Friday, February 9, 2024

Communism > Clown World - Vox Popoli

 One of the most startling realizations of the 21st century has been the inescapable conclusion that communism, despite all of its atheism, murderous tendencies, economic shortcomings, and various other evils, is still much, much better for a nation than Clown World’s neoliberalism.

A map recently published by German poll aggregator Wahlkreisprognose shows that in the former East Germany Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has a clear lead in almost the entire former German Democratic Republic while the western part is overwhelmingly dominated by the conservative CDU and its Bavarian sister party CSU.

In other words, the country is sharply divided along what was once formerly West Germany and East Germany (GDR).

In the map, the Institute has colored Germany’s Bundestag constituencies according to party preference. The black color represents the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the blue color the Alternative for Germany (AfD), the red color the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), and the green color the Greens. The fainter the color, the smaller the lead of the party in the constituency, and the darker the color, the more dominant the party is.

The CDU dominates in western Germany outside the big cities, and the AfD in eastern Germany outside Berlin. The CDU and AfD are perfectly aligned with the former border between the former German Democratic Republic and the former West Germany.

This is not an argument for communism, but rather a condemnation of Clown World. North Korea is still Korean. China is still China. But the USA is no longer American, Great Britain is no longer British, the European nations are invaded and occupied by foreigners, and even the proud nations of Japan and South Korea are under direct assault.

Clown World delenda est.

By the way, the econoclowns lied about the “economic need for immigration” too. Immigration doesn’t help the economy at all. It is observably worse for an economy than losing a war and being nuked.

Mass immigration may cost Germany up to €19.2 trillion, and has already cost the country €5.8 trillion, according to a top German academic on public finances, Prof. Bernd Raffelhüschen, of the University of Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg. Often referred to as the “pension pope,” Prof. Raffelhüschen’s study blows a hole in the narrative promoted by pro-migration parties and business leaders, who claim that mass immigration will save Germany’s public finances and the job market.

Several top Dutch professors recently released a study detailing how migrants have cost the Netherlands a minimum of €400 billion since 1995, and the Netherlands has accepted far fewer migrants than Germany. In Norway, researchers found that only half of migrants are employed despite the state spending €6.6 billion on workforce integration projects over the course of 10 years.