Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Stop Playing Stupid - Vox Popoli

It’s getting a little tiresome to repeatedly listen to these grieving parents and family members pretending that they have absolutely no idea why a perfectly healthy individual died of “suddenly”:

Helen Smart’s heartbroken parents say they ‘cannot comprehend’ how Olympic swimmer died suddenly aged 43 as they pay tribute to their ‘pride and joy’: ‘How could she simply go to sleep and never wake up?’

No further details have been released yet regarding her death. 

There is at least one easy answer: she got vaxxed. And the mRNA technology in the vaccine created blood clots that led to a stroke or a heart attack. That’s the most likely reason for her death, and for the tens of thousands of similar excess deaths around the world.

And the people who are responsible are not only going to get away with it, they’re going to do it again, if those they have victimized don’t stop playing dumb and pretending that they have no idea what could possibly have killed their loved ones.