Sunday, January 21, 2024

World Economic Forum: Government is Obsolete Posted on January 18, 2024 by Helena

 The Media and White House have been focusing almost exclusively on Iran as the undeniable source of all attacks.   Every ‘terrorist’ organization is now an Iran funded and supported group – including Hamas.   Except that military intelligence statement would appear to be – false.  Qatar is not only the main funding source, it is where the majority of Hamas leaders live.  But the US is afraid to out Qatar.  WHY?

The latest Israel justification for its carpet bombing war on Palestinians is that every Palestinian is Hamas, whether they are 3 months old or 90, they are Hamas and must be terminated.   When funding is sent to Gaza by Qatar, Israel views this as funding Hamas – no matter that it buys food and water and power.   Because everything that gives life – food, water and power – is allowing Palestinians to thrive.

But even more interesting is that all Qatar funding for Gaza first goes to Israel whereupon they take a cut and then hand carry the remaining ‘cash’ across the border.  That ‘cut’ is why Israel allows the transfer.

Other countries sympathetic with Hamas are also aiding in funding Gaza including;  Turkey, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, and Iran.   Yet Iran is the solitary boogey-man.   Why?  Because basic ego is at stake.   The US thought it could take out Russia.   The US thinks it can take out Iran.   Despite numerous attempts to derail the current Iranian regime – the western intelligentsia has failed each time.   The same failure that has cost Ukrainians their lives.  The same failures that drive hatred.  And ultimately, greater failure.

Yesterday, Russia bombed the headquarters of the French mercenaries operating in Kharkov – killing 60 and wounding 20.   If Ukraine is broke, then how are they paying for mercenaries which cost upwards of $2000 per day.   Quick math, nearly $5 million per month.   Winter is upon Ukraine, they are out of weapons and Zelenskyy’s western handlers refuse any aid.   At the WEF yesterday, the China delegation refused to even speak with Zelenskyy as he begged everyone for MONEY.

Our intelligentsia, Israel’s Mossad, the UK’s MI6, and French legionnaires are outmatched by Russia and – Hamas.  A rather pathetic realization that supports why a peace deal is simply an embarrassment and thus it is better to let Ukraine go to Shiitake.  There are a few souls in the EU Communist Commission who parrot their support like bobble dolls on meth.   Knowing there is no money.  Knowing there are no more weapons.

Biden called up the brute force of our navy:   eight strike fighter squadrons, in addition to electronic warfare, airborne early warning aircraft, transport aircraft, and helicopters totaling upwards of 150 aircraft. The carriers’ cruiser and destroyer escorts are all Aegis warships.   Sitting off the shores of Palestine fighting men, women,  and children running around in sandals without water, food or electricity.

The tunnel Israel claimed to have found beneath the UN school in Gaza was reported by Israeli news one year ago to have collapsed.   The footage is faked.   And Israel’s PR is in the twallette.   So now, on top of everything else, the most elite unit in the world, Mossad, is left with mud on their face as they make a spectacle of their incompetent propaganda.

Many of the Palestinian protests across the globe have been ridiculed for their antic, chaotic, behavior.   This should sound familiar because EVERY chaotic protest across the globe whether it is about BLM, Fascism, Climate Change or anti-China, is funded and fueled by the Soros and NED regimes.   An hourly fee to cause chaos and desecration.  Why?   To shift the PR.

Given that Palestinians were the peasant workers, mainly in the construction field of Israel’s cities, and given that they are no longer allowed to work, Israel is desperate for replacements – from India.   Where labor is cheap, and passports can be confiscated, so that slavery can be justified.   As a result, Modi has allowed Israel to advertise for the relocation of over 40,000 to fill the vacancies.   Men will leave their wives and children to make enough money to send home…   Without offering the details of the slave pact;  no medical coverage, no guaranteed payment, and no protection.   Every worker is required to pay their own way to Israel and the facilitation fee for the privilege – 10,000 Rs, and a salary of 1.25 lakh per month ( translation =  $1500).

In the midst of South Africa’s UN call for sanctions  and consequences due to Israel’s genocide, the Israeli Finance Minister is calling for new settlements – in Gaza:

   “Israel’s ultranationalist finance minister says Israel must resettle the Gaza Strip, saying that otherwise the country will need to contend with “2 million Nazis who want to annihilate us.  If we won’t be there, there will be 2 million Nazis who want to annihilate us every morning when they wake up, we won’t exist, period.”

This is their PR Campaign.  

Attacking Yemen was pure insanity.   It simply means attacks on US soldiers stationed across the Middle East will ramp up exponentially.   Destroying West Bank homes, Israel has now targeted the PLO for retaliation.   And it begins to look as though Netanyahu is suffering from severe psychosis – the same mania that drove the Nazi’s and destroyed the Nazi’s.   Drugs.

Just Eight months ago, Israel approved 5700 new settlement homes in the West Bank where now 700,000 Israeli’s live having kicked Palestinians out of their homes.   Not unlike the illegal immigrants the US is housing today…  The secular Rothschild Zions taking over Palestine are the US illegal immigrants as ushered into the US via Welcome.US, the Clinton, Bush, Obama organization transporting the illegals to the border using Taxpayer funding.

In a paper authored in 1952, the Rise of Zionism as the seat of the new World Order was discussed.

“those who advocate the principles of this new society foresee a period of tribulation in world affairs which ultimately is to make “a full end of all nations.” In order for Zion to succeed in bringing peace to the earth under these conditions it is first proposed that as an organization she must “stand independent above all other creatures beneath the celestial world. Otherwise she herself may succumb to the difficulties foreseen.

Under these circumstances a secular government designated as The Kingdom of God is to be established. This government is to grow out of Zion’s body of united followers, they being “the germ from which the kingdom is to be developed, and the very heart of the organization.”  ~Hyrum Andrus

The Western wars have historically been ‘preemptive’, according to the US and UK intelligensia.   Israel is making this same claim.   The US/UK attacks on Yemen are now also under this false guise as was the bombing of Syria.   The UN is powerless.   NATO is powerless.   These organizations are simply props.   A false sense of unity and security that is delusional and/or an illusion.

The World Economic Forum recognized this when saying that ‘government is obsolete’.  Meaning it doesn’t exist.   We are paying government nearly $5 trillion every year while Stakeholders make all the decisions and run the roost.   The system is broken.   Stakeholders have no obligation to adhere to Law.   And will subjugate The People while Congress plays parcheesi.   The only way to get a judicial system back is to extract the Stakeholder Control.