Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Anglo-American-Zionist Empire Aims at World Conquest

 When John F. Kennedy balked at the plan, he was assassinated. 

I document in my recent book Our Country, Then and Now how in 1940-1941 the Council on Foreign Relations foisted on the Roosevelt Administration the long-term plan for total military dominance of the entire globe. After the annihilation of Germany in World War II, the declaration of a Cold War against the Soviet Union, and the creation of the National Security State under President Truman, the plan for global conquest moved ahead. When John F. Kennedy balked at the plan, he was assassinated.

Ever since, the plan has been full steam ahead, with its management gradually being taken over by the faction known as the Neocons. In 1991 the plan manifested in the Wolfowitz Doctrine . Under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama it became Full Spectrum Dominance.

They now have us on the brink of World War III against Russia, Iran, China, BRICS+ and the rest of the Global Majority. Their biggest current projects are in Ukraine and Gaza. But make no mistake. Enslavement of every human being on the planet is what they are intent upon achieving. Sitting astride the plot is the Western financial hegemony of a small number of ultra-billionaires. They run institutions like the WHO, the WEF, NATO, etc. Of course they run the Biden administration.

I do not believe they will succeed in their ultimate goal. But they may have activated what in some quarters is called Armageddon.

Stay tuned.