Sunday, August 27, 2023

Evil Has its Own Logic - Vox Popoli

The Devil Mouse has been hemorrhaging customers and money across all aspects of its business, from the parks to the movies to its streaming service. It reported a net loss of $460 million in its most recent quarter, and has $2 billion less cash than it did just one year ago. Those who believe corporations are solely self-interested economic actors insist that Disney will have to change its course out of a corporate instinct for self-preservation, a hypothesis that is easily falsified by simply observing the Devil Mouse’s current actions.

It appears Disney is still assigning grown men dressed in skirts and dresses as greeters for children at its Disneyland Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique attraction, where little girls are treated to a “princess makeover.” On Aug. 25, the indispensable Libs of TikTok posted a pair of images from visitors to Disneyland in Florida that shows two burly men, one rotund and bearded, wearing dresses and greeting small children and their parents.

One of the mistakes that many, if not most people make is to assume that others share their logic and motivations. This is a remarkably stupid assumption, because it is readily disproved by even the most casual observation of practically everyone and every organization around one. And the most retarded application of this mindset is to conclude that a projected motivation, or an inability to imagine one, can serve as an effective disproof of what the individual, or the organization, is observably doing.

Example: She can’t be lying to me, because why would she want to do that?

As Mises says in Human Action, only acting man can know his own motivations, but as Vox Day says right here, acting man is usually deceiving himself about his own motivations, so one shouldn’t put much more credence in acting man’s claims than one does in projecting one’s own motivations on him. In fact, both motivations and future actions are best determined by analyzing the pattern of acting man’s past behavior, because most individuals and organizations exhibit reliable and observable patterns.

Evil not only has its own motivations, but its own logic. So, instead of looking to your own hypothetical motivations, ask yourself what has been done before and what those past actions imply about what is being done now.

The wicked men who run the Disney corporation have different goals and utilize different logic and metrics than you do. Keep that in mind, when you ask yourself why there are bearded, balding male Disney princesses at Disneyland and think about what that implies for the future actions of the Devil Mouse.