Sunday, October 8, 2023

China, Please Go International With Your Domestic (((US Oligarch))) Education Awareness Program, by Richard Solomon - The Unz Review


I free-subscribe to a Substack written by a China expert—or anti-China expert. He sometimes appears on US corporate media outlets to push his war-against-China viewpoint. A typical example of the ADL-CIA-MIC sycophant “intellectual” midwit who populates America’s think tanks or non-think tanks. In one of his Substacks, he accused China of anti-semitism, translating domestic Chinese news article paragraphs that mentioned Jewish oligarch aka (((US oligarch))) influence on America’s foreign policy. While I applaud China’s domestic education program, it’s time to take their Rothschild Zionist messaging international, i.e., to China’s English-speaking global media platforms.

First, a disclaimer. Followers of the Tao find irrational racism ugly. I in no way suggest China copy Hitler’s example of formally declaring war on “international Jewry” which morphed into war on “Jews.” That would be a disaster, and like the meth kingpin antagonist Gus in the television series “Breaking Bad” said—“Never make the same mistake twice.” Or someone else’s mistake. The National Socialist platform contained a regrettable racist component, which came back to bite Germany, most notably via the Russian invasion and the disrespect and ill-treatment directed toward non-Aryan peoples. It was a bad payback day for Berlin when the Red Army entered the gates.

Mark Twain said, “History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.” Never forget the Opium Wars and the Century of Humiliation foisted on China by Jewish oligarch families like the Sassoons and their Anglo-aristocrat partners. As a continuation of the “City of London” British Empire, the US Anglo-Zionist Empire seeks to subjugate China. Locusts devour the grain. Demented inbred banking-aristocrat families devour the planet. To each his nature.

As with China, global Jewish finance presents an existential threat to billions of Earth’s inhabitants. Many seek relief from the Rothschild Zionist jackboot that slowly flattens their necks. A China that called out the egregious financial and war crimes of Rothschild Zionism would find itself aligned with hundreds of millions of global citizens who share the same viewpoint. But how to achieve this without devolving into irrational racism? The same way China does it domestically. Expose the crimes of Jewish oligarchs and organizations (organized Jewry) without attacking Jews as a race or religion.

The US government’s 1980s and 90s war on New York’s Italian mafia provides an excellent model. (I’m not saying Rothschild Zionists are the equivalent of the Italian mafia. Compared to Rothschild Zionism, Cosa Nostra comes off as a shining angel of light). While the DOJ recognized that the heads of New York’s mafia families and their made men were Italian, they never attempted to cast aspersions on the Italian people as a whole. From my viewpoint, China needs to adopt a similar strategy. On a global level, expose the crimes of the international Jewish mafia through its financial criminals, e.g. Goldman Sachs, George Soros, Paul Singer—and its war criminals, e.g., Paul Wolfowitz, Victoria Nuland, Antony Blinken. Refusing to name one’s enemy is like disavowing block moves as a roundhouse kick sails your way. You might wind up with a bad headache. However, messaging must be as subtle and smooth as the Shaolin monk who walks on rice paper without leaving footprints. China stands for win-win cooperation and international friendship, and any messaging on organized Jewry’s crimes needs to pass through that prism. Irrational racism would not only tarnish China’s brand- it’s anti-Tao.

In all fairness, within the US Anglo-Zionist Empire, other power blocs besides organized Jewry seek conflict with China. Western corporations from Bechtel to PepsiCo dream of taking the reins of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Flabby old Pentagon apparatchiks salivate over the prospect of a China-US war like it was a bow-wrapped $2000/hour call girl gift basket from Raytheon. US-based WEF oligarchs of various origins profit off death. Even mid-lower level defense contractor employees who populate the DC beltway’s MIC Golden Triangle rely on endless war for their six-figure-salary townhouse and condo payments.

What about the US public? While not an inviolable math rule, I’d divide them up by the 30/30/30-10 formula. Thirty percent recognize the status quo needs an extreme makeover and want to end America’s forever wars. The next thirty percent are rabid sheep who require an enemy to keep their distorted chi flowing, and love watching computer screen images of foreigners getting blown up by the MIC or its proxy armies. For this group, the hundreds of billions of dollars along with the death and carnage is a small price to pay to bring “democracy” to Ukraine. How easy for the Deep State to sell them on the joy of exporting the Zelensky debacle to Taiwan. The last thirty percent are checked out. Their knowledge of current events is limited to their favorite sports teams, spokesmodel social media influencers, Hollywood celebrities, or porn channels. To be fair, some of this thirty percentile are also zapped out on drugs, consumed by the paycheck-to-paycheck survival hustle, clinically insane, or suffer from dementia. Giving them further credit, a percentage of the checked-out know a country called China exists because they ordered General Tso’s Chicken. The final ten percent come from planet Xenu and are thus bound by the Federation’s non-interference Prime Directive rule, which precludes any involvement in Earth politics. Ha ha ha- just joking. They’re actually from Voltron.

I recommend China focus its messaging on America’s “awakened” thirty percent, as most of the remaining sixty are likely psychologically damaged beyond repair, although one always holds out hope for cognitive epiphany. Within the “awakened” thirty exist numerous ideological tribes and perspectives. For brevity’s sake, divide this thirty into “right” (isolationist/nationalist) and “left” (isolationist/nationalist/internationalist). The majority of the “right/left” (isolationist/nationalist) group recognize that organized Jewry significantly sped up the entropic collapse of the US and Western civilization, and thus hold warm feelings toward “fair-and-balanced” players who call out Rothschild Zionist crimes. Appeasing the sixty percent offers no win for China, as those drones fly in whatever direction the corporate/Deep State media joystick points them.

Please allow me to provide an example of non-optimal public relations as it pertains to China and the US “awakened” thirty percent and their global counterparts. In June 2023, Emperor President Xi held a much-publicized “friendship meeting” with Bill Gates. Emperor President Xi’s thought processes are galaxies beyond my comprehension. I surmise he wanted to get Gates alone in a room to perform a “Vulcan mind meld” to extract valuable secret data from Gates’ brain. No doubt Emperor President Xi ran the cost/benefit program and correctly calculated the meeting was worth it. However, view it strictly from a public relations perspective. Bill Gates has a long and documented history of nefarious activity in Africa. Most Africans view the Gates Foundation-Africa project in a negative light. China runs numerous infrastructure and business programs in Africa which present potential future targets for AFRICOM. In “interesting times,” goodwill holds much value.

Bill Gates is anti-Tao. He hurts children. He works with Monsanto, an evil corporation founded by a Jewish slave-trading family. While Emperor President Xi clearly had a long-game planet-saving plan regarding his “friendship meeting” with Gates, some followers of the Tao turned into hysterical screaming girls after watching it. The emotional aftershocks continue to trigger us. I believe a fair court of law would find us legally insane- or temporarily insane.

While communist in name, China plays an excellent game of capitalist chess. Ah, the mysteries of “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.” BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) is actually globalization with Chinese characteristics. Unlike the American version, participation is voluntary. Nations that opt out of US globalization get slammed with sanctions or destroyed, e.g., Venezuela, Cuba, N. Korea, Iran, Russia, Libya, Syria, Iraq. Outside of its domestic population, China’s main interest in foreigners pertains to commerce and trade- unlike Rothschild Zionist globalists who not only want to turn the global populace into debt slaves, but also seek to control their DNA and sex lives. The Rothschild Zionist version of globalization is purely parasitic. I believe China’s win-win cooperation and research into cold fusion reactors (Artificial Sun) and similar technologies, hold the potential to evolve their version into something that moves humanity toward Kardashev I Civilization.

For the record, I favor autarky. I believe nation-states should be self-sufficient regarding energy, food, manufacturing, medicines, and other life-sustaining materials. Trade should focus on specialty products- French champagne, Swiss chocolates, high-technology items, etc. Globalization jams up the world with middlemen and financiers. It’s inefficient from an energy standpoint. A glitch in the global supply chain on one side of the planet could set off a famine on the other side. However, one must deal with present geo-political realities and trends.

Barring systemic global civilizational collapse, the battle for ‘primary global influencer’ is between China and US-backed Rothschild Zionism.

Who in China possesses the titanium steel constitution to support Emperor President Xi in an international Rothschild Zionist awareness campaign? The PLA Commander. Due to US security policy, his mind remains free from the subtle contamination of America’s Deep State/Mossad Ivy League universities. His reverse stingray tail kick breaks the sternum of his rearguard adversary.

Stay vigilant friend. Rothschild Zionist intrigues abound everywhere.

An ancient Taoist emperor lived in a gigantic opulent palace where he entertained many high-level dignitaries. At night, he slept on a simple cot in a bare monk’s cell located in the palace’s basement. That is Tao.