Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Take Your Government Job and Shove It By Noel S. Williams

 Under Joe Biden, the Labor Department’s monthly jobs report numbers keep trending downwards; the impactful reports reflect the health of our economy, and hold great sway with the Fed, business community, and bond and stock markets.  Given their pervasive influence on economic sentiment and expectations, you’d think the data collectors and compilers would bother to be somewhat punctilious.  Instead, they overstated job creation by a whopping 439,000 in 2023.

That’s abysmal accounting, but the faulty computations get worse: the Bureau of Labor Statistics ignominiously revised ten of its last eleven reports.  They just can’t get it right, or even approximate, the first time. No wonder two of the most in-demand occupations for government recruiters are statisticians and data scientists.  Clearly, the Labor Department and its BLS agency need them desperately. Unfortunately, those capable of producing legitimate figures (not requiring so many revisions) may not be attracted to government work, perhaps preferring more lucrative positions in burgeoning A.I. data analytics.

The Cheat-in-Chief can’t sell his Bidenomics hogwash, especially since so many Americans are forced to work second jobs just to subsist.  Instead, he deflects attention by touting the imprecise jobs reports.  The complicit media’s heedless headlines suggest employment strength, especially in the bloated public sector.

Not only are the employment numbers as inflated as Biden’s budgets, but a preponderance of new jobs in 2023 were created in non-productive government sectors.  In December, the government was the top job creator; in 2023, government jobs comprised about a quarter of job creation.  This is a decidedly disproportionate share considering that federal, state and local governments make up 14.5 percent of total employment

Many of the new government jobs are at the state and local level, and plenty of those are in the education sector.  Many of those positions are unproductive administrators and counselors required to facilitate the infusion of illegal alien children into our public schools.  In fact, many are siphoning off resources from Americans.  The Limited English Proficient students not only require academic remediation, but social workers and mental health professionals.

One wishes the poor kids well—back home, because the vast majority don’t qualify for asylum in America.  That’s right Stanford University, America—as in God Bless America.  As in America, the most important country in the Americas, especially for illegal aliens who are disproportionately dependent on government workers.

Even the dysfunctional White House, after reviewing the polls, is finally considering raising asylum interview standards to legally enter America. Then, we can take a lot of those education-based bureaucrat jobs (that so inflate the BLS’s jobs reports) and shove ‘em.

Recently, Brooklyn high school students’ on-campus learning was rudely disrupted by illegal migrants overtaking their gym as refuge from a storm.  Transporting the illegals from a rain-inundated tent city required many public sector workers, who could otherwise be contributing to our nation’s productivity by transporting goods along the supply chain, and whatnot.

Federal government jobs are also growing—7,000 in December alone.  Thankfully, there are some conscientious Republicans who are trying to impose some pecuniary discipline on the spendthrift Dems.  Perhaps they were also guided by Ronald Reagan’s sarcastic refrain about the most terrifying words in the English language:  “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

The terrifying IRS doesn’t help much.  Actually, that dreadful department can be downright detrimental to one’s disposition, especially to the conservative groups they scrutinized.  In the newly-proposed 1.59 trillion spending bill, there will be a reduction to IRS funding.  It’s a start, but not enough, so let’s “revise” more of those jobs out of existence.  Indeed, take your IRS agent jobs and shove ‘em.

Despite the overall increase, the jobs are often not in the right places.  Not only are skilled statisticians lacking, but we could use more Border Patrol positions, especially those on horseback.  Not many of those have been created because Biden is following Barack Hussein Obummer’s desire to radically transform America (for the worse).  The stubborn idiot won’t end “catch and release,” or reinstate Trump’s successful “remain in Mexico” policy.  Whereas many government jobs littering the job reports are for unessential workers, those with a mission to protect our border are essential.

The DEI-affirmed White House press secretary (her French-sounding name irritates) is keen to spout that the House GOP refused to fund more Border Patrol agents.  Well, as usual, she’s being sneaky and snarky.  In fact, Republicans resist funding more DHS agents who are merely going to facilitate faux asylum seekers.  They have been clear that funding will be forthcoming for agents who actually enforce our border with something like a “catch and deport” assignment.  Perhaps deploy more modern cavalry—but only with reins to control the horse, not whip the illegals, as Biden (a pathetic human being, let alone president) cruelly charged.

The fate of more Border Patrol jobs is a policy issue, not a funding issue.  Republicans don’t want fungible funds diverted to hire workers who will facilitate more illegal aliens coming into America.  However, Border Patrol rolls will increase commensurately when policy changes include: a Title 42-like mandate to expel aliens without burdensome screening; limiting immigration parole; raising asylum standards; and, rationalizing removals and detention procedures.  In the meantime, take your processing clerks and counterproductive support jobs that aid the illegal immigrant invasion and shove ‘em.

Notwithstanding the government’s job counting conundrum, government added, on average, 56,000 jobs per month in 2023.  That’s over twice as many as in 2022, but not in the right places.  Given their proclivity for downward revisions—after Biden is done tooting his horn about the exaggerated strength of the economy—let’s revise downward some of those nonessential government jobs.

Let’s downsize those dubious positions that divert our precious resources to illegal ingrates who don’t respect our heritage.  Shove ‘em—the unproductive government jobs and the unproductive illegals!  This is America, not the Americas.