Monday, May 6, 2024

The Chinese are Not Stupid. In Fact, Your Dad is Stupid., by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review


How obvious is it that Jews control America?

Anyone looking in from the outside can see it.

Why didn’t your dad know?

Why didn’t he tell you?

Is he stupid?

Is there any other explanation?

Seriously, what other explanation is there than that your dad is a frigging retard?

No one outside of America looks at this country and says: “Yep, just a normal country, just a total coincidence that this tiny minority of people from Eastern Europe controls their entire economy, all of academia, the media, and the government. Really big coincidence, actually, but it means nothing.”

No one looks at America and thinks that.

Especially not the Chinese.

Sorry. (I’m not actually sorry.)

Everyone you know is either mentally retarded, or the product of decades’ worth of systemic brainwashing.

This is all very obvious.

The situation is simply ridiculous.

It has never been more obvious than today that Jews totally control America. Just look at the politicians. Look at this law they just passed saying it’s de facto illegal to criticize Jews on a college campus. They rushed it through, after being publicly ordered to do so by Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi literally issued a statement giving a direct order to the US government to shut down the protests. When sending the cops in didn’t work, they sent in Antifa to break things so they could send the cops in again. Then they made it illegal to criticize Jews.

There has never been a situation of a “cryptocracy” before in history. It’s basically a science fiction concept, like in Gor.

This thing we are looking at is not even a cryptocracy. I don’t know what you call it. It’s not a secret that Jews run everything. Any normal person can look at this and see it. It’s simply that your life will be totally destroyed if you say it.

What the Hell Even is This? Seriously?

Imagine if this was the Middle Ages, and there was a king in a castle ruling the land, in total public view, sending out soldiers bearing his coat of arms, but when you asked a normal person who is in charge they said “no one knows.” And if you said “it sure looks like that king over there in the castle is in charge,” the king sent people to ruin your life by calling you an anti-monarchist. And then, imagine all the people denounced you as an evil anti-monarchist for saying the monarch is in charge.

This doesn’t make any sense. It is brutal, pathological nonsense.

Maybe, these people are stupid. It could be that simple.

If we’re to give the masses of people who do not know that Jews control America the benefit of the doubt, they are subconsciously aware of this fact but also aware that people’s lives are destroyed when they say it, and this denial of reality is a self-preservation mechanism.

However, more likely, the issue is that saying “Jews control America” marks you as low status. This is literal star-bellied Sneetches type shit.

(More like Star of David-bellied Sneetches, am I right?)

This is why the protests are so important. The protesters are fashionable. These are university students. The most fashionable people. All of us who grew up near universities knew this instinctively. We all remember being teenagers, wanting to be fashionable, and automatically looking at the university students. They were young and sexy, while also worldly and sophisticated, which is the definition of “high fashion.”

It Doesn’t Matter If the Protesters are Leftists

Everyone talking about how the protesters shouldn’t be supported because they are “leftists” and “anti-white” is just as stupid as some retard who can’t say aloud that the Jews control America. This is directly from Ben Shapiro. He has spammed this everywhere. It’s also being promoted on Breitbart and other places.

Firstly, it doesn’t matter who they are, the protests are pushing for something I consider very important, so of course I support them. That isn’t really complicated. If you can be convinced to deny your own interests because someone you ostensibly don’t like supports them, you’re simply dumb.

Remember that when Mike Johnson went to Columbia to threaten the protesters, he said he was against them because Hamas supports them. This is the kind of thinking that appeals to retards. People are far too comfortable with this left-right gibberish. I despise Mike Johnson probably more than anyone else on earth, but I’m not going to start supporting abortion because Mike Johnson is pro-life. I’m not going to go support gun control because Mike Johnson supports the Second Amendment.

Longtime readers will remember that before the media got wise to my ways and just banned any reporting on me at all, I used to endorse various things in order to force companies to denounce me.

(Sometimes I miss those days. But it was kind of a lot of pressure to be on TV and the front page of every news outlet every week.)

Shifting Alliances?

Even if all of the protesters are hardcore tranny-lovers and mass immigrationists, I still support their position against Israel, given that it is going to completely change the way everyone in the society talks about the Jews. It’s also forcing the Jewish overlords to dictate directly and openly. The mask is coming off and we are seeing the iron fist.

This can only be good news. I cannot stress that enough: anyone telling you to oppose these protests is Jewish or paid by Jews or mentally retarded.

However, we should note: we have no idea where this is all going, and it could end up going somewhere no one expected.

Society does not operate on “left” and “right.” As much as people have tried to define these things, they are effectively arbitrary. You can talk about tradition vs. modernism, but how does the American rightist view of “big government” jive with tradition? And why are open borders “modern”? The original definition of left vs. right is from the French Revolution, when the Catholic monarchists sat on the right of the parliament and the revolutionaries sat on the left. So, we could talk about the left as revolutionary and the right as religious, but you can list off a dozen or more major issues where this doesn’t make sense (the most obvious instance now being that the right is supporting Israel at a much higher rate than the left). Religious people, certainly Christians, should be the main people opposing this slaughter. The American right is still a remnant of an anti-communist coalition made up of big business, social conservatives, and the military industrial complex. Big business has totally shifted to the left, and been embraced by the left (AOC lobbies for Amazon), but for whatever reason (habit, presumably), social conservatives continue to defend deregulation as “freedom.” There is no reason that a French Catholic monarchist would support massive corporate food conglomerates being allowed to put poison in the food.

Let me tell you where I’m going with this: things are currently in flux. The old definitions are based on the Cold War. During the “Unipolar Moment” that lasted from the fall of the USSR up until 2017, when the US was the single great power on earth, people were lazy and things just sort of coasted. Now that we are entering a new age, alliances are going to shift.

The thing you need to understand is that all the things you seriously hate are Jewish:

  • Feminism
  • Promotion of homosexuality
  • Race-mixing
  • Mass immigration
  • Endless wars of domination
  • etc.

Claiming that these things will remain in place if Jews are no longer in power in America is like claiming that the government of Rhodesia will remain the same when it is handed over to the blacks. I’m sure there were some blacks in Zimbabwe who actually tried to keep the standards of the Rhodesians in place, but it just wasn’t possible.

That means that insofar as Jews lose influence, the things that Jews are exclusively responsible for are going to wane. What you are going to see in the left as it frees itself from Jewish influence is a shift away from these Jewish programs. That will happen necessarily. The people claiming that leftists will still be around promoting partial birth abortion and endless war against Russia when the Jews are gone understand nothing at all. They are feeble morons. No one was ever promoting these things before the Jews took over, just as no one in southern Africa was running a modern economy before whites took over. If it was not for continued Western backing, Zimbabwe already would have reverted completely to their traditional modes of living. This is not complicated. Anyone claiming that the modern lunatic left would exist without the Jews is stupid or purposefully trying to confuse you.

The left is currently making a hard break with the Jews. That is happening. We don’t know what that means in the long term. Certainly, there are Jews at these protests, and it’s unlikely that the protesters will oppose Jews who are against Israel. So there will still be some Jewish influence. But these universities function on massive donations from Zionist Jews, who are the primary individuals responsible for promoting the leftist “triggered snowflake safe space tranny” thing you all hate.

Maybe even when the left is cleansed of every Jew who supports Israel, they will still have enough Jewish influence to maintain some of these ridiculous views, but fewer Jews means less Jewishness, just as fewer whites means a less functional Zimbabwe.

I’m astonished that “fewer Jews means less Jewishness” is a controversial position. But I see people saying “even without the Jews, these leftists would still support the same issues.” Whenever I see it, I think “hey, thanks for that bright analysis, Mr. Shapiro.”

Shilling is like a bacterial agent on your psyche. A little bit of bacteria, and the body fights it off, but a lot of bacteria, and you get festering ooze and disease.

Some of you people have no idea how hard you’re being shilled against. That’s why I keep writing this same article over and over again. I keep seeing people on the right, who are allegedly aware of the Jewish problem, signal against these protests.

These shills are exploiting your guttural reaction to these protesters as “enemy.”

I don’t even think most of you are getting a clear impression of the protests.

Look at this guy:

Maybe he’s gay. I don’t know, I can’t tell with anyone under 30 at this point. But he seems like a normal white American youth to me. (The perm goes to the above stated point about fashion. These man-perms are high fashion.)

Did you see men like that at BLM? Because I definitely didn’t. BLM was all blacks, white women, trannies – maybe a few white males, but they were all fat soygoys.

Who knows what that kid professes as regards the Ukraine, trannies, mass immigration, feminism, and so on. I assume he probably professes support. But looking at him, do you think those views are unchangeable?

I don’t think so.

I think there are going to be a lot of people coming out of these protests that we can work with in the future. Of course, even if that is not the case, I’m 100% with these protests, regardless.