Tuesday, October 17, 2023

It is a Mystery - Vox Popoli

 Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this latest round of the Israeli-Gaza war is that so many Jews in the USA and Europe are observably astonished at the way in which nearly the entire world is supporting the Palestinians despite the vast litany of horrors, both real and fake, that are being repeatedly shoved in the public’s faces by the mainstream media.

It’s as if they’ve forgotten what they’ve quite literally been saying since 1965 1908.

Now, it may be that the time has finally come for Israel to take its chances with alienating the rest of the world. The US military, while degrading rapidly, is still extremely formidable. The mainstream Western media is either wholly-owned or sufficiently leashed. China and Russia are otherwise occupied. Iran is only going to become more formidable over time due to the failure of Clown World and decline of the the imperial dollar. The Arab-Israeli population delta is widening. And the invaded nations of Europe are not going to become more friendly as their Clown-controlled governments are replaced by increasingly hardline nationalists.

But it’s a hard call. I’m not at all surprised that Netanyahu and his IDF generals appear to be hesitating before giving the orders to begin the ethnic cleansing of the northern half of Gaza. For good or for ill, no decision of such magnitude should be made lightly, and despite all the theatrical posturing on the part of both sides, the outcome is highly uncertain and there will be no return from committing to such a horrific and hypocritical path regardless of the provocation.

Despite the probable costs and consequences, the better strategic analysts understand why Netanyahu will probably roll the dice as his final act as Israel’s head of state.

Why now? Why do events seem to be spiraling into such biblical end times territory all over the globe?

For Israel, the answer is simple: they are actually running out of time.

You see, the Arab world is becoming incommensurately stronger every day. Arabs are no longer the weak pawns of the 20th century, to be used at whim by the British Empire, which itself now lies smoldering.

The most important dimension to this is the fact that Israelis are being outbred. Their TFRs cannot compete not only with Palestinians, but with the Arab world at large. Palestinians themselves are now upwards of 5 million in population while Israel only has 9 and a half, only ~7M of which are Jews.

But the bigger issue are Israel’s top historical adversaries. Egypt, for instance, had ~20 something million people during the Arab-Israeli wars of the 60s era. It now sports 110M and is set to be over 200M by 2050-2070. In that same time, Israel is projected to only be 13-16M or so. Even Palestinians will vastly outnumber their Israeli occupiers by then. Furthermore, the U.S./UK/Atlanticist Empire which has been the linchpin holding Israel together is now weakening more than ever before, and Israel will not be able to count on their unflagging support in the future, particularly reading the tea leaves of NATO and EU slowly crumbling—neither of which will likely exist past 2030.

Now Egypt has officially joined the BRICS, its tenure set to start on January 1, 2024. Combine that with a growing Turkey, Palestine, and many other states. The fact is, within another decade or two, Israel will stand no chance at “defending itself”, or rather at illegally bombing all of its neighbors. A future Arab-Israeli war could hypothetically pit 300-500M people against a country of 12-15M.

But more specifically Palestinians themselves are simply out-breeding Israelis and would begin to pose a major problem to Israel’s expansionist plans.

This is why the conflict now has eschatological and biblical dimensions—because Israel sees the writing on the wall, their very future is in critical danger. Only by fulfilling prophecy now, establishing a strong state on the totality of the land, can they hope to thwart the natural tide rising against them.

It also explains the uncharacteristic level of open hypocrisy and hysteria being exhibited by the likes of Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and others in the US media. While I never gave any credence to the idea of Ukraine as “the New Israel”, it increasingly appears there may have been some truth to it after all. But even if it was put down on paper somewhere, that plan appears to be dead in the water courtesy of the Russian special military operation, as is the neoclown plan to move to China. All that appears to leave, at the moment, is the original Zionist program for Greater Israel, updated in the 1990s by the neocons, which suggests that Gaza will be targeted for ethnic cleansing regardless of what the rest of the world thinks or does in response.

World War III began two years ago. I was hoping the Middle East would not be its second front, but it certainly looks like the most probable candidate at the moment. And remember, sooner or later, the Black Rider always throws his human servants from his high horse.

UPDATE: The threatened Gaza invasion is delayed again.

Israel has decided to put off the start of its ground operation against Hamas in Gaza due to adverse weather conditions, the New York Times has claimed. In an article on Saturday the media outlet alleged, citing anonymous Israeli officers, that the “invasion was initially planned for the weekend but was delayed by a few days, at least in part because of weather conditions.” These are so far precluding Israeli pilots and drone operators from providing ground forces with air cover, the NYT explained.

It’s been sunny, with no rain and little wind, all weekend in Israel. The forecast for the coming week is the same. Whatever the real reason for the additional delay, it isn’t the weather.