to detest violence of any sort.  That includes sports I use to love like football and boxing.  No more.  If there is a car accident I speed past it without a glance.  If someone is bleeding I’m the last guy you would want on the scene.  It’s especially painful seeing children hurt.  Since the birth of my first grandchild 4 years ago and again becoming sensitized to how precious and vulnerable they are has deepened my anguish.

So it was with some trepidation that I decided to see The Sound of Freedom.  I heard an interview with the star and producer Jim Caviezel that described the plot.  It was the true story of a Homeland Security agent who goes to amazing lengths to crack a child prostitution ring.  Caviezel explained he wanted the movie to raise the issue in the public conscience.  I felt obligated to support this good man.  It took him five years to overcome the political obstacles to release it.  We don’t have to wonder why. Reduced to its essence, it’s the story of a white, Christian man who places his life in mortal jeopardy to save little brown babies.  Don’t expect many rave reviews in the corporate press.

I must tell you this film tore me up.  I had the presence of mind to stuff my pockets with Kleenex prior to walking in and they came in handy.  There were so many times when tears welled up.  In one scene they go from seeing this kidnapped nine-year-old girl working in a brothel to then switching to her father back in Guatemala staring at her empty bed crying.  I managed to stifle a crying jag, but only just so.  I’m welling up now recalling it.  It’s impossible not to juxtapose myself in that situation staring at the empty bed of a missing grandchild.

I am not going to critique the movie.  My point here is to urge you all to see it.  It is a riveting tale of a genuine hero who stood alone, truly all alone, and defeated evil.  It was explained that child prostitution has become a major industry owing to the fact that you can sell a bag of cocaine once but a child in servitude can produce revenue 5 times a day, seven days a week.  It’s also the United States that is the biggest market for these desperate children, yet more proof of our decline into perdition.   These kids need our help.  Please see this film but don’t forget the Kleenex.

I’ve reentered the spiritual realm via the back door.  I wish I could report that I have felt the presence of Christ in my soul.  I’m still working on that part.  My epiphany came as a result of a growing sense of the presence of Satan.  It crept up on me over time.  It was codified by the speech President Demento gave last August.  The evil iconography mixed with the message that Trump supporters, all 74 million of them were potential domestic terrorists pushed me over the top. Satan is among us.

That a man can see a naked child and feel sexual desire is beyond my comprehension.  The very thought makes me physically ill.  This is such a degradation of the human spirit it must have a mystical component.  But if there is a dark side to this phenomena there must also be a light side.  I’m dragging myself to the light.

I am a big Naomi Wolf fan.  I was at a Ron Paul rally in Washington, DC where she spoke of the creeping tyranny now so evident 11 years later.  I have great respect for her.  She has a deep connection to the spiritual world that I find intriguing. In this article, she speaks of her spiritual experiences which I find comforting.  I believe you might as well.