Friday, May 10, 2024

America First or Israel First? Ask Trump Posted on May 6, 2024 by Helena

 The Unitary Executive Theory.  US Constitution, Article 2.   Executive Power shall be vested in the President.   Vested with this authority, the President may execute any federal law by himself.  As long as no part of the Constitution is breached.  Trump would surround himself with a different breed than his first run.   But who are they?   Are they the punishers?   Are the actions of Mike Johnson indicative of what Trump now stands for = pro-Ukraine, pro-Israel, pro-Taiwan?  Will these stances push America into the abyss?

UKRAINE:  We have seen the decadence of Zelenskyy and his wife – villas, London flats, Paris shopping sprees, diamonds.  And Cocaine.  Ukraine was a bastion of corruption and a money laundering hub for every conceivable trafficking cartel.  Who is The Cartel?

ISRAEL:  We have seen the end result when Zionist Bolsheviks took over Russia and resettled the country as the Soviet Union – within a mere 30 years 66 million innocent souls were executed, tortured, and starved.

Taiwan:  This delicate small island has been handed around amongst power elites like a floppy doll;  by Japan, US, UK, France and China.  It has never truly been independent.  It operates as a colony of the West – Under The Thumb.

So, why would Johnson and Trump give these statehoods American Taxpayer money while we suffer from inflation?   Why does Trump still hold to the greatness of the Vaccine?  Why is he so adamantly loathe of antisemitism?   Why would he demand anti-war college campus students be – deported?   Did they hurt anyone?  Did they set cities on fire?   Did they trample police vehicles?   Did they shutter businesses?

Why is Trump against the students and yet defends the same men who are making mince meat of him via The Cartel?  The same Cartel that inflamed the peaceful anti-war protests.  The same Cartel names associated with everything nefarious:  Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros and Pritzker.  The same anti-God Zionists who for centuries have plundered and poisoned societies into extinction.

Is Trump one of us – or is he one of Them?

Hakeem Jeffries has gone on record claiming the Democrats are running Congress despite a Republican majority.   In essence stating that there are no republicans in Congress – they are team Uniparty with meaningless labels to blindly appease constituents.

The only distinguishing characteristic is the fact that Team Uniparty and every NGO intel parity organization is vying to destroy Trump.  The Victim.  The Cartel thrives on gaining new members via very profitable guaranteed best seller book deals – and blackmail.  Could Trump be blackmailed into supporting the same Cartel that wants to take him down?

Analysts are already referring to the potential Trump Presidency as a totalitarian regime based on their fear of what that might entail.   Pardoning 800 ‘protestors’ is at the top of the list.  An Executive privilege granted to every President.  Shoring up the Border with the National Guard and Military is also granted to Trump as he is the National head of all US militaries.  Executive Orders can be directives to Executive Agencies but they cannot reverse a Law;  For example – the President could direct funding for the CIA to be $1 per year or limit their powers to border patrol.  Given the CIA was created by the CIA ACT of 1949, their existence became Law.   But every subsequent EO that increased their power could be reversed.

However, the US Federal Government via a ‘presidential directive’ gives Trump the power to divide, consolidate, abolish, or create agencies of the subject to limited legislative oversight. First granted in 1932, presidential reorganization authority has been extended to nine presidents on 16 separate occasions.  As such, the consolidation power could eliminate agencies and personnel via consolidation.  There are 18 separate intel agencies operating within the federal government.   The Heading?  WASTE.

Most NGO funding is supported by The State Department, The Pentagon, and NIH.  An EO could limit funding to NGO’s or simply direct all federal agencies to cease and desist from these handouts.   Grants made by the Department of Education could be redirected –  Agencies could be required to submit annual audited statements.   The extent is vast and LEGAL.

Superfluous Agencies could be abolished.  The nonessential staff that was revealed when Federal funding was at a standstill revealed that 75% or more of our government – are considered nonessential.   And suddenly, we would find that many politicians don’t want to be politicians – because the graft and Wall Street manipulation of insider trades would no longer exist.   The government could shrink significantly saving taxpayers billions!  This would not be ruled totalitarian because it is Constitutionally protected!

IF Trump is for The People and NOT The Shadow Cartel.   In this sense we are at his mercy.   The only way we will find out is thru betrayal.  He knows the hoops and loops.   However, Trump’s loyalty to Zion Israel may interfere in his decision making.  It appears to be present in his VP choices… disrupting the concept of – America FIRST.