Thursday, January 18, 2024

Cancer; Disease X; The Next Pandemic Brought to you by PHARMA Posted on January 15, 2024 by Helena

 Disease X.  Six Top stories today highlight Disease X, The Next Pandemic.   20 times more deadly!   100 times more deadly!   Everyone will DIE!   Except those creating the DNA exception.   When Russia announced bioweapon labs in Ukraine, the left was triggered and snickered away debunking and fact-checking – and fools that they were – are now forced to hide as the Truth was levied – by the US Embassy in Ukraine, by Nuland, by The Pentagon, by NIH.   Bioweapon Labs across Ukraine were vacated, but not before as much evidence as possible could be removed and taken to POLAND.  

Bombing biolabs in Ukraine was problematic given the potential toxicity.   Instead, Russia went inside the labs and accumulated over 20,000 documents which reveal the DNA designer viruses were the yummiest pastry.   Russia was once again vilified as the ‘progenitor of truth’ in a world wherein Truth is Satanic and Lies are Godly.   Until – the Truth was presented to the UN.   Then the story was quashed.

Rest assured – Disease X will not be released until Trump is inaugurated.   Giving us roughly a year to prepare.  

Social Media has already been infiltrated with Bots claiming Disease X is alive in China and has already been identified!   Deflection.  False Propaganda.  The UK has already declared that their scientists can develop a vaccine for Disease X in 100 days – just like the CoVid Jabberwhacky that has killed and mutilated lives across the globe.   The vast majority of Vax mutilations and death occurred in Western Nations given The People were much more pliable than in Africa which had a 12% vax rate.

The reason for the Bioweapon labs in Ukraine were obvious in hindsight:   1)  forced volunteers for experimentation,  2)  zero oversight,   3)  cheap,  4)  no regulations.   The fact that DNA captured via the ramped up CoVid Testing was another coup as it gives scientists the ability to target the next virus on a specific group of people – was gravy.

So where did all those biolabs move to?

The number of BSL4 labs is rapidly increasing, with most of the new construction taking place in Asia. India alone has announced plans for four new BSL4 labs. Additionally, approximately 75 percent of existing operational BSL4 labs are in cities, where dense populations could exacerbate the impact of an accidental release. Over 60 percent of BSL4 labs are government run public health institutions, primarily focused on human health rather than on biodefence. More than half of the BSL4 labs that work with infected animals – ABSL4 labs – are in the United States.

~Kings College, London

27 countries have Level 4 biolabs including;  Brazil, India, China, US, Canada, Germany, France, Africa, Spain, UK, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Lithuania, and Japan.

Of Importance is Lithuania:   With its independence from Russia in 1991, Lithuania became a US colony.   The western installed Lithuanian government allowed illegal CIA torture jails to be constructed, as recognized by the European Court in 2018, expanded NATO/US military presence across the country, and allowed bioweapon labs to proliferate.   It is these eastern European Baltic states that have been assigned the vagrancies of science to eliminate huge swathes of populations.

Promega Corporation is a biolab conduit.   Based in Wisconsin, it operates across the US, China, South Korea and Europe delivering the means for a Pandemic while embracing ‘sustainability’.  Despite NIH pulling the PCR Test for CoVid, Promega still uses it for all its assays of viruses, including the Swine Flu in animals which has a 100% mortality rate…  They will likely have a prominent name in Disease X.

With CEO’s from the Pharma Megatrons including AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Merck, etc.. attending the Davos party, Pfizer has announced Blueprint #2.  The primary objective of the Blueprint; ‘treat 1.3 billion people’ with Pfizer pharma and vaxes this year and every year.   No cures.   The focus is on numbers = MONEY.   Pfizer’s newest delve is into Cancer.   Given the knowledge that the Pfizer vax causes turbo-cancers, Pfizer adopted this new focus in late 2022 as the Pandemic was waning.

The New & Improved cancer kill is Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) which deliver highly potent chemo via monoclonal antibodies with the complement of proteins.   This ‘protein’ evolution was first discovered by Dr. Bradstreet in 2008.   However, it was NOT attached to chemo or ADC’s – it was pure proteins that exist naturally in every human.  It was a cure with no side effects.

Given the end of the Pandemic, Pharma needed another train wreck for profit – Cancer became the focus given its increase as a result of the Vax.  Cancer is likely to continue to be the focus throughout 2024.   While Disease X will become viable in 2025 only if Trump takes office.

Pfizer shares tanked by 45% since December 2022.  Astra Zeneca just bought Chinese cancer therapy firm, Gracell.   Novartis shares jump on breast cancer drug.   Common side effects of this new breast cancer drug, NATALEE, include:   severe inflammation of the lungs that leads to death, severe rash that keeps getting worse, flu symptoms, serious liver toxicity, low white blood cells, low red blood cells, permanent infertility, vomiting, headache, hair loss, etc…

This is considered a Breakthrough!   PASS!

When the websites of these Big Pharma Death squads highlight new pathogens, viruses, and research, then we will know the focus of Disease X.  Their ego’s are too gluttonous not to take credit for discovering the next Pandemic and being FIRST to research the new Vax.  For now – they continue to trend ‘cancer’.

The Rockefeller, Clinton and Soros Foundations have been instrumental in funding US biolabs across Europe and the US – most recently in Poland.   The purpose is to exempt certain DNA populations or have on hand an anecdote so as to protect the elite.   This will take time – but across some 97 labs, the likelihood of success is exponential.   And the ONLY way to stop the massacre is to …  well you know.

In the meantime:  Guatemala held an election and voted in a US Marxist Socialist.   Taiwan had an election and voted in a US Marxist Socialist.   Brazil had an election and voted in a US Backed Marxist.   2024 is slated to be the biggest Election Calendar Globally – ever… At the forefront of western initiated coups is the fear of BRICS alliances.