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Is Nuclear War Comparable to Climate Change? By Peter Koenig

Imagine! – “Nuclear War is no worse than climate change.”

This statement was made contextually on Sunday, 25 July, by Washington’s top diplomat, Antony Blinken, on a 60-Minutes Australian TV-Interview.

On second thought, safe for the nuclear radiation that may linger on for years – weaponized climate change, as it has been applied for at least the last three years – but long before to a lesser extent, may be equally destructive.

What is sold today to the largely sleeping western populace as climate change, which is the stern application of man-made Environmental Modification – ENMOD, also called geoengineering.

The idea of climate manipulation was promoted with the Club of Rome in the early 1970s and has been explicitly pointed out in the infamous Report “Limits to Growth” (1972).

It exposes the possibility of exponential economic growth and population with finite supply of resources, adding in the alleged “calamity” of CO2-caused climate change -as the world is increasingly industrialized, all based on CO2 emanating from hydrocarbon fuels, and other greenhouse gases.

Just for the record and to remember – today still 85% of all energy used in the world stems from hydrocarbons. A similarly high proportion of hydrocarbon energy to fuel the world will likely remain for the next 30 to 50 years, unless the world economy is deliberately triggered into a collapse mode (as there are NO viable energy alternatives available today and tomorrow).

And the commanders of the climate change freaks are well aware of this.

“Limits to Growth is still today’s blueprint for the UN Agenda 2030 and the WEF’s Great Reset and its implementation instrument, Klaus Schwab’s wet dream, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” – meaning, all-digitization, transhumanism, robotization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in charge of the plebs of human kind.

The Club or Rome’s conclusion – which propagates actively “mass population reduction” – are all based on computer models.

With the “right” man-made inputs, you get the wanted conclusions.

Computer models always give you the desired result. They depend on human-made inputs that can be swung according to desired results. Even highly sophisticated computer models, all the way to Artificial Intelligence (AI) are linear, depending on initial human inputs.

Just as an anecdote, the World Bank – and this applies likely to most other international multi-and bilateral organizations – lets computer models determine whether a “development project” is economically viable. Computer models also largely set the basis for countries’ economic growth and debt projections.

Working on the ground, talking to people who live and work in the real world – demonstrates how wrong computer models can be and most often are.

Precisely, because they tell you what the author of these “modelling projections” wants them to tell you.

Often thus fabricated “realities” are far from the truth, but they are great tools to manipulate the minds of populations at large.  They belong to the Tavistock “social engineering” inventory. See Daniel Estulin

Today, spreading climate-change fear 24/7 – provides the perfect basis for Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset. All planned, of course – to be applied for a “reduced population” and a new World Order – with an economy basically working for the elite behemoths – you may also call them corporate and finance monsters, and their lackey politicians, who make-believe running the world for them.

Having said this, Mr. Blinken’s statement – comparing nuclear war with “climate change” – is not far off – and Blinken, of course, knows very well how “climate change”, sold to the masses as man-made CO2-based destruction of planet earth, is in reality man-made weather / climate engineering. These ENMOD technologies have their origins in the 1940s.

Since then, they have become so sophisticated that some of these technologies operating via satellites, do not just cause disastrous weather phenomena, but they can also trigger earthquakes. It is widely suspected that the earthquakes in Turkey in February 2023 (close to 100,000 deaths, and abysmal destruction like never seen before by an earthquake), as well as the 2010 Haiti earthquake, were geoengineered.

Similar with the horrendous monsoon floods in Pakistan in June-July-August of 2022.

Unfortunately, only few people can and are willing to understand this hard fact. They do not – often psychologically blocked – believe that politicians, so-called leaders around the world, literally of all UN member countries, are bought, coerced, or threatened into acting and lying in unison – as is the entire UN system.

That they are lying and cheating to us constantly for their sick and psychopathic desires of power and control and for the benefits of the commanding elite, is not new.

Already some 600 years ago, the Italian political philosopher and scientist, Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527), said in his famous work, The Prince, depicting his experience and reading of history, that politics have always been played with deception, treachery, and crime.

He added that a ruler who is establishing a kingdom or a republic, and is criticized for his deeds, including violence, should be excused when the intention and the result are beneficial to him [the ruler]. See this

Isn’t this exactly what we are living today? – A six-hundred-year-old Italian philosopher and politician is the teacher of our political system today. Except, today it is a globe-spanning “uniform system” applied ferociously towards a One World Order – whereas in Machiavelli’s times, he referred mostly to the ancient Roman Empire and other empires of that epoch.

Today, it looks like there is no escape.
Or is there?

In conclusion, Antony Blinken’s statement – and his point of view – is quite coherent.

We witness every day more, how weather and climate are being weaponized to destroy infrastructure, food crops, human lives, how they create misery – exactly where the elite, the corporate cabal, wants annihilation to hit for reasons of their interest.

Geoengineered climate change can be targeted like an atomic bomb, and destroy not only lives, but life supporting infrastructure, food, sources of water and energy – as well as human lives.

The populace at large is clueless about the origins of their ever more weather-constricted, oppressed, and enslaved lives.

It is a manmade climate change – the suffering is a collective mea culpadue to our massively too large CO2 footprint, the “rulers” say, without scientific proof.

It does not occur to the public at large to watch the elite recklessly jetting around the world in private planes, using fleets of fuel-guzzling exquisite cars and equally fuel-gulping exclusive yachts, just for their pleasure.

Mr. Blinken, you were right, comparing nuclear war with engineered climate change.

You just did not tell the entire truth. But that is normal. Machiavelli already came to that conclusion 600 years ago. Politicians lie to accomplish their objectives.

As always, it is up to us, We, the People, to assume responsibility for our lives and step out from the realm of the treachery by our politicians and from those who command them.

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