Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Is the US the Next USSR? John Michael Chambers Drops Intel - By Alexandra Bruce


I had a whole news show planned for Friday night but then, American Media Periscope founder, John Michael Chambers showed up and we had a conversation, instead.

I begin by talking about Dr Joseph Mercola, who was de-banked by Rockefeller-owned Chase Bank. Chase not only shut down Dr Mercola’s bank account but they also shut down the accounts of his employees AND their family members! The Rockefellers apparently want to transform the United States into North Korea.

Mercola had already been de-banked by another institution a few years ago and he was threatened to such a degree; that he would be sued and that his web domain that he’s operated since 1997 would be seized, that he was forced to remove 26 years of content from his website. He no longer leaves posts up there for longer than 48 hours, having now moved his blog to Substack. That he’s been de-banked again – in addition to his employees and their family members – is a signal to him that the Satanic Deep State is getting ready to launch a new attack that makes COVID look like a walk in the park.

John Michael Chambers is no stranger to de-banking and de-platforming; he was de-platformed by all of the social media companies and he was de-banked by PayPal, so I wanted to get his 40,000 foot view of this second de-banking of Dr Mercola.

We’ve also all been hearing lots of rumors about the imminent collapse of the US dollar and/or the imminent collapse of the entire Western banking system and how everybody in the so-called “Free World” will soon be effectively de-banked.

The Federal Reserve System has announced that their FedNow service has gone live. Greg Reese made a report about how the FedNow will be the transaction processing system for the Federal Reserve’s programmable Central Bank Digital Currency.

Since John is a financial guy, I wanted to get his views on these rumors and developments and where he thinks things are headed financially, politically, geopolitically, etc over the next 24 months.

John talks about how the Federal Government of the US is about to collapse, just as the Soviet Union did but that this doesn’t
mean that the US dollar ends – same way that the Russian Ruble didn’t end. Like the Ruble, the USD will get severely pummeled for a while but it will survive.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.