Tuesday, October 10, 2023

By Their Fruit, You Will Know Them… Biden Calls for More War, Putin Calls for Peaceful World - by Strategic Culture Foundation

 U.S. President Joe Biden was this week making desperate appeals for more funds to fuel the futile, heinous war in Ukraine. By contrast, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin delivered a keynote speech calling for a world based on equality and peace.

Comparing the substance of the two is instructive. Biden rambles with scripted scraps of ideological stereotypes and belligerence that increasingly sound ho-hum nonsense. By contrast, Putin gave an intellectually passionate and eloquent survey of world history to an audience of international scholars and serious thinkers. Putin summed up his speech with a sincere appeal for peace and goodwill to all humanity.

One cannot contemplate Biden or any other Western so-called leader having the intellectual capability or moral fibre to articulate a comparable speech promoting world peace and progress.

If we disabuse perceptions and prejudices created by Western media, it is clear to any objective person that the American leader is a warmongering dinosaur, while the Russian leader is a forward-looking principled world statesman.

Biden, the frail octogenarian and a has-been, self-aggrandizing politician, embodies a world of the past where conflict and violence have been all too deplorably commonplace. That kind of world is concomitant with elitist rule and systematic exploitation of others. For five centuries, European colonialism and latterly Western neocolonialism have dominated, distorted and demonized international relations. Of course, the grotesque reality was always obscured with constant brainwashing by Western media using Orwellian euphemisms about “democracy”, “human rights” and “rules-based order”.

All the while, elitist Western powers ran amok with illegal wars, plundering of resources and financial looting. Cynically, the Western imperialists and their propaganda news media would pay lip service to principles of democracy and the Charter of the United Nations, while in practice flagrantly making a mockery of supposed ethics. The United States and its CIA agency and NATO proxy have been the world’s biggest terrorist organization since Nazi Germany.

Joe Biden, faced with dysfunctional chaos in the American political system, has nothing to offer to his nation, nor to U.S. allies, nor to the world – except more war. The collapsing U.S. global power, as always, is projecting its own internal failings outwards by fomenting international conflict, primarily against Russia in a proxy war in Ukraine, but also against China over a number of fabricated claims.

Biden is begging Democratic and Republican lawmakers to stop their bickering and infighting – not for the benefit of the American people – but for the further release of tens of billions more dollars to sponsor a Neo-Nazi regime in Kiev tasked with the purpose of waging the American-NATO imperialist proxy war against Russia.

The American and European political establishments cannot conceive of a world other than one based on relentless conflict and war. This is why the recent centuries have seen no end to imperialist wars and the exploitation of the rest of the world by this global minority. War, poverty, hunger, disease, death and chronic underdevelopment are the odious manifestations of the Western capitalist “order”.

The so-called Collective West must continually sow division and conflict in the world for their hegemonic advantage. This is what the Cold War (1945-90) was all about and why the Western powers were never able to genuinely make peace when the Cold War supposedly ended more than three decades ago following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Today, the Cold War is as rampant and addictive as ever. It never ended because the underlying Western disease never stopped.

The Western imperialist powers – primarily the United States – were compelled by their hegemonic economics and politics to keep expanding under the guise of the NATO military bloc and countless pretexts over maintaining security, and, absurdly, “war on terror” and “nation building”.

Ukraine’s slaughter is the culmination of this historical destructive process. The association between Western self-proclaimed “democracies” and a corrupt NeoNazi regime in Kiev is the ultimate organic outcome of the fascism that lies at the heart of Western imperialism, with its pseudo-liberal face.

The present conflict in Ukraine is the historical nemesis of Western imperialist power. The Second World War was but a punctuation mark that lapsed into the Cold War and eventually its revival which the world is now being subjected to again.

President Putin presented a positive and hopeful vision of the world this week during a speech delivered at the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi. He portrayed “harmonious coexistence” and peace based on principles of equality and justice between nations. In that regard, Putin was reiterating the foundational vision of the United Nations established in 1945 following the devastation of the Second World War.

“The Ukraine crisis is not a territorial conflict,” said Putin. “The issue is much broader and more fundamental and is about the principles underlying the new international order.”

Biden and his Western vassals and their mendacious media keep repeating the baseless lie that Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine is an “unprovoked aggression”. This narrative is a brazen denial of the history of the CIA-backed coup in Kiev in 2014 and the NATO weaponization of a NeoNazi regime that was killing ethnic Russians in former Ukraine for nine years.

The Kiev regime – headed by a Nazi-saluting Jewish puppet president – has committed atrocity after atrocity to smear Russia, thanks to the indulgence of the Western propaganda media. The Bucha massacre in March 2022, the missile attacks on Kramatorsk in April 2022, Poland in November 2022, and in Konstantinovka last month. This week saw a massacre of 51 people in the village of Hroza in Kharkov region that was immediately blamed on Russia, but which has the hallmarks of another Kiev false-flag provocation. This is the kind of filthy and fiendish regime that epitomizes the U.S.-led NATO war machine.

Putin laid out clearly how a peaceful international order can be achieved by repudiating “artificial geopolitical associations” and Cold War-style “blocs” being “forced onto the world”.

“Lasting peace will only be possible when everyone feels safe and secure, understands that their opinions are respected and that there is a balance in the world where no one can unilaterally force or compel others to live or behave as a hegemon pleases even when it contradicts the sovereignty, genuine interests, traditions, or customs of peoples and countries,” said the Russian president.

Putin added: “Russia was, is and will be one of the foundations of this new world system, ready for constructive interaction with everyone who strives for peace and prosperity, but ready for tough opposition against those who profess the principles of dictatorship and violence. We believe that pragmatism and common sense will prevail, and a multipolar world will be established.”

The world is literally changing before our eyes and by our own hands, as Putin also noted. The emergence of a multipolar world, the G20, the BRICS+, and so on, are the fulfilment of a vision for international peace, justice, sovereignty, equality and development.

The destructive, warmongering hegemony of elite Western imperialist rule is a world that is no longer tenable nor tolerable.

Biden and his Western ilk are literally the spokesmen for a dead-end artificial world. By contrast, Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with the wisdom and relevance of a world as it truly needs to be.

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